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Well, well, well! Some of you lovely bloggers also gave a thought to me while sending out postcards. The last week I have been getting a few of them spilling into my mailbox! I have to tell you that all these postcards has left my mail lady scratching her head. She commented yesterday "Amazing how many of your friends are on vacation at the same time!" LOL! I did not explain to her that it was a blog event, because I would've needed to explain what a blog is and that would have left the poor lady scratching her head even more.

Here is a huge thanks to you.
Sue, who sent me the wonderful postcard with all the blueberries on it. She says "Maine is a blueberry place and I know you like them .." Sue you are such a darling and I really thank you for this. Just that one sentence makes me smile because you thought about me while picking it!

Sally's card made me laugh. It is the one of Father Dobberstein and his St. Bernard Dogs. She says "Being German I thought you'd get a kick out of this pic!" Sally, I am not originally German but have lived here for 13 years. I still got a kick out of it though! Thank you!

Petra sent me one she brought back from her travels to Thailand. She thoughtfully mentions "I just wanted to say thank you for the postcard event by sending you a special foodie card ..." It was just perfect and so colorful. Petra you are the best!

Sumi, who is ever so sweet, sent me one from Switzerland. Sumi says "Thanks for being a wonderful hostess!" Gee, schucks *going red* you're welcome!

And finally the Bella Payal moved me the most. Her card displays the Golden Gate Bridge and she says "I wanted to send you this because that's where we met ..." Payal I wish it was so easy for me to cross it and come over to you! I miss you girl! Thank you.

You know what I found so amazing here? On the web I have some kind of daily contact with most of you but it was so strange holding something from you.

Do you know what I mean?

Something that you have touched and written. Seeing your handwritting, for example just brought me lightyears closer to you. It's like really sharing a part of you. That is something I will cherish.

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  1. What a wonderful post Meeta

  2. Meeta, You did a fabulous job with a wonderful event!
    And yes, it was special to have something that was hand writen and touch by!

  3. Absolutely love this blog and all the others you have - daily tiffin is such an inspiring idea - healthy treats for a husband easily planned in this case!

    Quick Q - how far are you from heidelberg?

  4. Glad you like it, Meeta! :-) And that silly barcode sticker comes right off - the glue is the post-it kind. I left them on so many of my postcards until I realized that one day!!

  5. Hi all! thanks for your comments!

    30in2005 Thanks for visiting and hope you'll stick around a bit. Heidelberg is quite far - I'd say a 5 hour drive. Planning to visit?

  6. sorry for the delayed response. No, actually have a friend in Heildelberg and may visit in the distant future. Also he is new to Germany so I am trying to make him some friends.....Poor chap is as bored and lonely as can be.


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