It's A New Dawn!

Blazing Sky on Flickr

My neighbors must think I am nuts. This was taken at 7 am in the morning - I rushed out like a mad woman, camera and tripod in hand and ran up the hill just for this one shot!!
PS. I was still in my PJ's and it was freezing - LOL!
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  1. Gorgeous!! Now get back in there and put on some warm clothes woman!:D

  2. Lemme also announce to you folks that this pic has some HUGE number of fans on flicker...check Meeta's flicker link and find out :)

    Im a sucker for scenes like this babe! I would have even forgotten my PJs had I wanted to click a scene like this...


  3. LOL!!!!! I can totally imagine you running up that hill.

    And your pictures with your new camera influenced me. So now we are debating what camera to buy :-)

    Happy holiday season.


  4. Oh, a girl after my own heart. I do that ALL the time for far less glorious end results.

  5. Beautiful picture!! Have to 'go for it' when you see a great shot!

  6. That was totally worth the run !! What a splendid color!!
    I am soo looking forward to buying a good cam so I can take tips from you :-)

  7. It's beautiful. Worth getting a little cold, as long as you can warm up afterwards!

  8. I will simply say....very beautiful picture...thanks for sharing...~smile~

  9. I finally uploaded my last "taken in my PJs" pix:

  10. Meeta, darling . . .

    You take my breath away. Isn't Mother Nature just wonderful?

    You are an inspiration for creativity!


    Anni :-)

  11. Your photo is worth all the effort you took Meeta. Its gorgeous.

    Anu (Food-n-more)

  12. Asha LOL! I am all warm thank you for looking after me.
    Nandita My #1 fan! Thank you!
    Isis I knew you would get a kivk out of this one. I'll get in touch with you and we can discuss cameras.
    Anita I checked your photos out. They do look great.
    Jeff YUp, I have been missing a few pretty cool shots but this one I just had to go for.
    Priya I'll give you all the tips I can. Thank you for your comments.
    Kalyn Thanks! Actually it was rather refreshing ... nothing like a rush of morning cool air.
    Dilip Thanks.
    Paz Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.
    Anni Oh thank you.Your words are always so uplifting. HUGS!
    Anu Thank you.

  13. Mmmmm absolutely stunning!!!


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