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Apple Bouquet (03) by MeetaK

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I am keeping with the theme of using food for my bouquets. If you have been following my monthly Home & Design series you will know that I have been literally playing with food for my centerpieces.

My aim was basically to integrate fruit, berries and vegetables offered by Autumn, trying to make the arrangements inexpensive by using what I found on our walks and from our our garden. The results were quite eye-catching.

This month I wanted to share with you the arrangements I will be using for my Thanksgiving table on Thursday. It's so simple to create yourself with a stunning effect.

In my local garden center I found some gorgeous mini apples. They are real apples just reared to grow in miniature form. The first time I used them was in this bouquet. My neighbor had generously given me a few. I did not want to ask for more so I made my way to the garden center and was delighted to find perfect, rosy, red, mini apples.

My idea is to keep the arrangements for my Thanksgiving table small. I have a pretty huge table and thought making 3 or 4 of these, set out across the entire length of the table, would have a nicer effect than making just one big arrangement, which in the end kind of gets in the way. I will be scattering chestnuts and acorns and then draping a few wines of ivy leaves to complete my look.

The idea for the apple arrangement actually came to me at the garden center. At first I wanted to use a few flowers too but when I saw the large basket filled with these apples I thought they simply have to be the mega stars for this centerpiece. I bought 4 small terracotta pots that had been glazed and painted, moss and a small basket full of the apples. The rest is easy.

Apple Bouquet (01) by MeetaK

You'll need:

Mini apples - look in your garden center for these. I used approx. 20 mini apples for one arrangement.
Planting pot - 8-10 cm diameter
Floral foam - cut to fit into the pot
Natural Moss

How to:

Tightly fit the floral foam into the pot. Prick each apple with the toothpick - do this at the bottom of the apple - and drive it halfway through the core. Make sure the apple sits firmly on the toothpick.

Now stick all the apples into the foam arranging it in a circular form. Finally fill out all the spaces in between with the moss.

This arrangement last for 5-7 days. After that the apples start getting moldy.

If you cannot find mini apples other alternatives would be kumquats or nuts like chestnuts.

I love the fact that these arrangements are not huge or too high. When I am sitting down at a table I want to look at the people sitting across me and not have to peer through jungle like arrangements to get a glimpse of the expressions on the faces of my guests. Another thing I am not too fond of are far too opulent arrangements. They simply take up far too much space on the table and one is forever fighting to get the fern out of the gravy.

If you would like more ideas for your dinner table this Thanksgiving browse through my Home & Design section.

I hope I was able to give you one or two nice ideas for your own Thanksgiving table. Happy decorating!

I'd like to send this over as my Centerpiece of the Month to Janelle and Sandi.

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  1. That is beautiful, makes a great Christmas center piece! Enjoy your Sunday!:))

  2. Meeta, beautiful center peice so perfect for the season. In between which camera do you use ?

  3. Meeta - What a beauty u created! Its gorgeous...

  4. It's amazing Meeta! You're so talented!

  5. Gorgeous looking center piece Meeta! damn creative I must say..:)

    - Siri

  6. what a fantastic creation!! you're gonna have one gorgeous table at thanksgiving!!

  7. ahh Meeta, this is such a lovely centerpiece!! I love the usage of the mini apples, especially :0)

  8. That's lovely Meeta, nice work and beautiful picture.

  9. looks beautiful meeha u are so creative

  10. Thanks everyone. This is really easy to make and looks great. Hope I was able to provide a nice alternative to the usual flowers.

  11. Meeta,
    I have seen and heard you name pop up in many food blogs i visit , and today i am totally impressed by your creativity ! i hope to stop here more often. you have a great blog here... wish you and yours a wonderful thanksgiving weekend!

  12. Very creative! I'm impressed.

  13. Your centrepiece is simple yet lovely. Your pictures are beautiful, as always.

  14. This is so creative and so beautiful. I'd be afraid my one year old would climb onto the table and eat it though. She is apple or "bapple" obsessed!

  15. Wow Meeta this is a perfect center piece. It does pay to play with food!

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