SWL Photo Session and a ME Meme!

Photo on Explore: August 14, 2006. View my entire Explore Photostream.

In August the Still Life With was all about People and Food. Normally we are called upon to submit 3 photos for each theme, however August was a hectic month for me and I actually only got around to submitting this one! It did make it to Explore on August 14 and that made up for the missing shots.

Thought I would also use this space and finally get on with the Meme Anupama tagged me with.

I am thinking about: NOT going to the Gym today. The weather is lovely I'd prefer to take Soeri on a picnic.

I said: the best way to have a good idea is to have many of them.

I want to: get a few red streaks in my hair before I go on vacation. But I am chicken to do it!!

I wish: I was not such a chicken to get those red streaks in my hair.

I regret: saying nasty things to Tom.

I hear: my neighbor mowing the lawn.

I am: wild about chocolate.

I dance: while I cook to all my fave music

I sing: very loudly in the car with Soeren to Robbie Williams

I cry: at soppy romantic films.

I am not: going to buy those shamefully expensive shoes I saw in town.

I am: going to buy those shamefully expensive shoes I saw in town.

I write: a diary for Soeren.

I confuse: der, die das, dass in German.

I need: to buy those shamefully expensive shoes I saw in town.

I tag: Ivonne, Lisa and Pam. And anyone else who would like to do this one!

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  1. das: Artikel neutrum = dieses, jenes oder welches
    dass: Konjunktion = leitet Nebensatz ein und kann nicht durch dieses, jenes oder welches ersetzt werden.

    A little more confused?

  2. Thanks for the tag Meeta!!!

    I too get completely confused with der, die and dass!!!

  3. Get those red streaks in your hair before you go to Greece.

  4. So have you bought those shoes yet? (And you know what, nothing is shamefully expensive, if you have fallen in love with it. Absolutely nothing. I bet, our husbands will differ. :))

  5. I'm wondering too if you bought those shoes yet! hehehehee!
    Also, I think you'd look absolutely adorable with the red streaks in your hair.. there are "temporary" dies that only last in your hair for a few washings, you could always go with that to try them first - so if you didn't like it you could just manically wash your hair! heheee

  6. What a beautiful shot!

    Interesting meme response. ;-)


  7. This photo more than deserved to be on Explore! It's simply fantastic and I loved the crop suggestion that you followed up on so diligently. Your pictures are a treat and I learn so much from every one of them. I am also always impressed by your attitude when you respond to critiques! You rock!


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