Pretty in Pink - Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream

Music that helped me cook: Salam Namaste from the film Salam Namaste starring Preety Zintha and Saif Ali Khan

What better way to beat the heat than a nice cooling and refreshing ice cream. In Germany we were having an amazing heatwave the past few weeks. This trend really seemed to be catching on in all parts of the world and so my theme for this month's Monthly Mingle was not too far off.

We are huge ice cream eaters and slurp ice cream kilowise. This year I decided to invest in an ice cream maker and have a go at making ice cream myself. There are so many positive advantages to an ice cream maker that I really had no problem convincing Tom of my venture. He kind of rolls his eye balls every
time I invest in another one of those "must have" kitchen equipment that in the end turn out to be a "good idea at the time" equipment and stands as a dust collector in my kitchen closet.

Well I am sure this one is going to be different. As especially when there is a kid (or kids if you add the adult man) in the household and you really DO want to treat them to ice cream but DO NOT want to feel guilty about the additional sugar they take in. This way I control what goes into my ice cream and have no guilty conscience whatsoever!

Ever since I got the ice cream maker, I have been experimenting with different flavors, mostly
berries. This was my very first ice cream made with the maker and, I tell you, it was so easy and such a perfect quick summer time dessert or little in between snack.


300 g Strawberries - pureed. You can puree this to any consistency you like. I wanted a bit of frozen fruit in the ice cream so I just pureed this coarsely.
50g - sugar
250 natural, thick organic yoghurt

Equipment: Ice cream maker


In a mixing bowl blend together the sugar, yoghurt and strawberries. Cool for at least 6 hours in the fridge. Doing this makes the ice cream work better and fluffier.

Now add this to your ice cream maker and allow it to do it's thing, until you have a creamy smooth frozen yoghurt ice cream!

Ever since my first try at the ice cream turned out so well I have reserved a space for the cooling bowl of the ice cream maker in my freezer. This way I can whip up an easy but tasty dessert after dinner anytime. I have made the similar type of yoghurt ice cream with raspberries, blueberries and black berries. All I do is make the mixture in the morning or the evening before and in the evening while we are having dinner turn on the machine and in half an hour the yoghurt ice cream is ready.
It is best enjoyed fresh and straight out of the machine. This tastes so delicious and fruity that it encloses all of summer into its flavor. What's more it is seriously healthier than the usual stuff bought at the supermarket and treating Soeren to ice cream has a whole new meaning. Soeren really enjoys being part of the making process and we are always thinking of ideas for our ice creams.

I am looking forward to more experiments with the ice cream maker and look forward to sharing them with you. In the meantime enjoy this cool refreshing treat!

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  1. That looks just gorgeous! Wish I could have a spoonful ...

  2. meeta your photos are always excellent. This looks and sounds amazing. I will definitely be trying this out when the weather gets warmer (down here).

  3. Pretty in pink, indeed! Yum! Love the pic.


  4. Ohhh Meeta, that looks really amazing!!

  5. You should post a photo of your icecream maker too :) Is it the complicated but automatic type, or the kind that requires a LOT of elbow grease? I SO feel like icecream now after reading this post... and I'm at work!

  6. I always keep my bowl in the freeze - makes it so much easier to accommodate the sudden urges. That's exactally the way I do mine. It is a treat.
    Lovely photos - really like the square bowl!

  7. Mmm! This sounds delicious! I definitely need to buy an ice cream maker.


  8. Posts like show me that I need to get an ice-cream maker FAST! What beautiful photos! This ice-cream looks like the definition of cool on a hot summer's day. Thanks for sharing!

  9. oh...I sadly don't have an icemaker - this looks so yummy!(and pretty!) :)
    love your blog, really hope you'll visit my new blog, tastinglife, sometimes!

  10. the color is gorgeous! i wish i had an ice-cream maker :(

  11. You all are just sugar/choco-holics.
    Ivonne You are always welcome to come over and we can make us more than a spoonful. besides I would love to meet you personally.
    Jenlet me know when you do, Thanks for the comploments on the photos.
    PazThank you!
    PamSo when you coming over?
    Shammi, I thought about taking a pic of the maker but then thought how boring against the ice cream pics. But it is an automatic one. Just press a button and the rest is done for you.
    Tanna, great (MAC) minds think a like ;-))
    Franca, yes I was surprised myself how inexpensive they are.
    GillyOh I can only recommend getting one of these babies. It makes ice cream a lot more fun. Especially when kids are in the house.
    Julia, welcome to my blog. Hope to see you around more often!
    NabeelaWell if you don't come over here!

  12. I can dive into the ice cream right away.

  13. That looks absolutely pretty Meeta! Pretty as Preity Zinta haha...and im sure you going to have some fun with that ice cream maker, can i push u to try some exotic flavours like ginger, chilli, tea etc..and give us a verdict-I would love to have one of those appliances too, but right now im so out of counter space, that its out of question



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