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Summer in Weimar - The beauty

What do you think of this photo? I really like it! A wonderful photo of Weimar in its summer colors. If you like this, you can view a few more here.

I took some pretty nice pictures and wanted to share this with you. Wouldn't this look lovely on a postcard?

I love getting postcards from all over the World. I got one yesterday from Payal my blogger friend in California. She was in Hawaii and sent me a great postcard.

I truly believe this is one thing that will not be replaced by the electronic media.

This got my ever so active mind churning and I had a fantastic idea! And here I am sharing the idea with you.

I know of many people who also love getting postcards and thought wouldn't it be great if we shared postcards among us blogger buddies.

So, I am now announcing the begin of the 1st (at least I believe it is) Blogger Postcards from the World (BPW in short) and this is how I thought it would work:

Anyone who is interested in taking part emails me their interest and their address by the announced deadline. Don't worry I will not post the address anywhere on the net! I'll announce a deadline of the date all names/addresses have to be in by.

Once I have all the names, I'll list them all on a table. Then I'll pull out a name from a bag, hat or a pot and add this name to the first name on my list. I will mail that person from my list and inform them of who that person (recipient) is and their address. Now this person (sender) has to:
  1. Buy a postcard or make one of their own photos
  2. Take a picture of this postcard and write a post on their blog that a postcard is being sent off - WITHOUT revealing the name of the recipient. Please link to this page so that anyone reading can get the idea what it is we're doing. Maybe they'd like to join.
  3. Send the postcard to the recipient I pulled out. Get it!
Then the recipient who receives the postcard has to:
  1. Take a picture of the postcard
  2. Simply write up a post about it and link back to the sender's page and to this page
  3. Send me the link to her write up so that I can do a round-up of all senders and recipients.

Pam is the first name on my list and I pull out Ashwini's name from the bag. I will inform Pam of who she has been paired with. Pam has to then take a picture of the postcard she is sending, write up a post on her blog not telling where it is headed and then send thepostcard to Ashwini.

The neat thing about this is that Ashwini has no idea from who she will be receiving the postcard from.

Wait it goes on! Now Ashwini, once she receives her postcard, has to take a picture of it and post it on her blog. Then she sends me the link to the post and I will make a round-up of the list and the links.

This way we all can see who got what postcard and from whom and hopefully start a tidal wave of postcard blogging.

For myself I will be pulling a name of a recipient too, to send. As the host however, I leave it all to you to surprise me with your postcards ;-))

What do you all think? Want to take part in the BPW? Before I actually go ahead and announce the deadline - let me get the feedback from you all. Once I see that there is enough interest then I'll announce the deadline.

Folks, lets send postcards around the world!

Keep yourself updated and check out The List throughout the BPW.

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  1. Meeta:

    Great fun idea. Count me in. I am assuming the postcard should be from the place they live at? I mean, if I took a vacation to say, Hong Kong last month, can I make a postcard using that instead of the place I live at?

  2. Hi you two,
    The postcards can be of any motive you like. Whatever you fancy. You can even use your own photos if you like. If you were on holiday or are going away somewhere soon, bring back a few extras and use those. That is left entirely up to you.

  3. know me well :-) I am already included arent I? Would loooove to participate.
    Can I suggest a teeny idea? Since we are 'food' bloggers, how about including some sort of foodie detail in the postcard? If I send a postcard from the place I live in, I can write about what I cooked in my kitchen or ate recently...if I am sending a postcard from a vacation spot I can write about what I ate/ liked in that place...ummm not sure if it makes sense. thinking out loud. feel free to ignore me :-D

  4. Meeta,from where do you get such lovely ideas???It reminds me of a game we used to play in college during Christmas called Secret Santa, This would be lot of fun!

  5. This would be great fun !! Count me in Meeta !

  6. Count me in, Meeta! I used to collect postcards (i had dozens of penpals) when I was a kid... it would be fun to do it again now :)

  7. Of course I'm in, Meeta, lovely idea (as usual).
    And I KNOW that I need to get my blog up and
    running soon. Do I need that to participate?

