Look what the mailman brought today!

Can you all guess what this is?

It was my EBPP parcel!

I was rather surprised when the door bell rang this morning. I was so immersed in a current project I have to complete that I literally jumped out of my seat.

I ran downstairs and it was the yellow mailman! In Germany they are yellow ;-)) He had a small parcel in his hand.

Could it be? Already? No way!

But it was! It was my EBBP parcel! Mine went out on Monday and I was told it would take about 10 to 14 days!!!

True I was rather excited to see who and what my parcel would contain, but my workload has been quite immense lately and I just did not expect it so soon.

AAAAAHHHH! OK The first thing I saw was the "Royal Mail" sign on the postage stamp. So, I knew straight away it was from the UK!! I must have looked like one of those eager beaver kids who can't wait to open their pressies on Christmas day!! I ran straight for the scissors and ripped open the parcel. Thank god I could stop myself in time to take a picture!!

And this is what I got:

It was from a wonderful blogger over at Pertelote. She's in London and sent such a lovely card.

"Some of the things like date and walnut cake, remind me of summers when I was little - picnics on the beach ..." she wrote. "Nowadays we're a bit more adventurous! Our picnics are more likely to include things like spicy chickpeas and lovely summery mango ..."

Wonderful sentiments I thought. Each item in the parcel was individually wrapped in wonderful glossy pages from a food magazine. Lovely and colorful pictures. You know what was the first thing I did?
I checked if there were any recipes on the pages. YES! There were a few rather gorgeous and scrumptious sounding dishes.

This date and walnut cake also looked rather scrumptious. So, I cut my self a piece and sat on the floor, all the pages spread out in front of me and inspected the rest of the items.

Fennel crackers, jelly sweets (Soeren AND Tom love the ones from the UK) a good looking preserve, dried mangoes, some spicy chickpeas powder and a nice lookin picnic recipe book (which I will look at more closely this evening!).
Updated 19:15 hours: I have to correct myself on this. This was no recipe book but a storybook from Elizabeth David "Of Pageants and Picnics" How embarrassing is that? I was so taken in with the recipes and photos on the magazines pages that I did not look very thoroughly into this. But please forgive me! Anyway I was not too off because for those who know Elizabeth David will know that she in fact is a cookery writer. So I guess when I saw her name on the cover it is what I figured. Instead it promises to be an exciting book with short stories all about food - summer food. How perfect is that! Furthermore, I just finished reading a John Case book and need something lighter and more well foodie like!!

Of course this fantastic and ever so moist cake was also a part of my parcel. Was it self made I wonder?

Gosh! This was an amazing parcel and I am gonna enjoy each and every bit of it - even the wrapping ;-))

I thank you so much for sending this to me. It was so thoughtfully wrapped and put together that I am sure you are a wonderful person. I am glad I did this EBPP as once again my blogger world has grown a little closer. I hope to get to know you a little better in the futur. Here is a virtual hug to you!!

Mine is still out and about on it's journey through Europe. Where it lands no one knows. But soon I hope some blogger will be just as excited to open mine as I was to open this one!

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  1. Woo hoo! Excitement mounts as the first parcels arrive! I can't wait to see what's inside...

  2. That looks a little big for a postcard! LOL Quit teasing and open it already!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I wish someone would organize this for Canada.
    If you have the chance, I'd love some comments or feedback on my blog- Jumbo Empanadas, (the reason for the name is revealed in the first entry).


  4. Hey Meeta! That's really great!

    I am very reluctant to receive or send food by mail, knowing that USPS sanitizes mail. Lucky you! That cake is looks delectable!

  5. References to Elizabeth David should be in the past tense as she died in 1992. I'm currently reading "An Omelette and a Glass of Wine" which is another collection of her published articles with some recipes included.

  6. Glad it arrived safely and so fast! Hope you like the cake - I'm afraid it didn't come out as well as I'd hoped but it really does remind me of long-ago picnics. Enjoy!

  7. Wow - what a great parcel! And best of all - now you can have your cake AND eat it ;-) Thanks for the great write-up!

  8. I'm so jealous of you guys in Europe and Canada. I wish we had this here in Japan...

  9. How cool! Thanks for sharing this with us, Meeta!!

  10. Blogging By Post is a wonderful way to discover new foodblogs, and I'm sad I didn't have a chance to participate in this round. In the future though:)
    Your parcel looks lovely, Meeta! Let us know what you thought of the book!

  11. First everyone ... thank Jenni for this one!
    Jenni, I did not mention your name on the post because I was not too sure if your readers know you by your name (didn't see it on the blog). But THANK YOU! Are you kidding? The cake was gorgeous and even Soeren loved it .. notice the past tense -- loved because it is all gone!!

  12. Thats a fab idea Meeta. Wish I had known of this before. Well there will be a next time I guess. Now i am looking forwars to your Beat the Heat Round up. Tschuss

  13. Posted something here now, and i dont see it...just wanted to tell u thanks for sharing your excitement with us, coz there's no such concept of sending food items by courier service in India...how come cakes stand good for 14-15 days in post?

    Something i didn't understand//

  14. You lucky girl, when I partcipated in the last EBBP I got a parcel from Jenni and I just loved it, she makes the most wonderful parcels! And Elizabeth David is the best, she is a wonderful food writer, I have several of here books and I often re-read them!


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