Blogger Meet in Cali!

Folks, meet Payal! She is a great and a dedicated reader of all my blogs. We got to know each other when she first participated in my blog game back in March. We found out over email that we have so much in common and I loved her opions and advice on many things. When I found out that she was living in the San Francisco area it was a meeting waiting to happen.

That's exactly what we did! While in San Francisco we met up at a memorable place. It was nothing less than the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was a rather short meeting because if anyone lives in or has experienced and Indian family will know that when visiting the visitor has nothing to plan really as everything is planned out already ;-) But I am glad we got to meet each other.

Payal is a warm, loving and fantastic person and my whole family took to her and her husband Greg so well. We walked the bridge together chatting and enjoying Soeri's craziness.

The weird thing was that payal knew how we both looked like through The Family Buzz and so she was able to pick us out in the huge crowd.

I am looking forward to her trip to Europe in the future so we can spend more time with each other.

Payal sweetie, this ones for you!!

By the way, that pic of me is sooo awful! The result of late nights with me cousins and family, too much traveling and plain tiredness. I almost decided not to post this one but thought "What the hec! Who cares!"

More on my trip to the US and plenty of photos to come soon so hope you stay tuned.
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  1. Meeta,
    I am glad you are back. I found menu-planning rather difficult with no new recipes coming from your side, you see. :)
    Hey, and great to know that you had a good time in the US.

  2. Meeta!
    Glad you made it back to Germany safely. It was fabuluous meeting you and your family. They really were lovely and kind. Greg especially loved chatting with your dad. And Soren - what a cutie pie. Really, you've done a fantastic job! I was really glad to have met you. :)

  3. Vaishali,

    it is good to be back!
    Payal, I had a great time with you and Greg too. More in an email later.

    I am the over-bnloated looking person in the blue sweatshirt!! I looked horrible on that day as the pictures show!!


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