Mixology Monday: The Roundup

Get your shakers, stirrers and mixers out folks! Here is the Mixology Monday Roundup for your Exotic drinks.
It was Paul from The Cocktail Chronicles that started this amazing event where we can share a few good drinks with each other. I jumped on board just a few events ago and am addicted ... not to the alcohol but to the event. It has really opened new spectrums where my knowledge about cocktails and beverages goes and I have learned plenty.

Without much chit chat I serve you the drinks.

Of course we kick of with the creator of the event. Paul is serving up a gorgeous Tahitian. Pineapple juice, rum and a dash of Angostura bitters are just some of the ingredients that make this drink "mighty friendly".

Erik makes up a Goombay Smash that brings the sound of the Caribbean into our rooms. How exotic is that?

Jimmy sends in 5 classic exotic drinks that seem to have disappeared from bar menus. He calls out to us to take part in the cocktail revival the next time we hit the bar.

Riana, uses Dutch Eggplant to make her Red Mystery. It really does sound mysterious. Wondering what this is all about - head on down to Riana and check it out.

Darcy uses the exotic Arrack and makes a variation to the Royal Punch. Fit for a king and just perfect when taken hot for the upcoming cold days.

I am so glad that Asha accepted my invitation. Being one of the regulars here at WFLH, I was very happy that she put certain hesitations behind and joined us here. She stirs us a gorgeous looking Caruso. Her pictures look awesome and the drink is just heavenly.

Barbie2be takes peaches and prosecco and makes a sparkling Peach Bellini. Refreshing and tastes great.

Michael braved an earthquake and was still able to send us his Exotica. His email cracked me up as he asked if he was too late ... his excuse was "we had an earthquake". You're right Micahel! Never heard that one before.

Mike was a bit intimidated with this theme, but boy am I glad his intrigue got the better of him. He serves up not one but two cocktails for us to enjoy: Noa Noa Cocktail and El Floridita 1.1.

Anna serves up a liquid dessert. Her Pavlova Martini sound and looks amazing. With creme de framboise and passionfruit vodka I will never say NO to such a dessert!

Matt puts on his Sean Connery accent and serves us a Triple Pousse Cafe , a cocktail he picked up from the Wall Street Journal!

Haalo is my kind of gal! When she thinks "Exotic" she thinks of palm trees and islands in blue oceans. On her little exotic island she will serve you delicious Frozen Pina Coladas. So let's all fly down under to Haalo's island!

Becke, remembers only one good thing about her "awful trip" to a Spanish restaurant - the Caipirinha.

Bri did not invent her cocktail but she did invent a wonderfully original name for it. Her Juba combines the tastes of Cuba and Jamaica to make a cool refreshing drink.

Sarah does invent not only a new name but also offers a new adaptation of another cocktail. The Bloody Port Royal is a dramatic name with a dramatic story behind the name.

Got one more that must have disappeared in email nirvana of Hotmail (that's why the switch to Gmail!). Anita went for the Painkiller that they drank on their trip to Tortola. Exotic setting for a potent drink.

Missed another Anita. She sends in her wonderful looking Hibiscus Red September. Sorry Anita for that one.

Then there's me! I overcome my shyness (normally this is NOT a personality attribute that you would find on my list) and serve you Sex on the Beach.

Hope you enjoyed the great cocktail party we had here. It was fun and I was glad to be hostess. I now hand you over to Mike over at A Dash of Bitters for the next MixMo - Bitters.


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  1. I guess you didn't get my submission email? :)

    Here's our entry:

  2. Excellent!! I can't wait to go through all these yummies!! I did hesitate and got over it VERY quickly!! Watch out, I am back!!:D
    Thanks Meets!!:)

  3. Great roundup, Meeta! Thank you!

  4. What an amazing variety of libations! Over my poor liver's objections, I plan to get through them all. Thanks for another great roundup, Meeta.

  5. Hi Meeta. First, a Happy Deepavali to you.

    And second, how about adding a few pages on your photography! They are as exotic as the recipes.


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