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Austria 02 framed

This is a sneak peak of my travelogue to Austria - coming soon!

I'm back home after a fantastic week in the Austrian Alps. We had a fantastic time trekking, climbing and taking in the breathtaking sights of the Alps. It was a powerful active vacation and I'll tell you all about it soon.

But before all that I need to inform you all about a few important things.

Monthly Mingle

The roundup to MM Mango Mania is the next thing on my "to do" list. I hope to have it up by the beginning of the week. I know I have been miserable at commenting and replying on all the entries and emails this time but July has been a hectic month. Nothing bad just plain busy - planning and executing two major events for work at the beginning of the month and then planning and executing the most active vacation I have ever been on really took most of my time. In between I was testing my new studio and lights and of course dealing with the Times of India copyright violation. More on that below. So, I hope you all bear with me and as I work my way towards the roundup I will answer and comment on each entry.

Monthly Mingle - Grill It!


The next Monthly Mingle is being hosted over at my dearest and wildest blogger buddy's place, Sig of Live to Eat. Sig is getting us to celebrate the last few weeks of summer with a huge Barbecue party and asks us to Grill It! 

I love grilling and BBQs and find myself experimenting more and more with different ingredients. Especially fruit and vegetables have been high on my grilling faves this year. I am always on the look out for great new ideas and recipes, so I am hoping you all will join in and party with Sig and me this MM!

How it works:

  1. Post a dish cooked on the grill (or can be adapted for the grill) in your blog by the deadline 15th August 2008
  2. Link your post to Sig's announcement and the main Monthly Mingle page to encourage more readers to join in the fun.
  3. You can send in as many entries as you like!
  4. Older entries on blogs can be accepted only if they are republished with a link-back to this announcement.
  5. Feel free to use the logo above.
  6. Use the entry form here to send your entries in.
  7. If you have any questions, send me an e-mail to MailLiveToEat(at)

See you there!

Tried & Tasted


The lovely Zu of Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen hosts a fantastic and challenging event called Tried & Tasted. The idea behind the event is simply great, Zu chooses a blog and we all are challenged to make a dish from the featured blogger.

This month, I am the featured blogger and throughout July you are challenged to make anyone of the recipes you find here. So, are you up to the challenge? I have had several emails already asking me about various recipes. I have done my best to answer all of them and hope I managed to clear up unclarities, find ingredients substitutes and basically offer moral support ;-). So, if you are browsing through my archives this month and require any further information, just drop me a line.

I am so looking forward to this roundup! To take part all you have to do is follow the simple rules found here.

Times of India

I was really overwhelmed by your support and feedback on the open letter I wrote to the Times of India. I learned many interesting facts about the paper.

While I did not get a response from TOI, I did get a very interesting mail from a journalist, who has sent the link to my post to several journalists on his mailing list, some of them work at the TOI. There are certainly things happening behind the scenes and this gave me an idea too. After all I too am in charge of PR for the university here and our Media faculty has a very large and powerful PR distribution list. I am sure some of you will see where I am going with this.

Although I do not expect much happening from the people at TOI themselves, I am going to use some of your advice. Publicize it! However, I am not going to scream "thief!" even if that is exactly what the trashy Times Of India are. I am going to do this in my own way.

The honest truth is that I was planning on leaving it at the open letter. But there have been a few mails that have made me re-think the issue and I want to deal with this and take it to the next level.

I do want to let you all know that this incident has not ruined my joy and passion for photography and blogging. While corresponding with Nupur on the matter, her email hit me in the right spot. In short: she told me that no one can take away my creativity. And that's how I see it - I am still going to share my passion with you and hope you will carry on motivating and supporting me in the wonderful way you already do.

Thanks to each and everyone of you!

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  1. Oooh, I'm looking forward to your travelogue!!

    Thank goodness that you still have your passion for photography - don't let those thieves steal that from you too!! Keep up the great work, Meeta :0)

  2. that s great news Meeta (about the journalist). The word of mouth seems to be quite a powerful tool. I ll see what I can whip up for MM :-)

    As for Tried And Tasted, I already have a few luscious entries :-)

  3. Glad the TOI incident is going somewhere. Let us know if there's anything the rest of us can do.

    Also, I'm jealous of your trip :-P

  4. Meeta, that sounds like such an amazing vacation!! I can't wait to hear more about it! I'm working on picking out 1 recipe from your collection, but that's not an easy task when all of them seem to be calling my name : )
    best of luck dealing with the situation!!

  5. That's a beautiful picture, Meeta! you had a good time there. Looking forward to your travellogue.
    Since your post I have also heard of many more similar cases with TOI through friends.
    I'm waiting for the Sun God to show up at our home, up here in the north, to enjoy grilling too. :)

  6. What a gorgeous picture, can't wait to see all the other pics Meeta! And good luck with getting the issue resolved with TOI.... Thanks again for letting me host the Mingle this month! :)

  7. Meeta, just wanted to confirm that you received my entry for MM mango mania. :) Thanks for sharing the great news. :)

  8. I just wanted to pop in & say how much I love your blog!

  9. its good that something is happening with TOI, and have fun on your vacation girl!!

  10. hope you had a wonderful vacation Meeta! I wasn't aware of the magnitude of TOI issue, but I hope you can teach them a lesson! its not fair when we take so much trouble in trying to cok, photograph and post about stuff, and they blatantly steal!

    neways, let us know if we can help...looking forward to the next MM and of ocurse, Tried & Tested:)

  11. waiting for the pictures :-)

    And pick one from your blog... what will it be... you'll probably kill me... :-) Remember I tried to copy your mushroom omelette rolls and messed it all up :-)

  12. I'm so glad you are keeping a positive spirit and that you have a way to take action. Please post if there is something we can contribute to help.

  13. that's wonderful news meeta. I hope TOI will write back to you.

    Will certainly take on the Tried and tested challenge... I have a few things in mind :)

  14. Hey Meeta, I am new blogger and read about the TOI issue and I am glad that your people are reading your open letter and things are moving in the right direction. I have always adored your that thanks for all your postings :-)

    About Tried and Tasted, there are so many goodies to choose from! :)

  15. Wondering if my email was of any help? It was regarding someone I know who got compensated for their photograph which was picked up by TOI.


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