Monthly Mingle #2: Big on Barbecue

The last Monthly Mingle was a big success and we girls partied the football theme with some scrumptious dishes.

It was so much of fun that I am inviting everyone over again this month.

What is the theme in June?

Well June is a great month, besides the fact that it is my birthday month (June 2) it is a month of clear blue sunny skies, warm lazy afternoons and long party nights. It is a month when everything in moved to the big outdoors. Playing, sports, sleeping, partying, eating and even cooking are just a few things that we do on the long June days.

I love the spontaneous get togethers with friends and neighbors. Just throw on the barbecue, sit back and enjoy the evening eating, drinking and chilling. Everywhere you smell the aroma of charcoal, spices and you hear the laughter and clinkering of people enjoying glasses of chilled wine, beer or punch. AHHHHH!

So, I would like to get you over here to a fun and awesome barbecue party. It is a hot June day, so throw on your bikinis and shorts and pack that sun block. Soeren's sand box and inflatable pool has been set up to serve as the beach and I have the charcoal sizzling hot.

Bring along your favorite barbecue dish or drink. Everything is allowed. Marinated meats, vegetables, fruits for the grill, salads and sides to accompany the grilled goods, sauces and of course cocktails and punches to cool down and have us on our merry ole way ;-)

The deadline for the June Monthly Mingle is July 8 so you have plenty of time to prepare. I look forward to having you over. Let's get this barbecue sizzlin' folks!

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  1. Keep the charcoal burning, Meeta. I am coming over for the BBQ party.
    And hey, many belated birthday wishes to you. Hope you had a great B'day.

  2. Meeta, a very belated happy birthday to you, my friend! :) I hope to join you this month for the barbecue party - if the pollen count goes down so I can go outside, that is. Hayfever is KILLING me!

  3. Thank you so much Shammi! Well you can use that electric grill! ;-) Who said you need to go out to enjoy a good barbecue? Look forward to your entry!
    V, my charcoal will be burning all month long so I look forward to having you over!

  4. Hi Meeta!My belated bday wishes to you.Read about this months monthly mingle through Vaishali,I have posted Grilled Pork on my blog and would be glad to bring it to your barbeque party!

  5. A belated happy birthday to you!

    We just decided about 10 mins ago to throw a barbeque on Saturday. I'll have to think of something good to contribute to the mingle.

  6. Hi Sumitha,

    Just send over the link to me by email and your are ready to party.

    MC! (I almost called you by your real name!) Great to hear from you. I thought of you on our trip to MI. I kept seeing the signs to "Chicago". I would be sooooo glad to get your entry to this one. I'll be emailing you wil more details of the trip. Ciao sweetie.


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