Opposites Attract: Peaches & Tomatoes

Tomato Peach Salad (04) by MeetaK

An unusual combination you think. Well not entirely - as we all know opposites have always found a way to harmonize with each other in perfect unity. It's true with us humans and it certainly is the truth with food.

What I love about food is that we have the opportunity to test and try - experiment with several ingredients - until we find a pairing that fits together so well that one would think they have always belonged together.

Dishes like these are also so interesting because the story or the moments one experiences while creating them, always seems to be worth telling.

Tomato Peach Salad (03) by MeetaK

For this particular salad, it was the moments I really cherished. The three of us seemed to have gathered in the kitchen and simply started cooking. There was no particular goal or plan really - we were just hungry and decide to prepare something, what ever the fridge or the pantry would give.

Chatting and laughing - sometimes even arguing about things and ingredients. Our favorite pass time is "make believe". Soeren seems to really love such moments. He beams in his red apron. He is the Sous Chef in a kitchen of a famous restaurant. The restaurant is full and there are many important people waiting to be served. I am almost always the Master Chef and Tom plays the part of my second hand.

Tomato Peach Salad (05) by MeetaK

Today's special is an intriguing salad. A tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella - all normal you say - but we add beautiful, ripe and sweet peach slices to make this salad so unbelievably different and promise you it's nothing like any tomato salad you have ever tasted.

Reservations for how many people?


Tomato Peach Salad (01) by MeetaK

750g ripe tomatoes - cut into quarters or eights, depending on their size
2 ripe peaches - sliced
150g mini mozzarella balls - use buffalo mozzarella for a wonderful intense flavor
Juice from 1 lemon
1 teaspoon sugar
Pinch of salt
Freshly cracked pepper
6 tablespoons olive oil
Handful of mint leaves - coarsely chopped


Tomato Peach Salad (06) by MeetaK

In a mixing bowl, slightly salt the tomatoes. Add the peach slices and the mozzarella balls and mix together.

Mix the lemon juice with the sugar and pepper. Whisk in the olive oil until thick and frothy. Pour the dressing over the tomatoes and peaches. Sprinkle with the mint leaves and serve with olive ciabatta.


Tomato Peach Salad (07) by MeetaK

Can such opposites actually suit the palate? The only way you'll ever find out is to try it out yourself - that or you make reservations at our famous restaurant. ;-)
What I love about this salad is that with each bite the tongue experiences a new flavor - tomatoes mixed with peaches or peaches and mint or mint and tomatoes. No two bites are the same.

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  1. Very pretty Master Chef, Second and Sous! A lovely ending to a wonderful game of make-believe? :-)

  2. The colour, the colour, the colour....fantastic

  3. that looks like a fantastic combo :)
    have u tried the peach salsa? tastes awesome!

  4. This looks gorgeous! And such an unusual combination - I'm sure it's delicious!

  5. Actually, the combination sounds great because of the similar textures and water content. I'm sure it tastes wonderful together, thanks for bringing up this combination!

  6. unusual...yes but i can almost taste the sweet peaches and tangy tomatoes:) thats a cute story meeta. soeren is such a cute little chef:) by the way i have been wanting to ask u this since long time. what does soeren means?

  7. I make peach and tomato salsa, and I love the combination of these two flavors!

  8. I want to spend time with the Master Chef and her family, so reservations for 1 please :)

  9. They are bursting with colours, reminding me of spring. Meeta, its almost autumn. Expecting yr awe-inspiring creations :)

  10. What an unusual and interesting combination, Master Chef! I would like to book a table for two :-)

  11. lovely pic as always.. yea this is an unusual combo. have to give it a try when peaches are available in India :)

  12. Peaches n Tomatoes.. never thought of such combo.. untill now..creative post and all the pics look fab. with a nice story..:D

  13. This is a very creative salad Meeta!! Creating wonderful dihes in the kitchen with those you love is what it's all about!!

  14. this is an intriguing combination. The colors make my mouth water!

  15. A reservation for two please! I am going to try out this recipe soon. Oh, and I love the matching bowl and textile.:D

  16. This salad looks and sounds super yummy ... if I can find some peaches here, I will definitely try it ... or maybe I will take your advice and play with the ingredients and find another fruit that is available here in Guatemala.

  17. We're having a salad for lunch everyday... I will try this soon... peaches are out of season... let me see what I can find :-)

  18. I bought peach-mango-tomato salsa from costco recently. It's yummy. Highly recommended.


  19. Oh, wow! What a combination. I'd love to try this.


  20. That does seem fantastic Meeta, I'm a big fan of putting pears or apples in salad, but I haven't yet tried peaches. Hopefully I can find some to make this wonderfully colorful combination.

  21. I think I'll have to give this a go, this really is something new and to be tried!

  22. Thanks everyone for your feedback and thoughts on this. There certainly are other great examples of enjoying peaches and tomatoes - salsa is one that was mentioned. Hope that everyone who tries this will enjoy the flavors.

  23. Oh my, that looks delicious. I wish I had some tomatoes, I might have made it up for lunch!

  24. This was an occasional option on the salad bar in my college dining hall in michigan some thirty years ago, if you can believe it. I have NEVER seen it since. I think it was a way to use the best of summer's flavors together, although it was a rather unlikely setting!


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