Drop In & Decorate

I am sure many of you have already started your cookie baking season. If not at least you've looked up or started to collect a few recipes that you would like to bake this year. Am I right?

If you are in full cookie baking swing I'd like to bring to your attention a wonderful cause started by the lovely Lydia over at The Perfect Pantry.

It all started a few years ago when Lydia and a few of her friends got together to bake cookies.

It seemed like they had baked a few too many and decided to call their local shelter to ask them what they thought about receiving a package of wonderfully baked and decorated cookies. You can guess - they were extremely pleased. These cookies had brightened up many peoples day.

Ever since then it has become somewhat of a tradition. Each year Lydia and friends get together and have a cookie baking and decorating party. Each cookie is carefully wrapped and then donated to a shelter. Imagine the smiles all around!

Lydia calls it Drop In & Decorate. It's simply a wonderful idea. Call up a few friends, bake a few cookies and then donate them to your nearest shelter. Then watch how this small gesture puts a sunny smile on someones face.

Lydia has also put together a helpful guide, which will show you how to host your own Drop In & Decorate party. This year she's even got King Arthur flour to sell a perfect Drop In & Decorate party kit.

So, if you are already in cookie baking fever why not have a party and help others. Drop on over to Lydia's blog and check out how you can host your own Drop In & Decorate party.

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  1. that surely is a wonderful event. spreading 'sweet' smiles around:) thanks for the post meeta. i am hopping to lydia's blog now:)

  2. Meeta, thank you so very much for helping to spread the word!!!

  3. I love the idea of this event! Everyone benefits all around. ;-)


  4. Thanks ladies. This is a great idea and I am glad I am able to spread the word.


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