CLICK: Pasta in the Raw

Pasta Tricolore (01) by MeetaK

I love handling raw fruit, vegetables and food products, when photographing. It's simply exciting and challenging to see how I can capture something like a banana or figs, spinach or, of course, eggs on camera.

There are so many possibilities to make a boring fruit or vegetable look interesting. My aim almost always is to use bare minimum effects. The star should be the product or motive.

An event like Click gives me great possibilities and motives to photograph interesting ingredients. This month's theme is Noodles. Being a judge this month my entry will not be scored but as it was the case last month, I did not want to give up the chance of playing around with the theme.

I decided to use the three colored pasta spirals I was planning to make a pasta salad with. This time I wanted to highlight the colors. A black background almost always looks elegant, at times dramatic and highlights certain colors beautifully. I also love playing around with the DOF of a certain shot. This time I decided to give the photo three different depths and placed the motive in such a way to achieve this. The single pasta gives way to the pasta in the bowl. The bowl has a similar texture and color to the background, but using the lighting I was able to get it to give more of a 3D effect so that the outlines of the bowl are visible. Finally, the pasta in the background adds to the last layer of depth.

I used natural lighting coming in from the right and, once again, trusted my piece of styropor to bounce the light back onto the object. In this shot it was important to have the light be quite powerful as my aim was to give the pasta a kind of shine. Furthermore, I wanted to slightly accentuate the rough texture of the background and the bowl, which corresponds similarly to the texture of the spiral pasta.


Camera: Nikon D70s
Lens: Nikkor 18-70mm
Tripod: Bilora 1211
Focal Length: 70.00 mm
Exposure time: 0.08s (1/125)
Aperture: f/4.5

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New Cards and Posters

I've been busy over at my Zazzle gallery and have added a few great new items. I got a few mails asking me to put up a few of the Dubai shots and I am glad to say I have finally done that. Now you can get your hands on the following photos as postcards in the highest quality.

A Night in Dubai postcard
A Night in Dubai
A breathtaking shot of the full moon over the city.
For those who asked about a poster of this shot, it will be up by the end of the week.

Sunrise in Dubai postcard
Sunrise in Dubai
A moment of serenity before the city awakens. For all my Flickr buddies this one's for you ;-)

Finally, a gorgeous shot I took last year for Christmas, I have created a lovely greeting card with it for all of those you have been telling me to do so ;-).

Merry X-Mas! card
Merry X-Mas!
Glamorous way to send your Christmas greetings this year. This card can be customized and is currently available at 17% off for a set of 10.

Eggtastic card
If all you want to do is wish a special some an "Eggtastic" day, I have the perfect card for you

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  1. Hi Meeta,

    Beautiful beautiful pic of pasta. I checked out the last 4 posts and realised I have missed quite a lot. I loved the Apple centrepice. It's gorgeous. The pics of Dubai are awesome too. To tell you the truth Meeta, seeing your posts always overwhelms me to some extent and any comment I make always feels like an understatement. Everything is simply mind-blowing

  2. As usual, your pictures prove that "less is always more"! A simple picure always speaks volumes.

  3. Really a nice photo! I'm still barely learning about photography but I love seeing the photos that people are taking for these events.

  4. Awesome pic Meeta and loved the way u explained about depths and stuff..:)


  5. That is a lovely colourful entry! I like how you make simple stuff look lovely just with that dark background!

  6. Such a gorgeous photo, as always!


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