Let Me Entertain You

20:30 CET - Berlin, Olympia Stadium.

Gentlemen, this is not a drill!"

The lights go on, fireworks and in the middle of the stage I see a 2 cm tall Robbie Williams! The Olympia Stadium is big and the place is packed. He kicks off the evening with "Radio" and everyone starts jumping and cheering. It is at this point that I too am overwhelmed by the entire scene. I am not a 14 year old teenie, but I do feel a little elated at the sight and join the crowd chanting "Robbie!". If the crowd was not moved by his first act, at the very latest the second got them moving. On the first few beats of "Rock DJ" everyone goes wild!

Robbie Williams IS an entertainer. There is no doubt about that. The bad critique I had read about his European tour in the German press prior to the concert had made me skeptical. "He's put on weight and can't move!" was to be read. "He seems to be bored on stage!" and one article also compared him to Justin Timberlake, who was also in Germany giving a few concerts.

It is true Robbie does not look too good. The large video screens on either side of the huge stage and a look through the binoculars, reveal dark circles and bags under Mr. Williams eyes and a little more. He looks very pale and he seems like he's a little irritated and in a bad mood. But this does not last very long. One look at the Berliner crowd and getting involved in the atmosphere loaded with so much energy, even a Mr. Williams' moods turns for the better.

A Timberlake might really be good and maybe even fitter with a six pack tummy, but there is something so charming about Robbie's British accent and that cheeky grin on his face, that a little belly, that he constantly showed, bothered none of the thousands there in Berlin last night. Robbie simply ROCKS. He knows what it takes to get the crowd excited, to get them involved and to make them scream. It is not easy to de-throne the "King of Pop" that easily.

He jokes about soccer. For those who know Robbie, will know that he is a huge soccer fan. He makes fun about Zidane and gets booed by the crowd when he says "I was in Italy last night! They really are champions" But makes it all up again by saying how much he loves Germany and feels great in Berlin.

He brings the fantastic Jonny Wilkes on Stage. Jonny, who accompanied him on his show at the Royal Albert Hall, and Robbie sang a couple of songs together and played a little soccer on stage. A competition between both entertainers. Who can kick a ball furthest. But a warning from Robbie "These balls are signed by me ... so don't sue me if they hit you!" Jonny wins this competition and Robbie headbutts Jonny in the best of Zidane manner!

We even got a taste of his next album. With the single "Rudebox" Robbie's new album covers a completely new sound. Something I really liked but my girlfriend was not too sure if it was Robbie like. Yes, it was! Because Robbie is full of surprises. Just like his legendary swing album "Swing when you're winning". If the whole new album is similar to the sounds of "Rudebox" I think it will not only surprise a few bad mouths but the fans will love every bit of it. I am not going to reveal much about the sound as I think I will leave it as a surprise for you all to discover on your own. For those who have already heard it on UK stations like CapitalFm (where I first heard it too) you know what I am talking about, right?

He even made fun of his old Take That times. I admit I was never a big Take That fan and to be more honest my least favorite member of the band was Robbie, but I could not help but smirk when he did that typical "boy band" .... I don't know what you call it ... but let's just say jog! You know the one I mean the one that all of the boy bands probably learn as their first step into the big music world. Robbie's humor about those times is unbeatable, however when he sang the old Take That song "Back for Good" I think even he was moved.

Would I go see Robbie again? The answer is ... No!
Not in a stadium! Of course I would go see him play anywhere else. I was very disappointed at the fact that the sound was so rotten. What we got to hear was soup!! For those of us who know his songs inside out were lucky to be able to make out what was being sung. But if you were not familiar with the music ... well all you got on most occasions was loud bass and unclear jumbled words. Not too hot, taking into considerations our seats costed EUR 140!!! I expected for that price a kiss from Robbie personally at the very least ;-))

I think when he sang "Feel", Berlin was in a Robbie trance and I had goose-bumps. It is my all time fave Robbie song and the feeling could not have been more intense.

If there are any of you who have tickets and are looking forward to see Robbie in action well you will be surprised. Yes, it is true he is not in top form nor in best shape, but he can entertain. And when he came down from the very top of the stage in a metal cage singing "Let me entertain you", there was no doubt .... Robbie is the King of Pop!

For my readers from the USA. I know the big time fame eludes Robbie across the huge pond. It seems that America is just not as Robbie crazy as we are here on this side of the World. But people do me a favor, sign into iTunes and buy one of his albums. I recommend either "Sing when you're winning" or "Intensive Care". You won't regret the little investment made, because you just can't help but be dazzled by Robbie's magic. Once you've joined us in the mania, I then recommend to get "Swing when you're winning". By this time you will have to agree ... Robbie has that charm that no one can beat.

Now, I am off to download "Rudebox" from iTunes on my iPod and reminisce with a few hours of Robbie music!

Robbie Williams official website.

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  1. Sorry to hear that the concert was a bit dissapointing.

    I love Robbie but I'm not too sure about his new stuff.

    The price of the tickets for his concert in Bern was simply too high so I won't ge going to see him this year.

  2. Hey Pam,

    No, don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed the whole gig. It was great and a lot of fun. I just meant that I would not go to a stadium from now on to watch any concerts. The sound is just not too hot in such a huge place.

  3. I wouldnt say I am Robbie fan but some of his songs do really touch you. And Feel is my all time fave too.
    I went to see Billy Joel a couple of months back and my God Meeta the piano man KNOWS how to rock a crowd of thousands.
    It was exhilarating....

  4. Thanks for the review.


  5. I envy you, Meeta. I really do. I loooooove Robbie's voice and just turn the volume higher when they play one of his songs on radio (including the song 'Radio' ;-)).


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