Posh: Sour Cream Cherry Cake

Cherry Cake (01)

I was pretty mad! Actually fuming would describe what I was feeling at that moment better. The pieces were in my hands and the culprit was in front of me - all I needed to do was speak out the punishment.

But you see it's not that easy. There are times you just need to swallow the anger and simply remain cool. Besides it has a more serious effect when you calmly and gently explain the consequences. The impact of the "crime" remains in the head a bit longer.

What happened?

On Saturday Tom was getting ready to leave for the university and Soeren went out with him to say goodbye. I was discussing a few things with Tom on the way out and Soeren was playing around behind my car.

As Tom kissed me to say goodbye Soeren quickly came up and asked,

"Are you taking mum's car to the uni?"
"Huh? No - I am taking my own"
"Oh that's good because mum's car is broken!"
"Err - OK!" Tom said thinking it was a joke and got into the car
However, the look on Soeren's face revealed to me that it might not be a little trick he was playing.

"Soeren? Where is mum's car broken?" I asked
"Back there - the wiper is broken!"

I went to the back of my car kind of smiling, thinking it to be a trick. The wiper looked fine and I was just about to turn around and say "you cheeky little thing!" when the wiper fell into my hands.

Tom came out of the car and I looked at him with my shoulders slumped down. At this point I saw Soeren take two or three steps back to the side of the car, hands crossed in front and a look on his face as if getting ready to protect himself from my fury.

Tom inspected the pieces.

"Soeren where are all the plastic pieces for the wiper?"

No answer.

"They are there - on the floor!"

We looked around but found none. Tom went on his knees and looked underneath my car.
"Soeren, what are the pieces doing back there?"
No answer
"Did you throw them back there?"
A timid nod from Soeren.
"I did not want mum to see them!"

At this point I had to turn around because my smile was kind of turning into a grin and I just could not let my almost 5 year old see that.

"Come here!" Tom said
Soeren came a few steps closer. His big brown eyes looking extremely worried. I took a few steps towards him looking a bit more serious and hoping that the look on my face was that of being mad and disappointed. My feelings, juxtaposing between being angry and still remaining calm and collected, were like a roller coaster ride.

"Soeren, it's bad enough that you broke the wiper, but then trying to cover it up and act as if nothing happened is worse!"

I could not be mad at him. It was clear by the look in his eyes and the paleness on his face that he already knew what he had done was not right. I gave him a short lecture about right and wrong and told him I was disappointed - mainly because he tried to lie. That was it.

That evening after dinner, he came to me on the sofa.

"Here!" he said
He handed me his piggy bank. "I'm sorry and I am willing to pay for it!" I smiled at him and told to him he should save up for his Porsche he wants to buy when he is older. He then ran off and came back with a bowl of lovely fresh cherries.

"You'll be the only girl who will be allowed to drive it!"

My son the suave 5 year old - how he captures the heart of this 35 year old! With a bowl of cherries he knows he can make up for almost anything.


Cherries by Meeta Albrecht

Meet the stylish and hottest superfruit currently found in stores almost everywhere around the world. Cherries are a very tasty and nutritious fruit. It has been revealed that cherries, enjoyed dried and frozen and as cherry juice, have among the highest levels of disease-fighting antioxidants compared to other fruits. They also contain other important nutrients such as beta carotene. As a matter of fact cherries have 19 times more as blueberries or strawberries! Cherries also contain large amounts of vitamins C and E, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber and folate.

A new study conducted at the University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Program found that a cherry-enriched diet helped reduce risk factors for heart disease and metabolic syndrome, also known as insulin resistance syndrome or pre-diabetes. Specifically, the study found that a cherry-fed diet helped reduce cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar and insulin levels, and raise the antioxidant capacity of the blood. Furthermore, studies have also revealed the cherries have the ability to offer natural relief from joint pain caused from gout, arthritis and joint inflammation. Many are choosing to drink cherry juice, eat cherries or consume tart cherry dietary supplements to enjoy the natural benefits of this tiny red fruit.

