Mixology Monday: Exotic - Sex on the Beach

Are you all going to join me later this evening for a few cocktails? It's Mixology time.

I get to host this great event right here on WFLH. I am pretty excited about it. I chose the theme Exotic wanting everyone, who joined in, to try their hand at something different and not what they had everyday.

I knew the exact drink I wanted to make, the only thing was I was not sure if I dared to print the name on the post. So, if you look at the title you'll see I finally did. This drink is a bit exotic for me because I can never bring myself to order it in a bar!!

Imagine me saying to the waiter "I'd like sex on the beach please!" I'd die of shame first.

No, I am not a prude nor do I have a problem talking about the subject. It's just one of those things I cannot bring myself to say or order. I had the same apprehension here. I did not want you all to think I was changing the content of my blog or giving you gory details about our vacation in Greece LOL!

I do enjoy this cocktail. It mixes fresh juices with schnapps and vodka making it amazingly refreshing yet with a bit of potency. It's easy to make and I hope you raise your glasses with me and lets all order a round of SEX ON THE BEACH.

Music with drinks:

Buttons - The Pussycat Dolls
Album: The Pussycat Dolls - Great stuff

*Artwork and music from iTunes


1 1/2 oz. Vodka
3/4 oz. Peachtree schnapps
1/2 oz. Grenadine syrup
2 oz. Orange juice
2 oz. Cranberry juice


Pour everything into a shaker and shake with the ice. Strain into a glass with ice cubes. Decorate with a orange slice.

Brilliant, tangy, fresh and incredibly satisfying. It's perfect for those times when you want to sit back and daydream about palm trees, sand and the blue ocean.
As for me, my next mission will be to really go out and order one of these in a bar.


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  1. That cocktail looks beautiful....very vibrant! I don't know what's in it though.Orangina and Sprite??? Can't wait to find out.


  2. I'm going to guess vodka and orange curacao, maybe topped with something fizzy

  3. I am almost theeeerree, Meeta!! Don't start without me!!!

    I am e-mailing you mine before 8pm today on the 16th!!

  4. Hello Meeta,

    Here's my contribution to this months Mixology Monday.


  5. Meeta: You shouldn't be the one ashamed to print the name of the cocktail....it should be ME who is embarrassed to admit that I once had a few too many of these cocktails and got sick. Thanks for the memories! LOL It is a tasty like cocktail, eh? Maybe the memory of that fateful night has faded enough that I can try them once again.....

  6. Hi Meeta! This drink looks fabulous - wish I were there sitting in your backyard :) Ok, so I didn't submit an entry for MM, but here's a post from last week on a drink that we made that was delish: http://bellarossa.wordpress.com/2006/10/08/ginger-collins/

  7. Hi Meeta,

    I finally finished my post for your mixMo. Thanks for hosting!


  8. I don’t have a blog, but maybe I’ll set one up soon.

    However, inspired by a recent trip to Cambodia I’ve been working on a cocktail that could go under the title of exotic. I’ve decided to call it the Heart of Darkness, after the famous nightclub in Phnom Penh where I spent a fun evening dancing in rather dodgy company. Actually since I do not dance it would be more accurate to say that I drank excellent Martinique rum while some dodgy ladies did the dancing.

    I live in Shanghai where it is hard to buy certain things. This cocktail uses a few things I that were on my shopping list and which I happened to find in Cambodia: allspice, unavailable in Shanghai yet necessary to make Pimento Dram; rhum agricole, unavailable in Shanghai but very common in Cambodia; vanilla liqueur, an impulse buy in a Cambodian supermarket because I knew I wouldn’t find it in Shanghai.

    To make a Heart of Darkness
    2oz St. James Rhum Agricole (light Martinique rum with 50% vol)
    1oz Marie Brizard Crème de Vanille
    1/2oz Pimento Dram (mine is homemade and perhaps a touch on the fiery side since it hasn’t had much maturation time and for lack of other high proof rums was made with Bacardi 151)
    1/4oz lime juice
    A couple of drops of orange bitters (homemade)

    Stir over ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

    I think this drink is still a work in progress. I originally was originally planning a rum and vanilla drink. However, the Marie Brizard is quite subtle and so putting the vanilla anywhere other than the background would require a very sweet drink. Never mind, the vanilla liqueur takes the edge off the rum most pleasantly. The Pimento Dram comes quite strong. Mine may be a little rough, but it is still nice. Originally I made the drink without the orange bitters. The result was not bad but I felt it needed something to bind it together so I experimented with a few different ideas. I tried a squeeze of citrus oil from the lime rind – promising but my limes didn’t seem to yield a lot of oil. I tried Angostura but didn’t like the result. A drop of two of Green Chartreuse made an interesting play against the grassy flavors of the rum and I may experiment some more with this - maybe reducing the Pimento Dram and increasing the Chartreuse to a teaspoon or two. Ultimately though I found my homemade orange bitters were the easiest way to smooth the drink out.

    I was tempted to garnish this with a drop of molasses in the bottom of the glass, thus creating the Heart of Darkness, but it seems wrong to put molasses in a rhum agricole. Any alternative ideas?


    P.S. Sorry if this is appearing twice, but it seemed to disappear after I just posted it. I guess I should set up a blog.

  9. Meeta,

    Posted mine, but forgot to tell you about it -- sorry!

    Here's the link:


    Thanks for hosting--

  10. I e-mailed you yesterday,hope you got it! If not,here it is;



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  12. yeah, though the name is funny, the drink looks delicious. I don't drink so would have loved if you had an alternate non alcoholic version of it.

  13. Brilliant color. Like you, I've never had it (though I've wanted to) because I can't bring myself to order it! Sarah


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