The Football Mingle Round-up!

I just spent the last 3 days in Cologne on business. The city is going mad with all the football mania. I mean in a small town like Weimar it is wild but imagine what the mood is like in Cologne. A huge area has been secured right in the city centre and a massive TV screen has been put up, which will be broadcasting the matches everyday live!

The atmosphere was crackling with football fans all through out the city, splashing a rainbow of colors with their fine football T-shirts. I really enjoyed the entire scene, the jovial cheering and chanting of the various football hymns brought the football spirit out in me too. I was looking forward to the this all along but being in the US and then being dazed with jet lag I was unable to get in touch with it. In Cologne it was easy.

The only thing that was extremely tedious was coming back home on Friday. I took the train and it was probably the worst day to be traveling with the Deutsche Bahn! With the kick-off Germany vs. Costa Rica only hours away in Munich all the Deutsche Bahn trains were delayed. My first one an hour, making me miss by connecting train from Frankfurt airport to Weimar. I decided to take another one but to my dismay that too was delayed for over an hour. Well, after a wild odyssey I did arrive back home. Unfortunately 3 hours later than expected!!!! This of course made me miss the big kick-off. I would have been madder had it not been for the considerate announcements of the current situation of the match in the train ;-)

For those who are not informed Germany won! YEESSS! Michael Ballack did not play due to a slight injury. This news had all of Germany jittering. Imagine the main dude and the team captain sitting on the bench during the first match in your own home country. I think I can relate to the feeling there!

I must say I am rather proud that the Germans are hosting the soccer championships. I know they are so very patriotic when it comes to sports and it is great to see how everyone is coming together and joining this great feeling. I wish I could share a bit of it with you over the blog so you can get the idea. Everywhere you go, there is singing and cheering. Happy faces and good moods in all the crowds you meet. It's just my kind of place to be at!

I really hope it stays this way though. My memory goes back to the awful hooligan riots during the last championships, that was not a pretty sight. I am sure we will have everything under control here and show the world what great hosts we are.

Talking about hosts and pretty sights, my football party is rocked! There was plenty of cheering and shouting going on here and the food was delicious ..... take a look what my blogger buddies brought along!

First off the gorgeous Haalo from Cook Almost Anything brought along fantastic Carrot Falafels and, as she herself said something that made my mouth water, Vanilla and Chocolate Cannoli. Haalo you've done it again

Lovely Gabriella over at My Life as a reluctant housewife brought some good looking Grilled Chicken Satays with Lime Ginger Marinade. Ummmm!

Swee's Jam filled muffins were sticky and scrumptious. A delight for any sweet tooth! I loved the set up!

Greek eggplant salad was Isis' beautiful creation for the party. Something that I was looking forward to. Isis it looks great!

Ramya brought along an unusual sweet made with rice flour. Badushah was something I have not heard of, but I am sure it's delicious.

To wash down the great looking Go Germany! Pizza Vaishali brought along a fantastic tasting Date Apple Shake. Refreshing, how about a shot of Bacardi in it, anyone?

With GM's Chivda we'll be snacking happy all the way to the finals. Thank you, darling for such a healthy snack ;-)

Sweet Nandita joined in the partying with her soft and scrumptious Orange Rum Cake. Doesn't it look goooood!

And finally my dear blog buddy Pam filled us up with a cheesy Swiss Raclette.

oops! I forgot my own entry! Here it is, the scrumptious Veg Sandwich, piled with cheesy vegtables.

Well ladies, it was such a pleasure partying with you that I think I will just have to invite you all over next month again! This time the Monthly Mingle theme is Big on Barbecue.
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  1. Good round up Meeta :), the night eat-about places are FILLED with people and big projectors!!! because we're at the other side of the world, the matches here are 9pm, 12am and 3am.. but germany made a good start! very entertaining match indeed!

  2. Brilliant round-up Meeta!!!

  3. Meeta,
    Thank you so much for hosting the party. It was great fun. Looking forward to the next one now!

  4. For a change:::

    Hallo Meeta,
    Dank für Ihre interessante Partei.
    Mein Rezept ist nicht also neu und ist ein populärer Teller für Festival. Nur Unterschied ist Spiralenote. Sowieso
    Sie ließen mein Rezept als Referent oder Torhüter für Ihre Monatszeitschrift sich vermischen. Hoffnung kümmern sich Sie nicht um meine dumme Stimmung. Dank viel wieder ......

  5. Hello Ladies,

    I thank YOU for creating such fantastic dishes for my party.

    Ramya, sehr schön! Did you use a translator or can you speak a bit of German?

  6. Great round-up, great dishes and great fun. Thank you for hosting, and yes my brains are already working on what to prepare for the next party at your place.


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