Mixology Monday VII: Ladies Night

...oh what a night!!

Ladies, if you are like me ... a girlie who loves all colors bright and shrill, a lady who just can never have enough shoes and handbags in her closet, a woman you knows what she desires and a wild lass that can party into the wee hours of the night then THIS is for you.

I am a Gemini and do justice to my birthsign. I have so many different facets to my character that it never is boring around me, hard to keep up with maybe, hectic certainly but boring - no way.

The girlie in me loves brightening up the day with shrill colors. Even my iPod is accessorized in a neon pink cover (much like the colors here). I love shoes, handbags and make-up. An exciting day for me would be spending 9 to 5 in the shops in Berlin. I have the energy to party hard with the toughest of the party animals.
I am a mother and have a gentle and soft side to me. I can be very sentimental and cry and the soppiest of love flicks. I tend to have a soft heart and my family and friends mean everything to me.
Nonetheless, I know what I want in life and work hard to achieve it. I know I can make my own way through life. I am independent and strong minded.
But I have not hung up my bra in this process. I enjoy being a woman, spoilt and pampered. I still let my man carry the crates and I allow gentlemen to open doors for me.

Ladies, if you feel like you belong to any of these categories and you feel like celebrating, I am calling out to you all. Put on your Manolo's and grab your Prada and join me in celebrating the end of summer with the perfect drink. A ladies drink!

Paul wanted us to say Goodbye Summer in this issue of Mixology Monday. We are supposed to shake up something that reminds us of summer and enjoy it one last time before we head into Fall and Winter.

This summer was all about fruit for me. So, it was natural that I will be serving my gals something fruity and zesty. Ladies - I present a Apricot Daquiri.

Music to dance:

Hot, hot and even hotter - Justin Timberlake - SexyBack
Album - FuturSex/LoveSounds - *New on my (pink) iPod

*Artwork and music courtesy of iTunes


For 4 glasses

8 ripe apricots
8 + 8 tablespoons crushed ice
80 ml lemon juice
80 ml apricot liquor
240 ml rum

Photo on Explore: September 18, 2006. View my entire Explore Photostream.


Place the apricots in boiling water for aprox. 1 minute. Run under cold water. Peel and pit the fruit.
Place the fruit in a blender with 8 tablespoons of ice, lemon juice, apricot liquor and rum. Blend thoroughly.

In four glasses add more crushed ice and then pour the daquiri over this. Gently stir. Decorate with a few apricot slices if desired.


Cool refreshing and very ladylike. A racy and lively drink that just tastes fantastic. The fruity apricots combined with the tangy lemon juice and rum makes this drink just as multi-faceted as we women are. In your honor - chin chin!

I am very proud to announce the next Mixology Monday will be hosted right here on WFLH. I have chosen the theme Exotic Cocktails. So, mix up those colorful, vibrant, zesty and exotic drinks that you always wanted to try and mail them to blogmeeta@hotmail.com. Deadline for this is October 16.

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  1. How about ?

    Kartoffel-Auflauf??!! to go with the cocktail??!! :D:D

    Cook vegs and sausages , make roux, pour on it and bake with Cheeeeese...HA HA..

    Do you have to have alcohol in the mix for your party? I have Vanilla lassi, you can add whatever you want? I know, I know ! What's a party without...

  2. Gorgeous pics, Meeta! My fav is the first one - so bright and colorful; great perspective shot. Is the drink sitting on the German Cosmo?

  3. Asha,
    Not sure that would really go with the Daquiri. It is more of a drink to enjoy on it's own.

    Payal Thanks. I like the last one myself. But to be honest they all turned out pretty cool. Yes, that is the German Cosmo. I loved the pink of the color and it is the ultimate women's mag!

  4. hey Meeta,

    Execellent Black n white pic..

    Happy Blogging !!

  5. Madhu Hehe! Sure you can quote me anytime on that.

    Manju Thank you so much.

  6. Artizen Thanks for such a lovely comment. We rock! ;-)


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