Pain Crevettes: Fancy Words For Shrimp Sandwich

Pain Crevettes (01) by MeetaK

Being grown up does have it's perks! There is no one to tell you to clean up your room, be back by 11 or eat up those veggies. You decide what you want to do and when you want to do it.

Take sandwiches for instance. I love sandwiches and could really eat a sandwich for each meal in the day - without having a guilty conscious. My hot (I do not know if he is hot but he sure writes like he is one hot dude!) friend over at Blood Sugar recently called it Man’s most incredible culinary creations, which I totally agreed with. However, while Graeme's very manly sandwich contained manly ingredients like tomato and ham and of course Chinese leaf, I decided to make a woman's sandwich.

Is this the war of the sandwiches? No, it certainly is not! It intrigued me to see the ingredients used by Graeme. You see I can swear to you that when Tom makes us sandwiches, he too will almost always go for the ham, tomato and lettuce combination, although hats off to Graeme for using that Chines leaf. When I make the sandwiches I am using ingredients like avocados, tuna, shrimp, rocket leaves and goats cheese. I have nothing against ham, lettuce and tomato, I actually love a good HLT sandwich. That is not the point here - the question that I had in my head was:

Do men make different sandwiches then women?

I never came up with the answer - so I will leave the question here for you to discuss and debate.
What do you think?
What is your favorite type of sandwich?

Graeme also asked us if we were so weird that we would eat a sandwich for lunch, dinner AND breakfast! Well I guess I belong in that weird category. And as I am all grown up now, I can choose to do so without feeling bad about it. Yes, it certainly is liberating to be an adult. So gimme that sandwich - man or woman!

The sandwich I am sharing here is one that we all really enjoy. Most of the ingredients come fresh from the Farmer's market or my CSA box. I often make it for a quick lunch for myself or a light dinner for all three of us, varying a few of the ingredients for a different combination of flavors. This one has lovely steamed shrimps, cucumbers and tomatoes with an added bite of rocket leaves and radish.

One does not really need instructions to make a sandwich but often it helps to have it written down so that it can be re-created. So, I hope you all enjoy it!

Printable version of recipe here

Pain Crevettes (05) by MeetaK

200g steamed shrimps
Juice of half a lime.
2 rustic baguette rolls
1/2 cucumber - sliced
2 small tomatoes - sliced
Handful of radishes - sliced
Large handful of rocket leaves
100g Herb flavored quark or sour cream
Salt and fresh cracked pepper


Pain Crevettes (02) by MeetaK

Cut open the baguette using a sharp knife. Spread a thin layer of the quark or sour cream on both sides of the baguette. On one side of the baguette, arrange a few rocket leaves, tomato, cucumber and radish slices. Toss the shrimps in some lime juice. Scatter a good helping of the shrimps on the baguette and then add a dollop of the quark or sour cream. Sprinkle with salt and freshly cracked pepper. Close the sandwich with the other half. Gently press down.

Serve immediately otherwise it will get soggy.

Pain Crevettes (07) by MeetaK

Sandwiches rule - whether made by a man or a woman. No doubt about that. This one is always a pleasure because it combines the shrimps and crunchy cucumber with the sharpness of the radish and the herby rocket leaves making each bite a flavorful experience.

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  1. Love the shrimp sandwitches. I make them with home made mayonise.
    Never tried with sour cream.
    When my hubby makes the sandwitches I do say they are much more delicious than the one i make.
    Well i know he reason, i tell him it is because I enjoyed something which i didn't had to do anything at all.
    It tasted better as it was made for me and i didn't had to do it myself

  2. oh yum -- this looks great! i think men and women just eat differently, not just with sandwiches! i always prefer simple, clean flavors, and lots of veggies -- my boyfriend likes things seasoned and spiced beyond belief, and eats meat at almost every meal! i would never hesitate to serve a vegetarian meal to a group of girls, but when there are guys coming to a dinner party, i always make meat! on the other hand, most guys i know are not crazy ice-cream addicts like i am... :-)

  3. I definitely think men and women make different sandwiches. Mine always need something creamy -- avocado, or mayonnaise, or cheese. My husband's always need something tart, like mustard or arugula. Go figure....