There is no clear guideline on how many cherries it takes to reap the benefits, experts however, suggest that 1-2 servings of cherries daily can help provide some of the health benefits identified in the research.

Interesting Fact:
1/4 cup of dried tart cherries counts as one of the five servings of fruits and vegetables per day the National Cancer Institute recommends to help maintain your health.

Cherries can be divided into two groups - sour and sweet. Each can be prepared in a variety of delicious ways, not only as a dessert or snack, but as an ingredient in a main dish or main dish accompaniment.

Selecting and Storing

When selecting, go for cherries that are firm, plump, bright and glossy, with a full red or purple color and sweet taste. Degree of darkness depends on the variety. Sour cherries are smaller than sweet cherries and should be firm, bright and uniformly red. Avoid purchasing over-mature cherries that are soft, dull, seeping or shriveled.

Cherries are highly perishable and should be refrigerated as soon as possible. Sort them carefully and place them loosely in a shallow container so that air can circulate. The weight of the cherries on top should not crush those on the bottom. Wash cherries just before using them. For best quality, fresh cherries should be stored only 1 or 2 days.

Besides popping the lovely juicy fruit into our mouths and enjoying them fresh from the Farmers Market, I like to make quick cakes with these gorgeous fruits. They give such a posh note to any simple cake making it perfect for tea parties.


The latest Monthly Mingle is one close to my own heart. Earth Food is all about helping to raise awareness for the steps and actions we can take to save our beautiful blue planet. Hope you will find it in your hearts to party with me.
Deadline is August 6th!

Cherry Cake (02)


1.5 kg fresh cherries - pitted
250 g + more soft butter
250 g + 4 tablespoons sugar
pinch of salt
1 vanilla bean - insides scraped
6 eggs
300 g + more flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
4-6 tablespoons milk
125 g sour cream
75 g hazelnut slices

Cherry Cake (03)


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C.

Grease a baking tray (35 x 40) with some butter and dust in well with flour.

In a mixing bowl whisk 250g butter, 250g sugar, salt and vanilla with an electric hand blender until the batter is smooth and creamy. Add the 4 eggs one by one, beating with each addition for approx. 1 minute.

Mix the baking powder and flour together. Add the dry ingredients and the milk alternatively to the egg/sugar batter, folding and stirring the batter after each addition.

Pour the batter onto the baking tray and smooth the surface. Spread the cherries evenly over the batter.

In a smaller mixing bowl quickly beat the sour cream, 4 tablespoons sugar and 2 eggs together. Pour this mixture over the cherries. Sprinkle with the hazelnut slices. Bake for 30-35 minutes. Take out and allow to cool.

Cut the cake in half then in 8 to 10 triangle cake pieces.

More great tips with cherries:
  • Choose sweet cherries as a garnish for meat dishes.
  • Cherries can be made into a syrup for topping pancakes, waffles or French toast.
  • Use a blender to make cherry drinks such as smoothies or coolers. Either by themselves or blended with other juices, cherries make a delicious drink. Our favorite is banana and cherry smoothie
  • Make cherry ice cream.
  • Dip one-half of each cherry with stem into melted chocolate and chill for a special cherry candy, garnish or dessert.
  • Choose tart cherries for baking your favorite cobbler, pie or crisp.
  • Make cherry wine.
  • Enjoy a cherry sauce as a glaze over ham.
  • Juicy ripe cherries in salads

Cherry Cake (04)


Light, fluffy and moist. The texture of this cake is just perfect. Dotted with the red cherries it is a delight not only to the eye but to the palate. I served this for a summer tea party and found it to be just right for a sultry summer afternoon. Not too heavy nor too sweet. My friends were delighted with the taste of summer in a wonderful cake.

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  1. This is such a beautiful cake! I can imagine enjoying it for a Sunday breakfast.

  2. The cake is lovely -- and I'm hiding a smile after reading your story about Soeren! It's impossible to be mad at children, isn't it?

