Calzone's Super Veg Sandwich!

San Francisco has gotta be the world's best cities. It is at least in my eyes. There is no other city that boasts of variety in everything. Food, people, culture, tradition, buildings ... you name it SF has certainly got it.

I am finally back in Germany and while I sort out all my pictures and struggle through my jet lag - it really is a mean thing - I really wanted to share a fantastic recipe with you all.

While we were in the city my cousin, Megha, took us out to a really quaint little Bistro in North Beach, Little Italy. Under the name "Calzone's it was a nice street side café with a nice seating area inside. The walls were covered in shelves of Italian food stuff and meat and sausage products. Great for picture taking!

The menu had one mouth watering dish after another. Pizzas, calzone, pasta, soups, and of course sandwiches.

The sandwiches all sounded fantastic and I would have loved to have tried all of them, but I was already eating tremendously during my vacation and just wanted little snack.

I ordered the most amazing veg sandwich ever. It was oozing with deliciously marinated vegetables and cheeses. On the side a fresh and crunchy salad with raspberry vinaigrette. It was a medley for my taste buds.

I just had to come back and give this a try myself and of course had to share it with you too.

This is also my own entry to my Monthly Mingle. I love everything Italian, which has become a known fact, however I won't be supporting the Italian team during the soccer matches .... I have to support Germany and there is no way out of it. But there is no reason I should not stay true to my passion for Italian food. So, kick back and grab a cold German beer from the ice box and let's get settled in with this scrumptious sandwich and a few great matches.

The event ends this weekend so to all those still interested in joining the party you have till June 10 to send me your entries. Look forward to them.


1 jar of marinated roasted bell peppers
1 small aubergine - sliced
1 small jar of artichoke hearts
1 portabello mushroom - sliced
2 tomatoes - sliced
1 red onion - sliced
Mozzarella cheese - sliced
Goat cheese
Pesto all Genovese
Ciabatta bread

3 garlic cloves - crushed and diced
3 table spoons extra virgin olive oil
1 table spoon white balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper
dried basel


Preheat the oven at 200 °C. Make the marination mixture by adding the garlic, olive oil, vinegar and dried basel in a small bowl and whisking well.

On a baking tray lay out the sliced vegetables and pour the marination over the top. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Allow to rest for 20 minutes.

Put into the oven and roast for approx. 20 minutes or until the vegetables are soft and colored.

Take out and allow to cool.

Cut the ciabatta in half and spread with the Pesto all Genovese. On the bottom half of the bread pile up the vegetables and lay the mozzarella slices over the top. Crumble a bit of the goats cheese and put into the oven until the cheeses have melted together.

Take out and enjoy warm!

Like I said great city and great culinary delights. This is more than a little delight to enjoy. It is and ecstasy to savour. Tom just could not believe a sandwich with no meat can taste this good. Soeri did not want and artichokes or goats cheese but the rest he devoured.

This is also going to Cate's ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday.
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  1. Sounds really good! Pity you haven't had the time to make one to both eat and shoot!!
    And who supports Italy-I go for Sweden!! Not much of a choice but still...

  2. Hi Meeta!
    Great post, as usual. I've just recently started eating artichokes in pastas and salads, so i will definitely give this a try. My hope is that Greg has the same response as Tom (sandwich w/ no meat) - LOL! By the way, I know where this place is that you talk about in your post as Greg used to live in North Beach! Sandwich looks delish - will report back to you on results...:)

  3. Hey Ilva,

    Then send me your dish for the swedish side!

    Payal, thought you might know this place .... it really is devine. Look forward to your verdict. More in an email later ;-)

  4. Brilliant dish Meeta, great to have you back!!!

    Can't see what yummy dishes you have planned to share with us.

  5. I loved San Francisco too! I just wish I'd had more time to spend on bistros and cafes and things. It's just SUCH a shame it couldnt have been a 3-person blogger meet :)

  6. PS. This recipe sounds DEEElish! Gonna try it this weekend.

  7. Meeta,
    I am gonna try this one out. I know just looking at the recipe that it will taste great. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I just found your blog - I'm glad I did! This kind of sandwich is one of my very favorites, so I'll have to try this. Can't wait to keep reading!

  9. hi
    the sandwich looks great!!!
    when my son saw the pictures he said mamma you have to make this sandwich and he himself when to see the ingredients and when he read them he said mamma replace olive oil with sunflower add more of mozarella and no goat and so on to make it indian...
    can you suggest how i can make it in a indian way?

  10. Meeta,
    Tried out this one last Wednesday. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm... 'Blog Patrol' will do the rest of the job. :)
    Hey, and by the way, I'm writing this comment while the Germany vs Costa Rica match is going on. Any bets who'll win? ;-)

  11. Hi all! I Knew this would be a hit with you;-)

    Pam, yes it is great to be back too! Actually I see you have been busy too!

    Shammi, next time I do hope we can meet up. Whatever happened to the plan to meet up here in Weimar. Are we still on? Let me know what you think when you do try this one out.

    Megan, welcome to my blog and I do hope you enjoy yourself here. Keep in touch and let me know when you try any of the recipes. Another verdict is always good ;-)

    Mahek, you can use any type of vegies you choose. Instead of marinating the the veggies in italian style marination use something more indian, like cummin seeds, coriander try even garam masala. Just let me know how yours turned out!

    V, I am looking forward to the blog patrol. Missed it while I was away!!

  12. Looks yummm.

    Hope I can 'make' it! Glad I made it to your blog :)

  13. Hi Meeta !

    I tried this recipe of yours over the last weekend.My husband and I enjoyed it till the last bite ! Absolutely sensational....

  14. Shankari, Ashwini so glad you enjoyed the sandwich. It's so full of awesome ingredients! Thanks for letting me know!


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