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For all those took part in October's Click, I'd like to say - you all did a great job. There were quite a few fantastic entries and we judges had a hard time deciding on the winners. If some of you are wondering what is Click - it's easy - it's a great new photo event created by the brilliant minds Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi. Each month they give you a specific motive or theme and we are supposed to go off and "click" keeping to the given theme.

Last month kicked off the event with the theme "Eggs". I was one of the four judges and we had specific categories in which we were to score. After a bit of brain racking the four of us came up with a few outstanding shots as our final winners.

Sunita was the overall winner in the category Spectra. For me, I loved her shot. It was vibrant and full of life. And I have never found raw eggs look so delicious. LOL

In the category Concept, it was Manisha who bowled the lot with her awesome interpretation of the egg. I loved her use of high key lighting on the shot. Her entire compostion was nicely thought out and brilliantly executed.

Finally, the most drool-worthy picture was Andrew's with his interpretation of an English breakfast. In the category Delish his lovely oozing poached egg most certainly made us judges want more.

I congratulate all the worthy winners and am already looking forward to their next entries.

My own entry was Eggtastic. Being a judge it was not scored on but it gave me a perfect opportunity to practice with the motive.

Jai and Bee have already announced the next theme for Click.
This month’s CLICK theme is an ingredient that transcends cuisines and cultures. Every part of the world has an ingredient made of unleavened dough or starch that has been shaped into interesting strips, cylinders or other shapes and boiled and/or fried. Anything sweet or savoury that fits this description qualifies.

Noodles galore - cooked, uncooked, fresh or dry - send in all your entries by November 20th to clickcapture AT gmail DOT com.

Jai and Bee have asked me once again to sit on the judges panel for this month. I will be in pretty great company as the judges this month are once again quite extraordinary.

Look forward to seeing all your entries and wish each of you best of luck!

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  1. Click is a great event, even though most of us are not great photographers! Participating is half the fun!:))
    Good to see you back Meeta. Happy Halloween!

  2. Hi Meeta,
    Yes Click is a great event. And it has found the ideal judge in you.

  3. I'm glad you're one of the judges would give us more of a chance at
    I love your well thought out pictures...the props, the colors you fact everything is just beautiful!


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