  3. Meeta, that was a cute lil story you narrated...and so is your cake :)


  4. Ah Meeta. Felt like crying and laughing all at the same time! Poor lamb! Beautiful looking cherry cake.

  5. wow!!!this is excellent one....super one lady ..u rock as usual

  6. What a sweet story. The cake looks wonderful.

  7. soeren is a sweetheart. the cake looks just lovely.

  8. Smart Soeren!
    How can I not make this cake after buying a big bag of cherries y'day :) Great recipe!

  9. Meeta ,

    Beautiful cake, 5 year olds and their ways to get around are amazing, my 3 years old tells me he will give pink flowers when is happy with me and when he gets mad he tells me he will give blue flowers.

  10. Hugs for Soeren. He is such a sweet little guy. Remind him of his promise when he does acquire that Porche!

    Cherries - sigh! They are pricey but in season, at the moment!

  11. Such a well written episode in mothering. SOunds like you did it just right and have the cherries to prove it :) The photos are fantastic and the cake mouth watering.

  12. Now I can use the cherries I bought hoping to make the ice cream. Just kidding... :-) I'll buy fresh ones and bake this over the weekend.

  13. So sweet (and so recognizable!) the way they still want to let you know while, well, not really wanting to let you know.. I am smiling!

  14. Hi folks! Thanks for the comments Somehow I knew you would like this one!

    Deborah - A breakfast! That is a great idea.

    Tee - Thanks it was great.

    Lydia - I know what you mean. I am strict but at times I just have to smile at some of his reactions.

    Anh - Thank you.

    Amanda - If anyone can relate to this story then probably you. Don't boys know how to wrap mummy around their fingers?

    Deepa - thank you girl. You rock too!

    Caty - Thanks!

    Bee - he is. I bet you guys will find him a sweet handful should we ever meet.

    Suganya - You make that cake and you will love it. Let me know how it turned out!

    Sreelu - Oh that is cute - blue flowers when he is mad! Adorable!

    Anita - Are they available in India? I can imagine if you do buy some eating them pure would be more tempting than baking them in a cake. Hugs!

    Elle - Hehe! I am not always sure I do the right thing and often go through my actions of the day in the evening. I follow my gut and when I see Soeren think both Tom and I are doing OK! Thanks for the feedback for the cake!

    Raaga - ice cream would be great, but I am sure you will love the cake too.

  15. Karen - I know I know, that was the thing that was making me smile all the time!!

  16. Soeren bought a big smile on my face first thing in the morning, Meeta! Such a sweet child....

  17. That's such a sweet story (sorry about the car though) - I love the idea of being the only girl allowed to drive his Porsche :)

  18. A beautiful blog you have.
    I loved your story and the cake looks divine..as do all your photos!

  19. very nice to hear about your son...kids are so cute...and lovely cake too..


  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. A very lovely and delicious cake Meeta....
    Children cant help being naughty ...
    And the ways they find out to make it up are quite cute :)

  22. Oh, Meeta that is just the best kind of story! Now do hold him to that promise!
    Love cherries and your cake.

  23. It looks mouthwatering, Meeta - I do love cherries!

  24. Meeta, that is a cute story about soeren, how indeed can you stay mad at him. Besides , you'll be the only girl he'll allow to drive his porsche.
    That cherry cake looks to be yummy with a cup of coffee!

  25. Fantastic, Meeta! The sour cream must make the cake extra moist and dense, and the addition of hazlenuts is a welcome change from almonds with cherries. I enjoyed your story about Soeren as well; he's quite the charmer. :)

  26. You think you parents are the only smart ones huh? Soeren knows exactly how to love you up. :)

    "You'll be the only girl who will be allowed to drive it!"

  27. Aww your 5 yr old is too cute! I can also be won over with a bowl of cherries. :D This cake looks delicious, perfect for cherry season!