    I am always pleasantly surprised to receive an
    actual piece of hand-written mail than the usual
    bills and junk mail that fills up my box! I find
    that it always brings a smile to one's day :)

  8. Those were lovely pics of Weimar, Meeta.
    Thanks for sharing those with us!

  9. Wonderful idea, Meeta! And beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!


  10. I love your ideas- but Im a little confused with this whole chain thing, let me read it once more-Anyway you know I'm always game for any of your games :)

  11. Count me in. Wonderful idea. And yes will send you a postcard as well. I love postcards, I used to keep them all but had to throw them out when moved continents. But started a new collection and they will be "posted" in my toilet on the walls.

  12. Me me me!!!! I also wanna play this fun game.

  13. Hi Meeta,
    This is a really cool interesting idea. Count me in and I have started thinking what to send already..

  14. Meeta,

    What a fantastic idea!

    Count me in!

  15. Wow! Great response and it's a done deal.

    Ash, I plan on having themes for other BPW in the future. Being the first one I thought I'd keep it easy.

    Payal, you are my one exception to the rule. Just send me your postcard picture and I'll blog it on my site for you. You can write up the text yourself too.

    Rest see The List for more details and to enter yourself in the game.

  16. Put me in the ring! What a very fun idea.

  17. I would absolutely love to take part in this event! How fun :)

  18. Yes, please! Sign me up! This sounds so fun!

  19. This sounds great, count me in!

  20. sign me up too please.

    I still send postcards even though I love email. Nothing like he written word and the bevy of images.

  21. hi it too late to join the postcard swap... if not i would like to join ...

  22. No folks you can all still join in. The deadline is July 28th. I really need you all to send me your addresses (POSTAL) for me to accept the registeration. No address - no where to send the postcards!!

  23. Can I join too?
    That should be fun!

  24. Oh! Thank goodness I just made it! I am emailing you right now :) What are great event!

  25. i want to play and i just emailed you!

  26. Hi, Meeta - can I join in the BPW? I can't believe I just discovered your blog - we have a lot of the same links! I came to yours via Sweetnicks. Looking forward to reading more!

  27. I would love to take part in this wonderful event. It's so good to go old fashioned for a change. I am "in". Thank You!!

  28. If I've got in by the deadline, I'd like to be included!

  29. What is postcrossing?
    It's a project that allows anyone to receive postcards (paper ones, not electronic) from random places in the world. Learn more:

    How to participate?
    1. register to get a login
    2. obtain an address and a postcard ID
    3. mail the postcard
    4. wait to receive a postcard from another postcrosser
    5. register the postcard ID of the card you have received
    6. go to 2

  30. Sweetheart,
    I have to now go find out where I can buy postcards with pictures in Bombay-we have got so addicted to handling all communication viz internet that when it comes to real-mailing, i'm feeling clueless.
    WIll probably visit the local post office today and find out from them


  31. Hello,
    Just letting you know that I have sent/blogged my postcard. Here is the link:


  32. I have posted my post about the event with the picture of my postcard @

    Thank You!!

  33. Okay, after blogger taking forever and three attempts to upload the pictures, here are the links to my postcard:

    auf Deutsch

    in English

    Tomorrow I'll take the postcard to the actual post-office.

  34. Meeta, I discovered this too late for your first BPW, can I be on your list for the second one? This sounds like great fun and a wonderful way to connect.

  35. Hi Meeta,

    I've blogged and posted my postcard for this event :)

  36. Hi Meeta,
    I wish to join this fun game too! Am I too late? Saw this from Puspha (Pusiva) blog!

  37. I just found a link for this site today. I hope I am not too late. This sounds like such fun!

  38. Wow this does sound like fun !!! would luv to join if its not that late!!

  39. Is it too late? I'd love to join in!

  40. Still taking info? I'd love to play!

  41. Meeta,

    Got the link from a freind. Is it still ok to join? Let me know. Please =)

  42. Only just caught this blog it sounds great and if still open I would love to participate.


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