2006 Blogathon

*Photo courtesy of Sam Breach

This weekend is going to be exciting! On July 29th it is the 6th annual Blogathon, an event where bloggers blog for 24 hours, posting and reporting back to us readers every half an hour, all to help raise money for a local charity.

An amazing event and my hat of to all those registered bloggers doing the 24 hour spint. I am doing this post to help raise awareness for this event. I would like to call upon my fellow bloggers to support this event by donating pledges and supporting those bloggers actually going for the 24 hours.

One of them is Sam Breach of Becks & Posh who is raising money for Food Runners in San Francisco and is looking to collect a lot more than the $665 she already has. Sam's got an interesting program lined up for us and I for one will log onto her blog to cheer and root for her in her 24 hour Blogathon. She might just also be blogging about her postcard she is sending for the BPW event. You see Sam, will be sending the postcard a little earlier than the rest of us ;-)

Hope to see you all there too!

BPW update:

Deadline for the registration: July 28, 2006.
Deadline to send postcards: August 1, 2006

Blogger Count: 52

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  1. dear meeta - thanks so much for helping to spread the word! I have a special post card lined up for your event already.

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