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I leave you today with a beautiful picture I took last weekend at my in-laws. I am off to Berlin to see ROBBIE WILLIAMS in concert. I've been waiting 6 months for this and finally the day is here!

I'll be back tomorrow evening and will start sending out the first addresses to you all taking part in the BPW event.

BPW update:

Deadline for the registration: July 28, 2006.
Deadline to send postcards: August 1, 2006

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  1. Oh Meeta something else in common, I lOVE Robbie!!!!! I have been to see him several times in different places in Germany, I'm soooo jealous!

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Berlin and that you enjoy the concert!

    Can't wait to hear all about it in great detail, if you are around later ping me!


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