My Postcards

My Postcards!

Being the host of this event, I too wanted to take part in it ;-)
So, what did I do? I picked 6 people randomly and thought I would send them some "homemade" cards. Who are those people? Well we'll just have to wait and see who blogs about them.

Folks, this has been a great event. It was a little chaotic on my side at times. Too many things happening in the last few weeks and my mailbox was bursting at the seams ;-)) But I really hope I managed to organize this one with not too many glitches!
The whole reason I thought of doing this was to bring us bloggers (foodie and others) a little closer. The response was really overwhelming. I never expected it. I think however, my mission is accomplished. I for one have come across a few great blogs and what's even better a few pretty neat people.

So what's left to be said? Well there were a few that contacted me a little past the deadline and were disappointed not to be a part of this amazing event. Let me console you all and of course for those who took part in this one I will be doing this again. I am thinking of September/October. This time maybe with a theme!

Now all those who have sent the cards have to sit back and wait till yours arrives and then blog about it. Please do send me a link to that post too so that I can update the list for the last time!

Thank you all for being a part of this. Hope to see you around, blogging away.

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  1. Meeta, this has been great fun! I cant wait to see who'll be sending me a postcard :) In the meantime, here's the link to mine:

  2. Meeta, I just blogged about my postcard and have linked you to the post. i'll go and post it now.

  3. meeta
    i felt so bad, when i read about your event which i did not take part in as i did not know its existence (you know blogs where blocked in india for a fortnight i think that should be the reason)
    but i feel good as you will have the event again in sept/oct and i will definetly take part then

  4. Meeta I have blogged about my postcard too,Thanks Meeta!

  5. Hi Meeta,
    Thanks so much for organizing this! It's been alot of fun! I've sent my postcard and posted about it!

  6. Meeta,

    You deserve all the credit in the world! This was a wonderful idea and I'm sure coordinating an event involving 60+ people from all over the world was not easy.

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

    Can't wait for the next round!

  7. Since this is the first blogging event of any sort that I've done, I can't say if my response to this one is unique. I find it so exciting to see what comes next that it seems unique to me.
    Thank you so much Meeta, for the idea and the execution! Anticipation is fun.

  8. Hi Meeta, here's the link to my blog about the event! My card was posted today.

    barbie2be: Blogging - Postcards from the world

  9. what a great idea....looking forward to your next Post Card event.......sorry I missed this one. Maybe it could be a theme post card such food of your region or area

  10. I was a little late in getting mine out...however...I sent TWO.

    I LOVE this...we gotta do this again!

    Thank you! ;-)


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