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It often takes a person with a big heart to do something for others, the much more needy. My mum often told us, when we were growing up and were "wanting" or "needing" or "could not live without" this or that because one or the other friend of ours had it, we should look to those below us instead of above us. By saying "below" she was not segregating anyone into a cast or level - she chose those words carefully to make an impact on us. It was her way of showing us that there are times when we should look at those who are less fortunate, but are happy and other times we should be inspired by those who are well off and set our goals accordingly.

It always worked. We stopped whining and re-organized our priorities.

I did not realize it was so hard to teach such lessons until now. As a parent myself, I am horrified when my son seems unhappy with a certain gift or thinks he deserves something just for being good. So, I have started to teach him a few of those lessons.

Twice a year we collect food for our Food Drive and bring it to the people there. Last year the entire school got involved and parents and kids collected canned food, pasta and other food stuff for two weeks. Just before Christmas we donated everything we collected to our local food drive.

Drop In & Decorate was another opportunity for us to do something for those who need it more than us. Not only that but our own cookies baking session was so much fun that we are planning to do it more often. It encouraged me to dedicate a whole Monthly Mingle for this.

It was a cosy mingle this time, with seven people joining in on this wonderful event. I thank you all for your kindness and big hearts.

Before we get into the roundup let's see what I have in store for you this mingle.

Monthly Mingle January 2008 - Comfort Foods

After all the big fancy meals we have been eating the last few months, wouldn't it be simply great to go back to the simple, undressed-up charms of comfort foods? I keep finding myself creating simpler foods right now. Food that hugs me from the inside out!

It's the type of food that picks us up when we are down, warms us when we are feeling lost and cold and blurs out the bad mood. The first mouthful takes us straight back to the familiar, the good; to the time when all was well. That is what I am looking for this month. Your very favorite comfort foods. Comfort food is not to be confused with favorite foods though. Favorite foods are more fancier like a lemon tart, mousse au chocolat or a Chateaubriand steak. Comfort foods are often simple, no frills and easy to prepare kind of foods. So, do something good for yourself and bring over your Comfort Foods to my mingle this month.

Here's how it works:
  1. Create a dish that fits this theme. Blog about it anytime from now till February 4, 2008.
  2. Email your entry with
    • your name
    • the name of your blog
    • name of dish
    • your permalink
    by February 4th, 2008.
  3. In the subject field of your email please state "Monthly Mingle - Comfort Foods"
  4. In your post please include a link to this post and/or the MM logo, so your readers get a chance to mingle with us.
  5. Please send only one entry per blog. If you do not have a blog, simply email your entry, with a picture (if you would like me to add a picture) to meetasmingle@gmail.com.
  6. Although it's great to get entries from all over the world I have to insist that they be in English. If you have a Blog in another language I would kindly like to request you to post your entries in English as well.

Please make note of the new email address for the Monthly Mingle!

I'd like to remind those taking part to please check these guidelines carefully and when you send your emails to make sure all the required details are included. Also please check the permalinks you are sending and take a note of the deadline. You will find a comprehensive guideline and event etiquettes for event participation here.

And now the lovely Drop In & Decorate roundup!

  1. Half Baked - Drop In & Decorate Party
  2. Foodies Hope - Festive Cookies
  3. Tartelette - Sugar Cookies for a Good Cause
  4. Saucy In The Kitchen - Gingerbread Cookies
  5. Dine and Dish - Strawberry Valentine Cookies
  6. Spice and Curry - Carrot Cheddar Cheese Cookies
  7. What's For Lunch, Honey? - Lime Kisses

If I've missed your submission, please forgive me! Just send me an email and I'll be glad to update the roundup. If you too have had a cookie party and you would like to share it with us add it to the comments section of this post.

See you all next month!

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  1. I know i should have taken part in this event.

  2. Thank you, everyone, for taking part in this event -- and special thanks to Meeta, for hosting. I hope Drop In & Decorate becomes part of your holiday tradition, as it has for my family. Hugs to all....

  3. the new event sounds great Meeta! and so do the cookies! comfort food is what I cooked yesterday, so my entry is on its way to your inbox!!

  4. Great theme for the next Mingle, but let me the rebellious one here: chocolate mousse and lemon tarts were my grandmother's best ways to comfort us. There is nothing like the familiar hug of chocolate.:)

  5. In these dark winterly months, comfort food is what we need...great theme...lovely round up

  6. That was really a wonderful event Meeta. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to participate. Your blog looks wonderful and I appreciate the "About" page and learning more about you! ; ) If I can get it together, maybe I can participate in the next Mingle.

  7. Hi meeta,
    you wrote it very well, yet simply , and thats what I like about your writing skill :) . thanks for that. Round up is small but good, I thought to participate and then got busy as we shifted to new place last month end.ZThat frozen cookie doug is stil lwith me . well, consder me in for next month's theme. I love comfor food, just as name suggest the name itself keeps comfortable and cozy feeling with it :). There is one theme i have for Republic day of India , perhaps you would like to go through it and be a part of it.
    Hugs to you .
    (btw, its nice to see you in pic, now i can put a face on your name :) ).

  8. i think u may want to make a small change to the guidelines. you have said the subject line shud read monthly mingle-drop in and decorate.

    Don't you mean it shud say monthly mingle-comfort foods?

  9. Great looking colorful round up Meeta. Comfort food, I just posted one, will send it to you ASAP!:)

  10. Thanks for your comments people! Great you all could take part. Those who could not do not worry - MM is back next month too!

    Nags - thanks for that!

  11. Meeta,
    this was a really great roundup. Sorry for not being able to taking part, as all of my baking friends were out of town. I think I'll try and do something similar later on this year, as your idea in any case inspired me. Looking forward to taking part to the new event!

  12. I blogged our Drop In & Decorate that we held at work. Here it is!

  13. I'm glad I was finally able to participate in your mingle and I look forward to the upcoming one for comfort food. Perfect theme for this time of year.
    Kristen Dine and Dish

  14. Wish I'd made it to the cookies mingle. Will definitely make it to the comfort food one...Great idea!!

  15. Meeta..comfort food---a very nice concept..i appreciate your thinking and selecting this concept.. will surely send you my and my husband's comfort food.

  16. Hi Meeta! I sent you an email last weekend to enter my Comfort Food in this month's Mingle. Hope you like it! Fluffy buttermilk pancakes with a caramelized banana compote for a cold day. :)

  17. Hi Meeta,
    Just wondering if you got my entry? I've posted it at http://passionateaboutbaking.blogspot.com/2008/01/espresso-chocolate-chip-cupcakescomfort.html; have mailed you too. :0)

  18. Hi Meeta! Lovely Idea for the Event, Comfort Food!! I'll try and send you my entry soon. Very well written :-)


  19. I sent my Comfort Food entry last night! I hope you got it! ; )

  20. Hi Meeta,

    I have send you my entry for comfort food event, hope you received it:)


  21. Hi Meeta

    Just read about your Comfort Food MOnthly Mingle. I am just going to post sa wonderful fish cake recipe
    Thought it might be good for your event

  22. Hi Meeta,
    I have sent you my entry for this event...Hope you have received it.

  23. Hi Meeta,
    I tried to send my entry but I keep getting notice that your gmail account is not valid. So I'll let link to my post here, hop you will not mind. I've prepared Jota - bean and sauerkraut soup!
    Here's the link:

  24. I'm too late with my entry, but boy does this seem like an event to cozy up with. Thanks for the notion!


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