Chocolate Mountains* - The Recipe!

Are you all ready to climb to the summit of this ultra rich and super smooth chocolate mountain with me?

Forget the Mount Everest ... that was yesterday! Today's peak of frenzy comes from a combination of chocolate and chocolate! And you know what?

It is much easier to achieve than that thing in the Himalaya! Once you've climbed it, never will you feel a satisfaction that tastes sooooo good.

But beware! This mountain has its dangers too! The rich, dark and ever so tantalizing chocolate can cause addiction. Want more? Tell me you want more. I just might even drop the recipe here ;-))

This entry is going out to Shanti for JFI#4. A sinful treat made with flour.
Also, Revathi gets this for From My Rasoi. The whole idea of this chocolatey treat just screams out "I am pure comfort food!"
I had mentioned here just how healthy chocolate is for you and so I think
Cate will drool over these for herARF/5-A-Day Tuesday!

Somehow I knew there were a lot of chocolate addicts out there ;-). I won't deny the fact that I am probably the worst kind. Chocolate is one of my few greatest weaknesses. I will just about do anything for a piece of GOOD chocolate. When I say GOOD, I really mean GOOD. None of that yukky Hershey stuff from the US. It has to be smooth, delicate and chocolatey European, preferably Swiss or German!

So, when I share a chocolatey dessert with you all, you can be sure that it is nothing less than the most exquisite and most decadent temptation ever.

Before I reveal the recipe - I mean you could scroll straight down and then come back to this point - I need to make a couple of announcements.

  1. Monthly Mingle July edition
    The round-up was due this weekend but as we are going on a spontaneous camping trip this weekend I have postponed the round-up to next week. Hope you are not too disappointed. I have had lots of great entries already and as I am extending the round-up, I have decided to extend the deadline to Wednesday August 10 as well.

  2. The Family Buzz
    When I first started The Family Buzz (it was my very first blog) it was a means to get my family involved in our daily lives. Now, with What's for lunch, Honey? taking up more time and my family spending more time reading this blog I have decided to combine both the blogs into this. This simply means that every now and then I'll be reporting about something other than food and photography. As the caption under the Header of the blog reads "Food, Life and Photographs" you'll be getting a little more about my life too. The Robbie Williams report was a start. I would have normally posted that on The Family Buzz. Everything that moves me - thoughts, ideas, likings dis-likings, music etc. I will share on this space from now on. The main focus though will certainly still be food and photos.

    The reason I have decided to do this is simply a question of time - or a lack of it. What's for lunch, Honey? has become somewhat of a little success for me and I have been asked by a food journal to write a few articles for them every now and then. This, my job, my photography, my son, my partner and my sport - all need to be managed within the 24 hours I have in a day ;-)). I have been trying to organize my time a little more effectively and part of this organization meant decreasing something else on the other end.
NO! I did not make that part extra long to keep you waiting for the the final recipe of these lovely Chocolate Mountains.


150g + a little more butter
60g + a little more flour - sieved
150g good bitter chocolate - coarsely chopped
50g larger pieces of chocolate
20g candied ginger - finely shopped
2 eggs
1 egg white
180g sugar

Besides that you need small oven proof forms. Something like Ramequin bowls. Depending on the size of your forms you can get 4 to 6 out of this mixture.


Pre-heat oven at 175°C.
Rub each form with a little butter and sprinkle with flour. Melt the rest of the butter in a pot. Add the chocolate and melt this too, constantly stirring the mixture. Allow to cool.

Whisk the eggs, egg white, candied ginger and sugar with an electric beater. Mix in the chocolate mixture. Gently fold in the flour and fill the mixture in the forms. Now, carefully push the larger pieces of chocolate into the middle of the mixture. It does not matter if some is still sticking out. It melts on the top,

Bake for 25-30 minutes in the oven.

Can something so good be so simple to make? YES! I made these a while back for a little dinner party I had. I served these with walnut ice cream. I had slightly reheated the cakes in the microwave to get the chocolatey middle flowing again. This paired with the ice cream was a fantasy come true. But the truth be told: It is a very rich dessert and should be taken in small desirable portions. The combination of chocolate and ginger is a lovely sweet yet tangy flavor. The cake (or molten) is soft and moist on the inside and thanks to the running chocolate very delectable.

You know what? After I posted my teaser post earlier this week I headed straight for the gym. I think I put on 2 kilos just by looking at the picture.

I hope you enjoy this dessert!

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*Chocolate Mountains is a food chain in Southern California
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  1. Meeta I need the recipe noooooooooooooooow!

  2. Oh yes meeta....
    This one is definetly going to be a part of JFI...
    I LOVE all the games we get to play..
    It makes the whole deal so much more fun :):)
    Thank you for this tantalizing entry.

  3. OMG a choco-holics dream dessert!! I want some are teasing me! Love to have the first time here..must continue viewing ..perhaps I had better run out and get some chocolate first as I am drooling!! :)

  4. Like sumitha shibu said...
    I say,
    Which part of noooooooooooooooow do you not understand!??
    That looks pretty lush!
    Guess I be a good little girl and wait it out.

  5. Actually I can resist it - I'm not THAT fond of chocolate, to be honest :) But if I were you, I wouldnt let Pete near it...! :)

  6. A dream? A taunt? Both, I think. I want, no, I need that recipe!

  7. Wow Is it like a chocolate truffle cake ? Looks pretty chocolotey to me!!
    Thanks for participating in FMR and see u in the round up !!

  8. Terrific! Comforting! Yummy!


  9. Darling, looks like u interchanged the names, JFI is for flour and Revathi is for comfort food-
    need i say that chocolate mountain looks drop dead gorgeous.

  10. Oh yes, i am ready to trek, recipe please !!!

  11. a mountain like this is ALWAYS easy to climb!

  12. Meeta I am relieved!Thanks for posting the recipe!Needless to say,I have to try these gorgeous beauties soon!

  13. Have a wonderful weekend Meeta!!

    Those chocolate cakes look delicious!!

  14. I disagree that you don't get good chocolate here in America. Me being pretty much the worse kind of chocaholic also :-) Have you tried the Dove chocolate we get here? The triple chocolate Dove Icecream bars are simply unbeatable. And who can top Haagen Dazs (also American) sinfully delicious flavor of "Belgian Chocolate Chocolate"? Oh, BTW I agree that Hershey's makes cardboards and not chocolates...


  15. Holy molten chocolate! I'm all over this one. What a great write up!
    A... Meeta, I've always functioned with the idea that there were 36 hours in a day. If you're right about the 24 no wonder I've been having so much problem. hehe.

    Thank you for the recipe!!!

  16. Woah - those things are dangerously delicious looking! So much so, that I think they should come with a warning label (Death By Chocolate, perhaps? But what a good way to go!)

    Good thing they're meant to be in small portions, or your readership could've been in trouble ;)

  17. Looks incredible! I'm a fool for chocolate.


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