Mixology Monday VI: Grappatto

In the Mixology Monday series the challenge this week was Grape based drinks. Rick at Saving the world, one drink at a time is the host this time round and picked a not so easy challenge.

My first thought went straight to Grappa. Call it my love for Italy and everything Italian but my mind constantly revolves around the products of this country (yeah! even the men are pretty cute!).

Grappa is a grape based spirit and made from the leftovers of the grapes, after the wine making making process. In other words the peels, seeds and stems! The Italians, at that time, wanted to avoid the wastage, but as it is with all things Italian, it became a sort of cult drink. It normally contains 40% to 60% alcohol by volume and the flavor pretty much depends on the type and quality of grape used.

We normally bring out the Grappa bottle after a good meal and drink it pure in little shot glasses. The Italians however drink it often in their espresso. Now we know the real reason why espresso is so popular there - LOL!

The trouble I was having here was to come up or find a cocktail/mix drink with Grappa. I had never really heard of something like that to be honest. As I said, we prefer to drink it pure.

I finally consulted my big cocktail book. Sure enough I found a few rather interesting looking drinks made with Grappa. This, kind of shot out at me because I had all of the ingredients at home.


4 cl Grappa
2 cl Amaretto
1 cocktail cherry


In a shaker filled with ice add the Grappa and Amaretto and shake well.
Pour in cocktail glasses and plop in the cocktail cherry.


Boys, this is a real girlie drink! A sweet sour mix that would fit into the category "a night out with the girls". It was a pretty good mix, but to be honest I find it a shame to be mixing good Grappa with other liquids.
Girls, hope you enjoy the cocktail. Boys, move over ... Grappa shots are on me!

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  1. Yes, I am with you, grappa shots for me as well. Tuesday on my way to Greece, through Italy :-), I am stocking on Grappa.

  2. *sigh* I wish I could come over - nothing wrong with a girlie drink!

  3. same as Payal, i wish i lived near you so that we could drink stuff like this all week- I love Amaretto and your drink gives me an idea on what to pick up from duty-free next time- a bottle of Grappa indeed! I'm all for protecting the environment-no wastage for me too :)


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