The Look

Actually I wasn't planning to change the look so soon, but was more or less forced to. Then when I started I just could not stop. So, what you now see is a new, fresher and "looking-forward-to-Spring" layout.

When I switched to the new Blogger I realized there were many constraints I had to face with my previous template.

So as I tried to transfer my old template into Blogger's new Layout I could not do it to my satisfaction. That's when I simply decided to scrap the whole thing and start new. On the test site things looked fine. But I was still hesitating.

Then. yesterday, it seemed there were many problems with Blogger. We all could not access certain links or pages. What I found out was this pretty much effected those who were still using their classic template from the old Blogger. Last night I got sick of it and decided to switch to the new layout. Boy did I have sweaty palms. But it looked pretty good I thought. Until this morning I decided to look at it on the PC (for those who do not know I am a Mac and Firefox user). How could it have been different! Crappy Explorer was showing my header complete off the page!!

So, I went back and fixed it. At this point I want to say - I was surprised at the ease I managed to do it. The new Layout really does allow you to quickly make changes, without too many hassles. What I really appreciate are the widgets. I can add, modify or delete these without having to always go into my template.

As for the new colors - I am a bit of a fashion victim and as I flicked through my InStyle I saw that the colors for Spring 2007 were pastel tones with a bold color to highlight. Which led me to start playing around with the colors of my blog for fun. And you know what I like it!!

A bit about the picture of The Wolff above: It was taken at the Basel zoo during our short break over New Year's. A perfect opportunity for me to practice taking pictures of moving objects ;-). I love this one - isn't it a proud, royal and elegant animal?
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  1. Very nice. I do think you have wonderful taste in choosing the colors and design elements.

  2. love the yellow background.

    have a great weekend.

    me off to the south to celebrate my b'day while scubadiving

  3. Hi Meeta! The new layout really is very soothing! I have itchy palms about my current layout and want to change it but I'm always worried about losing all my current wdigets and links and things!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Is it really easy to switch on beta? I have tested from a new blog it is a bit similar to xanga am i right?

  5. I don't even know why Explorer still exists! I had big problems with it when I was trying to fix my layout too. Very frustrating.

  6. "The Look" is great! Like it very much.
    Yes, the wolf is all of that and a great photo.

  7. Hi Meeta! I agree with the others on your choice of colours... very nice, and soothing! The wolf photo is gorgeous!

  8. Your layout really does make me think of spring. Very nice!

  9. looks like a wolf :) .. i want a pet wolf!!

  10. Very nice layout! And handsome looking animal. Love your photo.


  11. your blog looks great! the colors are nice and subtle.

    i LOVE that picture of the wolf. it's amazing how light can really make a picture!

  12. I love your palette! I haven't switched to new blogger yet, but reading stories like yours helps ease my anxiety about changing.

  13. Thanks people! Your ideas and thoughts really do count here as it's you who stare at the blog. So, if you find it good that really pleases me. I am really lovin' it too!


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