Mine on Explore!

Explore is a place on Flickr where interesting photos from Flickr members are displayed. Rated by interestingness it is an honor for any member to have theirs displayed in this sort of hall of fame.

I have had a few of my photos displayed in the Explore section and was extremely proud and happy. These are currently the most recent ones that are revolving around in the Explore area:

1. Sugar Currents Red, 2. Summer Berries Blueberries, 3. Sugar Beet Molasses, 4. A trio of sauces, 5. Strawberry Kisses, 6. Spaghetti with jumbo prawns and rucola, 7. Raspberries 2, 8. Power Potato Cakes

The others can be viewed here.

Hope you like them too!

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  1. Oh thats wonderful Meeta!Im very happy for you:)

  2. That's really fabulous, Meeta!! We're also very proud of you.

  3. Well done Meeta, that's fantastic!!

    How did you discover they were there?

  4. I love each and every photo, but I think the first one, with the gorgeous red background, is the best! Meeta, you take such absolutely GORGEOUS pics!

  5. Congratulations. Are these all taken with your new camera?

    Was just thinking the other day, that at least I use my camera more often since I started taking food pictures with it. Who would ever thought .....

  6. Hi everyone! Thank you for the motivation. I love taking pictures and knowing that you all enjoy them is a great plus.

    Isis I have taken all these with my Nikon D70s that I have ever since (you all know) London!!

    Pam F&D (the ones behind all the cool Flickr toys) allow you to search for these easily with the F&D Scout function. All you have to do is enter your ID or user name.

    Payal thanks! Your words are gold!

    ShammiThank you for the lovely comments.
    Sumi as always you have such sweet words.


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