FMR Event in September

Thank you to Katherine from Toastpoint for passing the baton over to me.

I have the pleasure of hosting this month's FMR. From My Rasoi (FMR) is a wonderful event that was brought to life by the lovely Meena of Hooked on Heat. In Hindi "Rasoi" simply means kitchen and this event calls on everyone to present their dish cooked up in their kitchen.

I did rack my head a bit for this one, until I finally came up with a pretty good idea. We've had a few great themes in the past and I do not want to let anyone down by choosing a boring (yawn) theme.

Folks, just in case you have not noticed, Autumn is on its way. Those of you who visit markets or grocery stores will notice this quite obviously. The decorations everywhere have started to mark the change in season. Everywhere you go you see the lovely yellow, orange and brown colors of Autumn. Is there anything else you all notice? What is the most prominent food item that really marks the beginning of Autumn?

For me, it has to be the pumpkin! Don't you agree? I mean, it is everywhere, carved with funny faces awaiting Halloween, or in a variety of colors and sorts awaiting for you to work on it and turn it into a wonderful dish.

That is exactly what I am looking for. Your pumpkin recipes. I want you to take any sort of pumpkin you can find and with a wave of your wooden spoon change it into a scrumptious recipe. Easy enough right? Wrong! It does not end here! What I am also looking for is a little bit of detail to the sort of pumpkin you used. Everything you can find on it.
What sort did you use? Where does it originate from? What are the health benefits of this type of pumpkin? So, put on your aprons and thinking caps on and whip me something pumpkinny.

The rules for FMR are simple enough:

  1. FMR calls on adding the Indian taste into your recipes combining that with the your own style of cooking.
  2. Send in your pumpkin dishes by the announced deadline of September 21, 2006.
  3. Send your email to
  4. The email should contain the permalink of the post.

I will do the round-up on the weekend of September 23/24.

I really hope to see a few of my regular readers take part in this one, those who are still new to the FMR event. This is a great opportunity for you to fuse your food culture with the Indian cuisine.

Good luck!

This is to remind you all that the deadline for this month's Monthly Mingle Holiday Cuisine ends on September 7th. So, get those lovely dishes sizzling that take you away to that far off land or remind you of your fave holiday.

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  1. I have to go run a few errands this morning and will check to see if our pumpkin patches are set up yet!! You know, I don't think I ever had pumpkin until I was in my 20s. A few years ago, I tried pumpkin raviloi - delish!

  2. will carving faces on pumpkin with a wooden spoon count? just kidding. i love the humble pumpkin and am happy to let it have its share of pumpkin light.

  3. Meeta, "pumpkin recipes" is a good theme. Let me think about it now :).

  4. Great and yes, I am desperate for pumpkin recipes. I have three different types of pumpkin growing in my garden. And sofar have 6 big big pieces, and two more started growing behind my back as I was on holidays (with all that rain here). And all I wanted was one or two pieces for my winter vegetable soup.

    When living in Pakistan I made this dish with pumpkin and coriander, it was great but unfortunately I did not manage to reproduce it (tried 4 years ago and it was disgusting). So will do my best and try to make something other than soup :-)

  5. Meeta:

    That is cool..Love the pumpkin idea. We have a social group here at work that plans well events and we too have a "pumpkin day" in October where everyone is supposed to bring pumpkin stuff....I am this time of the year!

  6. Hi Darl- I'm back , had an amazing one week holiday- first in coorg and then at my cousin's wedding. Had so much fun that i forgot all about blogging :) Good to be back here, i see some nice little tweaks on your blogs-I think I already have a pumpkin recipe that I wanted to blog about, this is a perfect opportunity

    Just got back last night and very happy to see a hugely sucessful WBB round up at Pavani's. Will send you a mail about a blog contest i won--yippe im so excited

  7. I love your blog--such wonderful writing and gorgeous pictures. As a newbie blogger myself, I look forward to entering your pumpkin contest. I know exactly what I'm going to make!



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