Explore for the weekend 2/3 Sept 2006

Here are my latest collection of photos circulating in Explore currently. Hope you enjoy browsing through them.

1. Blueberry Pancakes Stacks, 2. Colored Creativity, 3. Garlic - Food and People, 4. More Chocolate Mountains, 5. Chocolate Mountain, 6. Sugar Currents White, 7. Sugar Beet Molasses, 8. A trio of sauces, 9. Upton in Balck and white, 10. Strawberry Kisses, 11. Spaghetti with jumbo prawns and rucola, 12. Raspberries 2, 13. Asparagus Green

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Good job!! Placing all the recipes in one group does help out a lot!
    Thinking about pumpkin entry too, Holloween is coming , should be easier :)

  2. Great blog! Mostly because it's about the best thing in the world..food :D. Kudos.

  3. Simply fantastic Photos Meeta. Infact I do not like calling them photos. That is too much of a plain term. Each one is a superb visual treat.

  4. I love cooking and have tried a couple of your recipes in the past...have had a lot of fun with them ..and they've come out really well. Came back now because I'm planning a party and was looking for some inspiration on the menu.

    Also ... I totally love your photographs...somehow cannot get the same magic from my D70. What lens do you use?

  5. Asha, Thank you for your feedback. Hope you come up with a great recipe and I am looking forward to it.
    Tanna Thank you so much.
    Tigress Thank you! Yes, food is one of life's pleasures and that is what my blog is all about.
    Anu WOW! That was an amazing compliment and I really appreciate it.
    Prema Thanks!
    Pea Really? you have tried several recipes? Well I am honored and I appreciate your feedback. For my food shots I mostly use the Nikkor DX AF-S 18-70 mm. I am considering investing in another lens more appropriate for macro shots. When I have made my final decision I'll write up a post about it.
    Please do tell me how your party went and what you cooked up. I really find it exciting when I see my recipes on other dinner tables.


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