Creamed Asparagus and Leek Soup

What do you do when you have used up these gorgeous organic asparagus on the previous day to make an unusual type of dessert? What do you do when you have nothing big planned for lunch the next day?

I decided to use the stuff you throw away and make something for lunch with them! Actually whenever I make asparagus I always save the peels and the ends for asparagus soup the next day. I have tried many different variations and find that the asparagus is always a thankful type vegetable. It gives you pleasure even with the remains ;-) How many vegetables can boast of that?

We bought a new bed and mattresses today, so it had to be a quick lunch today, as we were busy putting the new furniture together. I knew that it would be asparagus soup as I had saved up the peels and ends from yesterday's dessert. I just was not sure what kind of asparagus soup.

After checking out my pantry and freezer, I started forming a recipe in my head. Leeks, basel, wild garlic ummmm. Looks good, cream? Bingo!

Thus came about my recipe for creamed asparagus and leek soup. There is one thing I do have to admit though - the picture above was actually taken yesterday - for another dish I made. However, the whole series turned out really good so when I do post that dish I can use another one from the series. Then you can tell me which one you preferred, OK?

Asparagus peels and ends
120g leeks - chopped
200 ml cream
2 - 3 leaves wild garlic - chopped
handful of fresh basel - chopped
1 garlic clove
salt and pepper


For those using asparagus in their entirety, peel the asparagus and chop off the ends. Cut the rest of the asparagus in bite sized pieces and steam for 7 minutes. Set aside.

Use the water from this and pour over the peels. Add some more water till the peels are covered. Simmer for 30-45 minutes.

Place a sieve over another pot and drain the peels, retaining the asparagus water.

Add the leek and simmer for 5-8 minutes. Purée the soup till thick. Add the cream and keep beating with the purée machine. When the soup has thickened add the chopped garlic, basel and wild garlic. Salt and pepper to taste and allow for one quick boil. Add the asparagus sticks (if using) at the end and warm through.

Serve with croutons.

A quick and easy lunch. No hassles and no painstaking time spent in the kitchen. Nice way to go for a Saturday. Soeren really liked the taste and had 2 bowls full and Tom also relished the soup. It was just lovely. Asparagus with a leeky aroma and just a hint of garlic. Yummy!
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  1. That's great, Meeta. The best part is that you are using the parts, which would otherwise be thrown away. I, too, hardly ever throw away peels and other usable parts of vegetables. e.g. pumpkin/carrot peels, hard trunks of cabbage/cauliflower, etc. I always boil them for about half an hour and then used the drained water as stock for soups or for making Indian dals or gravies. The best advantage being that the soup/gravy tastes different every time, when the stock has had a different set of veggies going into it.
    Another recipe of yours, which the blog patrol has chosen for a check. You'll know once the verdict is out. And hey, what kind of dessert did you make with Aspi? I am curious. Plus, I am also curious about what you did with those lovely looking strawberries.

  2. In time Vaishali, I shall reveal all. You'll be surprised!

  3. My first attempt with Spargel... i couldn't resist buying them at the farmer's market and here comes Meeta to the rescue (lucky me i was advised to get leeks at the stall)... i steamed the chopped parts over the boiling peel stock and it reduced the cooking time (and energy, dishes to wash) considerably. BTW i added some potatoes too coz the leeks were too little for the asparagus. an ideal comfort food...


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