  4. Yes, I agree, we've different tastes! My husband likes greaser food, and I like it lighter; his sandwich would have chorizo or other charcuturie ingredients and mine would look greener. But.... my daughter is like her father!!!!

  5. I like my woman sandwiches too. As a matter of fact I had one for lunch today it was a BLAT yes that would be Turkey Bacon with lettuce avocado and tomato and it was scrupulously delicious.

  6. Your husband makes sandwiches? My husband's version of making sandwiches is: "I'm heading to Subway to pick up subs, shall I get you your usual?"
    Okay, occasionally he also picks up fixing for sandwiches, but I either have to make my own or specifically request exactly what I want on it.

  7. I have to say, Meeta - Yours looks better than mine, and I don't even like Seafood.

    I think you're probably right in that Men make different Sandwiches to Women. If most Men are anything like me, then this is pretty much what a good Sandwich should make you feel:

    1. Which meat will work best?

    2. How much Mustard can I handle?

    3. Which ingredients will add height and texture?

    and finally,

    4. This is beautiful! Look, everyone! I have to show this to people.

  8. I'm going to have to disagree about the man/woman sandwiches here. I really think the creativity of the sandwich has more to do with your own culinary backgrounds as opposed to sex.

    I'm a man and I personally don't like a meat-centric sandwich. I'd much rather have good, fresh, interesting vegetables in my sandwich than a huge stack of meat.

    Avocados, sprouts, arugula, mesculin, potatoes, spiced mayos, assorted fruits - all fair game and usual suspects on my sandwiches. I'm even a sucker for a good baguette and goat cheese <3.

    Breakfast sandwiches are a must if you aren't already eating them. Scrambled eggs, shallots, mayo, white pepper, all on a toasted baguette is a thing of beauty.

    I really think it is the condiments that make the sandwich. Anyone can grab two slices of white bread and throw on a stack of ham and cheese. Not everyone can compose a sandwich that can be escalated to a meal.

  9. Yummy yum! This is not the kind of thing to look at when it is 1030 in the morning and the tummy is rumbling! But to answer your question, I DO think men and women make sandwhiches differently..
    And your pics are so wonderful! How do you get that reddish bacground all over??

  10. That's a good looking sandwich.

    I've been a moderately boring sandwich maker for too long now--I put all of my efforts into dinner and dessert, but settled on boring deli meat for lunch without ever really even considering I could do something with it. Thanksgiving leftovers opened my eyes, so I've said no more!

    Now, I roast a bird (chicken, turkey) on the weekend and pull the meat for sandwiches. Some will get a sweeter arrangement (e.g. red peppers, BBQ sauce) while others might be a bit hotter (e.g. mustard and an apple-based hot sauce). I'll include a little bit of greens (watercress, arugula), maybe some onions, and some sort of cheese (feta, swiss, etc). I change the bread up, too, just so I don't get sick of it--rye, sourdough, onion rolls, whatever--anything but white bread!

    Definitely curious to hear what everybody else's looks should help keep lunch time interesting. Shrimp, for instance, sounds like it could be a fun change...

    Wow I wrote way too much. Yay for sandwiches. ;-)

  11. Guys who and figure them.
    I know I'd love your sandwich! And yes, breakfast lunch and dinner!

  12. wow that looks nice. but a lil undercooked for my indian tastebuds :)

  13. bsolutely incredible! I am going to have to try a version someday soon.

  14. Looks very refreshing. The idea of the quark is good too.

  15. Just discovered your blog. I really like it. Beautiful pics.

  16. Wow! that' looks delicious... *drool* I would eat a sandwich for every meal too I if I could. I will have to try this recipe sometime.

    I usually don't have ingredients for sandwiches ^^;; but I guess I really like ham or turkey. oh! And I love cucumbers. I think I'm obsessed. I could eat them every day

    I've never heard of "rocket leaves" but I'll keep an eye out for them when I go to the store : )

  17. Thanks everyone for your input and feedback. I think we can safely say - men DO make different sandwiches than women. But one thing is for sure we really appreciate that they do make take an initiative.

  18. Looks like a salad in a sandwich. Wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing this -- a fresh a healthy meal.


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