Autumn Horizon by MeetaK
Autumn Horizon

It's already November and the time seems to be zooming by at the speed of light. It'll be speeding by even faster now with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's just around the corner.

After my return from Dubai on Saturday I jumped straight into my busy schedule. Prepared an awesome Halloween party with 7 little ghouls, ghosts, witches and devils running around scaring the pants out of us grown ups. Now looking at the calendar I almost choked when I realized how little time there is till the end of the year.

Well there is no time for fretting right now. Just a few minutes to sit back and enjoy the last breathtaking scenes of Autumn as it says goodbye for the year. Sit back with a steaming cup of your favorite hot drink and take in the breathtaking colors and scenery before we all run off to our hectic routines.

I took these pictures a week before we left for Dubai. I knew it would be more or less my last glimpse of this beautiful season and so today as I switched on my computer and looked for a few pictures, I was reminded of these. I wanted to share them with you so you too can pause for a moment and enjoy a minute or two of silence, peace and beauty. These moments are so very important and I find myself slightly rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of my chores. Hope it works for you.

Autumn Red Carpet by MeetaK
Red Carpet

On my list of many things to do is creating my new Fall collection on postcards and greetings cards over at my shop. As a matter of fact I have already added a couple of nice motives and am in the process of putting together a calendar for 2008. My last calendar was a bit of a success and I hope to bring you a new collection of photos from this year.

Especially for Thanksgiving I have created a wonderful greeting card with the picture below.

Fall Leaves (01) by MeetaK
Fall Feelings 1

I just got my set of these cards and I must say they look lovely and I am so looking forward to sending these off to my friends and family.

You'll find this particular card here and I have set it up so that you can customize the design and add your own words to the card before you order. Hope you enjoy browsing through the selection.

Soon I'll also be adding a selection for Christmas too so stay tuned for that.

As always I'd like to remind you that the products are not only limited to the ones you see in the shop. If there is a particular picture you like and want it on any item (poster, postcard etc.) just drop me an email. I'd be glad to set this up for you.

In the meantime time to get to those chores. Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Beautiful pics....
    Waiting for your holiday stories & pics from Dubai.

    Did you visit the souks?


  2. Hi TK,
    I am still in the process of sorting the pics and thinking of how to organize them. I hope to have them up and posted by next week. I did visit the souks and I am always amazed by the busy bee atmosphere.

  3. Beautiful pictures
    Me too waiting for you dubai pic

  4. Meeta...its good to have you back..missed your beautiful photos...that one looks out of the world...great job!

  5. Meeta!! no photos of dubai??
    waiting for a very looooooooong post about your ventures there.
    even I had a party with 8 ghosts on wed and still recovering but we did have a great time!!
    those photos are breathtaking as always!!

  6. Gorgeous photos Meeta! I just love the fall - the most beautiful time of year, in my opinion!

  7. Lovely pictures, it is indeed so beautiful out there.

    Am waiting for your calendar. Already have a place in my kitchen. Each year I buy a special calendar, so for 2008 am planning on yours as a day to day inspiration.


  8. Am a sucker for anything fall. Beautiful colours Meeta. Yr gallery is a beauty.

  9. ahh, Meeta, these photographs of autumn are simply spectacular!! I'm looking forward to reading about/seeing pictures from your trip to Dubai :0)

  10. Fabulous pics Meeta, love the last one..very well expressed! :)

  11. Nice card Meeta...I'm in the process of mailing Diwali cards right now:) loved your last motif!

  12. Beautiful pictures Meeta and an awesome thanksgiving card.

  13. Hi Meeta, Awesome pics. I liked the 3rd one with the leaves and a fruit. Waiting for your holiday pics :)

  14. Meeta, it's always a pleasure visiting.

  15. Gosh Meeta I'm not sure I wanted to be reminded of how fast things move at this time of year. The "click" thing looks really fun. Well, it will speed along even if I am not reminded of it.

  16. Thanks so much folks for your comments and feedback. Dubai post coming soon I promise!

  17. I do love your greeting card - I'm enjoying autumn this year a whole heck of a lot, and your card encapsulates it all really nicely.


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