Monthly Mingle #4 - Holiday Cuisine

Crossing over to Denmark

July/August is mostly the time of year when people start packing their bags for a week or two and head off to some dream destination. A long awaited holiday in a far off place. Relaxing on a beautiful beach and soaking up the sun in the Seychelles, wandering in some high mountains in Switzerland or rafting in Alaska - whatever it is, one thing is as vital as the air you breathe - the food.

When one is on holiday, even the most lazy eater will find some interest in the local cuisine and be excited to try one or two new dishes. So, I can only imagine the ecstasy us foodies go into when we are on holiday. I know I do!

For me and my little family, the summer destination this year is Greece. YES! In September we will be off to the Peloponnese. This is almost a kind of victory to be quite honest because every year we list 2 or 3 destinations we'd like to go to and somehow always end up in Italy. So, our list last year was:

  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Portugal

We ended up in Liguria, Italy! Now don't get me wrong. It was one of the best holidays ever. We stayed in a lovely agriturismo where they produced their own wine, olive oil and honey. The family were so wonderful that we still have contact with them and get them to send their bottles of olive oil when we've run out. I meant that this is become a kind of joke among our friends here, as we automatically are navigated to Italy. Like a built in compass. But folks, there are so many different countries that we would love to visit, that it was becoming a dilemma!

This year I tackled the situation a little differently. The list this year looked like this:

  • Sicily - Italy
  • Sardinia - Italy
  • Peloponnese - Greece.

Where are we going? GREECE .... phew! Think we broke the chain.

Anyway what does all this have to do with the Monthly Mingle, you are probably asking yourself. OK, OK, I'm getting there, already!

This time I want you to bring over your favorite holiday dish. Wherever you were (or are off to) I am sure there was one particular dish that you just could not get enough of. Make that and bring it over to my Holiday Reminiscence party. Let's get comfy and sit together and talk about all your adventures and food experiences, over your lovely "Holiday Cuisine".

I am really looking forward to this one as I hope you will be sharing some of your great holiday moments in stories and pictures too.

Deadline this time is September 7, 2006. So get those holiday pictures out for inspiration and send me your favorite Holiday Cuisine.

Look out for the Round-up to Monthly Mingle #3 sometime this weekend!

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  1. Hello,
    I hope to see you here in Turkey next year. :)
    As you can guess I am from Turkey and I am one of your readers :)

  2. Good idea mita. Though its benn so long since I went on a real holiday that i am really going to have to hard to come up with something
    Btw : Do you do a round-up of the entries?

  3. Wonderful. Now, I've gotta do some thinking.

  4. Great theme for the next Mingle!!

  5. Count me in, Meeta! I will be there for the monthly mingle. And I'm already trying to dream up what I will make!



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