  28. This is truly special, especially when you have fresh cherries... I can't wait for summer now!

  29. Soeren sounds like my nephew saving up to buy a red hummer!! :) I love cherries and usually finish them off before I can think of a recipe :)

  30. amazing picture, i love the composition....bravo !!!

  31. Thanks again everyone!

    Latha, Sweet? Live with him for a few months LOL! No glad he has the power to put a smile on your face!!

    Pille - he's a smoothie that's for sure!

    Ronell - thanks for stopping by and for your feedback!

    Srivalli, Thank you!

    Cinnamon, thank you and what you say is so true!

    Tanna - you betcha I'm gonna hold him to that promise. Besides I'l probably be screening his girlfriends at the door LOL!

    Patricia, thanks! I am sure you will love the cake too!

    Veronica - it's not easy staying mad at him. Tom is a real softy so I am the one who plays "bad" parent most of the time!

    Susan - oh yeah that he his. I too found the hazelnuts added a different touch to almonds in this cake.

    Cynthia - actually in comparison we can be so dumb. Hehehe!

    Amy - cherries and the world is fine. Are we so easy? Thanks for your comments!

    Anh - soon you'll be having warmer days soon. We'll be heading for winter though BOOHOO!

    Jyo - cool choice. Thanks for your comments.

    Claude - Thank you very much!!

  32. What a great post about cherries and such a cute story! I love all the cherry tips at the end! Very nice, Meeta!

  33. Oh that is so cute that he volunteered to pay for it.

    And look at the lovely result, that cherry cake!

  34. What a well written story and to finish it off with that cake? Fantastic! I have a recently discovered just how much I love fresh cherries!

  35. Hi Meeta, Am a big cherry fan myself. If you like cherry cake so much you will also love the polka dot cake on my blog.

  36. Meeta,
    that was such a lovely story. Soeren seems pretty cute. Loved your cake too. Have been going through some of your recipes. Loved them all. I liked reading your posts too- very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  37. If only a boy would bring me a bowl full of cherries...
    The cake sounds lovely, you really can't go wrong with cherry anything.

  38. This is such a cute story. I don't think I would have been able to stop wanting to laugh...Good for you retaining your composure!
    Beautiful cake to boot. Hopefully by the the time Soeren gets his Porsche we will be bcak in Europe and I can bribe him with pastries for a ride!

  39. My dad used to call me a two-fisted fruit eater. Cherries are one of my all time favorites, and I can make them disappear faster than a magician. I'm not sure I could make this dish -- I'm fairly certain I'd polish off all the cherries before I could spread them over the batter!

    I've been quietly reading your post for months. Love it!!

  40. Jenn, Thanks. Those tips are great - I recently discovered that cherries taste awesome in salads too.

    Cheryl - that's how I figured he really felt bad about it. Thanks for your comment.

    Joe - Where have you been all this time? LOL! If you recently discovered you like cherries I expext you were on Mars ;-) But seriously they are great plain, however you should try them in cakes etc. You'll love 'em more.

    Anu, will check it out and thanks for stopping by.

    Priyanka, thank you for your comments and hope to see more of you.

    Bril - make him one of your ice creams and he'll bring you a bowl of cherries too. He was drooling over one of your ice cream creations the other day!

    Helene - watch it there - he is a charmer. He's already got his eye on you and every Friday wants to see pics of his cyber auntie working out on the Daily Tiffin! HAHA!

    Toni - thanks for "coming out" and glad you like what you get here. "Two-fisted fruit eater" that is sooo cool. It was difficult for me to make the cake too. But I found a way. Two bowls of cherries. One to feed me and on for the cake LOL!

  41. Oh too cute! He is going to be a handful...you know that don't you? Clever little cutie!

  42. poor soren.. its difficult to keep a straight face when they are expecting u to discipline.:)lovely photos of the cherries. i can't get enough of them too.

  43. Meeta, I just want to grab your son by the cheek and give him a big kiss. He knows how to win women's heart this little guy.

  44. Hi Meeta... Lovely lovely post!!!
    And Soeren is such a cute lil boy...


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