Photo Session: White for SLW

It's been a while since I shared photos from the photography group Still Life With on Flickr.

For those of you new around these parts: SLW is my favorite "working" photography group on Flickr. Every month a theme is chosen by Lara, the administrator of the group, and we are supposed to go off with our cameras and try to capture the given theme as best as we can. Of course being a foodie group, the motive is always Food and a max. of three photographs can be entered.

Last month's theme was white. A color that I am not very comfortable taking pictures of.

It's not an easy color to capture and often if there is a tiniest shadow the whites end up looking gray in the pictures. I did my best with these shots and although there is plenty of room for improvement I somehow really like the set.

The photos can be viewed individually on my Flickr photostream:

I'd like to use this opportunity too to first of all apologize to those who have been getting my older posts updated again in their feeds. I've been busy using the label function of the new Blogger to categorize the posts down further. I thought of turning the RSS off for this time but when I started receiving mails and comments for the older posts I thought I'd leave it the way it was. I am also re-functioning my sidebar to be sort of a resource pool for all my readers. So, that is a part that I am still building up on. If there are any suggestions or ideas for resources you think should be added please do let me know.

Blogger Postcards Around The World goes into it's final phase. Almost everyone have sent their postcards off and now many have started to receive lovely, mushy, cheesy, and sentimental Valentine's cards. Interested in seeing all the cards? Just check out our Valentine's list

Last call for this month's Monthly Mingle - Sweet Love. February 8, 2007 is the final day to enter all those scrumptious Valentine's desserts, cakes and other sweet stuff.

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  1. I think your white is lovely. I certainly agree, white is a difficult one to capture. Once you start looking you begin to see there are a lot of whites out there too.

  2. Hi,
    I was going through shaheen's blog and reached your photographs on flickr.They are so beautiful.I must say do u manage to accomplish so much? Blog,photography,being a mom,and I guess you must be working too... good luck on whatever you do..

    warm wishes,

  3. You may not feel comfortable with white, but you did an amazing job with the challenge!

  4. Hi Meeta - I'm always in awe of your beautiful photography! You had lovely contributions to the challenge!

  5. you are so talented. beautiful. that green color is amazing.

  6. I love your white photos! The coconut is my favorite. The ultimate white in the natural food world.

  7. Not one bit of it says that you are not comfortable with white!!!! Awesome pics!! :)

  8. You folks are so motivating! I thank you for your lovely comments - it means a helluva lot LOL!

  9. The pictures are awesome. I find the coconut one just fascinating. I certainly hope you submit it to DMBLGIT, it looks like a winner!

  10. Nupur I love DMBLGIT and the coconut picture goes with a recipe I plan to post soon. When I do I will certainly send it in. Thanks for your motivation!


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