Along the Prerowstrom in Prerow

Prerow Seagul by Meeta Albrecht

On one of our days in Prerow we decided to rent a small sail boat and spend a lazy day gliding down the Prerowstrom. The Strom is the river the flows almost parallel to the Baltic Sea and leads into the bay called the Bodden. It was a fantastic sunny day and I was able to take a few nice photos.

The Prerow harbor is a small charming little place. Day tours can be booked on many of the sailboats available there. The little Bistro there also serves fresh smoked fish, which we packed and took with us on our sailboat to enjoy on our trip.

Prerow Harbor by Meeta Albrecht

Before we could set sail we had to ask our two guests to move from their very scenic spot.

Prerow Two Birds by Meeta Albrecht

It's funny how certain types of scenery looks completely different when viewed from "the other side". Seeing things from the water gave each shot a different angle. The landscape and scenery was truly amazing. Although it is mostly flat, the extensive plains changing from green meadows and blue ponds added a spectacular dynamic to the landscape.

Prerow Landscape Cows by Meeta Albrecht

Prerow Landscape Sheep by Meeta Albrecht

We were told that the cows, sheep and other farm animals were raised on these meadows 100% organically. The lambs and calves are naturally born on the fields, they eat what nature and the fields provide them and live 100% happy life. It was beautiful to see these animals roaming free without any cares in the world.

One of the highlights on this trip was picnicking in a gorgeous field of colorful summer flowers. No city life noises just the chirping of birds and the humming of bees. Not a person in sight just me and the boys kicking back and allowing our souls to soak up the beauty.

Prerow Summer Flowers by Meeta Albrecht

Hope you can close your eyes for a few minutes, imagine the scenery around you and relax in the serenity of this post.

Thank you for taking the time!

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  1. Beautiful scenery, Meeta. Gorgeous photos! I bet it was lovely to sail there. :)

  2. It looks so wonderful there. I hope you're having just a lovely time.

  3. Beautiful Photos Meeta.... You must have had a lovely time.... The surroundings look so wonderful!

  4. Looks like someone had a great time Meeta!!
    Amazing pictures of beautiful scenery!!

  5. amazing pics, meeta. thanks for sharing them.

  6. Hi Meeta,
    Hope you had a great vacation. I also took time to go through your blog today. You have the most wonderful recipes and pictures to accompany. Loved it and I think I'll be a frequent visitor.

  7. These are breathtaking postcards Meeta. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That stunning field of flowers just took my breath away! Beautiful pics, as usual, Meeta.

  9. excellent pics meeta....You have had a great time

  10. Thank you all for all your comments.

    Mae - Yes, it was the best day on our vacation. So relaxing, funny and fully of harmony. Next year we are thinking about renting a houseboat somewhere!

    Kalyn - It was lovely and we had a great time.

    Cinnamon - Thank you! I can really recommend visiting there if you manage to get your husband to take a few days off.

    Jyo - finally you can see the pics. I am using Photobucket just for you LOL!

    Lata / Padmaja - Thank you!

    Bee - Thank you for your visit and taking time to see them!

    Dee - Welcome to WFLH. Hope you enjoy your stay here and I look forward to seeing more of you. Have fun!

    Cynthia - Thanks sweetie!

    Anita - yes that was such a lovely experience. These flowers were just growing in the middle of the wilderness. We stopped our boat on the banks and took our picnic basket and had a great lunch in the middle of this field. Incredible.

    Deepa - Thank you!

  11. very nice picture, looks like it was about to fly, or on the tip of it, or thinking about getting off. Also looks like it is trying to find or look for something .. ahh so many things.


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