You want more of this - Toblerone Tart?

Then go grab a fork and come back later!

Somehow I knew you all would run and grab your forks. Thank you for drooling so eagerly - the wait is now over!

This is my third recipe idea for your Christmas meal. With Porcini Cream Soup and the Cranberry Ginger Chutney I hope I was able to provide some other ideas. Well I was not too sure if I should do the Entrée this week or the dessert. I decided to go with dessert first ;-).

What do you get when you combine a light and fluffy mousse to a cake base - a chocolate mousse cake? Hmmnn! OK but what happens when that mousse is not made with regular chocolate but with the mother, king, chocolate of all chocolates? The Toblerone. You get a to-die-for-and-send-me-to-heaven dessert!

I am sure you all know the smooth Swiss chocolate best recognized by the triangle shaped chunks. Did you know that these triangles represent the Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps? In 1908 two Swiss gentlemen, Theodore Tobler and Emil Baumann, created the first milk chocolate, which included wonderful nougat, almonds and honey. Derived from Mr. Tobler's name and the Italian word for nougat - torrone -, the Toblerone today is one of the best selling chocolates in the world.

Right, so you might think "well golly that is satisfying enough!" But you see one has to go beyond the borderline at times. "Satisfying enough" is just not good enough at times. There has to be swooning and drooling when this dessert is presented. Combining the mousse with a tart is an ingenious plan.

The crust is baked blind and the mousse is whipped to it's smooth, fluffy consistency. Together, they make anyone weak and want more.

Without much ado I present to you The Toblerone Tart!

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For the tart crust:
Zest from 1 orange
135g concentrated butter
100g sugar
1 egg
50g ground almonds
200g flour
1/4 teaspoon backing powder

For the mousse:
100g chocolate containing 70% cocoa - coarsely chopped
200g Toblerone - coarsely chopped
70g Butter
300g cream
2 eggs
2 tablespoons clear honey


Pre-heat the oven at 200 degrees Celsius.

In a large bowl, using am electric beater, whisk together the orange zest, 125g of the concentrated butter, sugar, and egg until creamy. Knead in the flour, baking powder and ground almonds. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and keep cool for 2 hours.

Roll out the dough to the size of your tart form. Using the rest of the butter grease the tart form and place the dough into the form. Cut out any edges. Place a sheet of baking paper onto the dough and either using pie weights or dried beans/peas, blind bake the tart for approx. 15 minutes. I would recommend using dried beans or peas as the weights can sometimes be too heavy for the tart crust, causing it to bake unevenly. After use, the beans/peas can be stored in a dry plastic bag and used for baking over and over again.

Take the tart out of the oven remove the beans/peas and baking paper, then bake the crust for another 5 minutes.

To prepare the chocolate mousse, place a bowl over a pot of boiling water. Add the chocolate, toblerone and butter to the bowl and allow to gently melt. Brush the tart base with some of this mixture. Keep the rest cool. Beat the cream half stiff.

Whisk the egg and the honey together and gently fold in the chocolate mixture and the half beaten cream. Pour the entire mousse mixture onto the tart base, smoothing where ever necessary. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Decorate and serve chilled.


Although this cake looks like you can eat large amounts of it, you will realize that one slice is very deliciously filling. The orangy flavors in the tart crust harmonize so perfectly with the chocolatey aromas of the mousse. Just perfect for a lovely festive dessert.


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  1. I want! I want ! right now :((

  2. I want i want.... I want it now!!!! Meeta!!!! now this is torture!!!!

  3. You're such a tease Meeta. This is not nice at all...

  4. I m here for the first time and kinda fell in love with your blog. Very nice Pictures and blog. Will keep visiting for more nice recipes.

    Thanks, Nidhi.

  5. Right...well...I'm waiting with fork at the ready.

  6. WOW...that sure sounds like a free ticket to Heaven !! :-)

  7. wow meeta,

    That looks so yummy. I wish i can just crab that piece...

    Love anything with has choclate...


  8. Thanks for posting the recipe! It will have to wait until after Christmas as we have the trditional Buche de Noel and I have a feeling I will be making a few!
    This looks decadent and "melt in your mouth"

  9. I thought that tart was amazing to begin with, but now I find out it's a Toblerone tart? Well that's just too much! Before I wanted some, now I NEED some.

  10. toblerone in a tart... this is sinful:)

    what is concentrated butter in german, pls?

    here i come toblerone...

  11. This isn't very original but...

    I WANT SOME TOO!!! =)

    Okay blogger doesn't like me anymore.. if this shows up anonymous, it's me.. Lis :D

  12. This isn't very original but...

    I WANT SOME TOO!!! =)

  13. This isn't very original but...

    I WANT SOME TOO!!! =)

  14. Meeta,
    once I saw almond, orange zest and concentrate butter, I know I must fell in love in this tart! Agree, should be the treat that just a little can go a long way.
    The color in your photo is always gorgeous, so warm and so real!

  15. Lovely - Toblerone is one of the first IMPORTED chocolates to woo Indians i guess. The eggs in this recipe are raw right? May be you must post a word of caution to those who cant eat raw eggs.

    Its looks so goooey and for once Im happy that I cant get fat looking at yoru pics hehehe

  16. Wow, well I think it's safe to say the drooling and cravings are in full swing. I'm a lover of Toblerone but I guess so is everybody else here. He,he,he.
    Beautiful Meeta and such a subtle touch with the orange in the crust.

  17. How did u manage to make this yum thing? I would never get past cutting up the tobelerone. Thats my all time favorite chocolate. Why waste it on others?

  18. I knew you'd be drooling. It truly is a sinful treat and although as Lisa says not original but with the Toblerone it is a heavenly treat.
    Latha concentrated butter would be BUTTERFETT in German. Use Butaris!

  19. I would like MUCH more!!!


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