Who's your postcard buddy?

Sssshhhhh! Don't reveal it!

A quick update for you all. I have now sent out all the addresses of the blogger postcard buddy to everyone taking part. The list has also been updated.

One has already blogged and mailed hers. Sam is on the last hours of her Blogathon and wanted to get the postcard event coordinated with her 24 hour day!

For the rest of us (with a few exceptions) on August 1, everyone please blog about the postcard .... DO NOT REVEAL the name of the person you are sending the card to. Then send it off!

Have a great Sunday!
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  1. Oh, what a lovely photograph that one, Meeta.
    Btw, I like your new profile photo. Is that your mirror image? Or do you click with your left hand? :)

  2. WOW! Meeta this is all very exciting and fun.

  3. Oh, I'm so sad I only saw this today! is there any way I can still join? I promise to mail out a postcard by tomorrow! :)

  4. Firefly, sorry the deadline is up for this one. But I plan to do this again sometime in September so hope you join in then!

  5. I sure am looking forward to next time........and sorry I missed this event.


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