How Do You Like Your Chicken?


The first question here should be - what kind of chicken am I looking for? Many of you know already know that I put a lot of care and effort in my cooking. My recipes are always prepared with care, thought and love. The best ingredients for a tasty dish. However, my food is not simply put together in the kitchen - I already start the "cooking" in my head when I write up my shopping list. I give a lot of thought to the types of products that make their way into my shopping cart.

I support organic products, CSA, free-range and my local Farmer's Market with a passion. That's my quality seal! I do it not because I am a food snob. I do it because I know it tastes better, it is healthier and I do it because, as a meat eater, I want to be sure that the dish I have prepared is not from an animal that has been tormented.

Note: Now before a few of you die-hard Vegetarians and Vegans start to crucify me with your usual comments (I've had them often enough on this blog), just remember it is my choice to eat meat. Please do not judge my character and my entire background (as it has happened previously) by this fact.

I am responsible for the meat I eat and because I have made the choice to eat meat, just like all of the other ingredients, I want to make sure it comes from a "good" source.

Chicken is the main meat source in our kitchen. A battery chicken or eggs from a battery hen will never make it's way into my kitchen, because it goes against all my beliefs. And I am willing to pay the extra cent. That is why I am supporting Kate's awareness event Let Them Eat Chicken. A little late but she kindly invited to join me in the after-dinner party.

Later this week check back for the wonderful recipe of this popular, creamy Indian chicken dish.

But I ask you how do you like your chicken?

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  1. the dish looks very inviting... seems perfect for my fake chicken stuff :-)

    Why would people crucify you with their comments? I feel bad that they do. Even my blog gets so many unwarranted comments about how something should be... so I am certain you would get so many more. My worst comments come from Anonymous folks :-)

  2. The more I think about it, the more I don't really like chicken.

    So how do I like my chicken? Easy, dressed like a pig. :)

  3. willw ait for ur recipe,..btwpic itself says it all,..nic eone for the event//

  4. Your dish is lovely! I like my chicken local. Free-range and organic, too, of course, but if I can't get it locally I do without. I've decided that the problems my children will be trying to solve are big enough without me adding the carbon footprint cost of food shipped long distances to the mix.

    (Sorry for the impromptu soapbox lecture!)

  5. Meeta, totally agree, demand from customers is the only thing that is going to prompt super market chains to improve their quality and practices. Here in the US or atleast where I live, it is not really easy to find local chicken.

    Ofcourse looking for free range or organic chicken in the supermarket is the best option.

  6. I like my chicken simply roasted with some goya adobo seasoning. I buy whatever the grocery store has, as I don't have local chickens nearby.

  7. My buddy is just getting into raising chickens but right now I have the same farmers who raises my piggies do chickens throughout the year. He offers them about 4 times a year and you just let him know how many you need.

    What I always find funny is when friends come over and can't believe that what I cooked was chicken because it tastes nothing like what they are use to chicken tasting like (actually that is oxymoronic because the grocery store crap has zero taste).

    My goal though is in 2 years to be living in the country raising veggies in a way bigger garden than I currently have and doing some livestock action.

    As far as the veggies I end up deleting hate filled responses. I respect their decision not to eat meat and won't sit there and berate them over it and I expect the same courtesy.

  8. That looks delicious! We eat a lot of chicken at my house and we get it from our local co-op or from the *polleria* (butcher that only does poultry) at the local market. Free range and local is our preference too. Even my eight year old can taste the difference.

  9. i would love my chicken grilled after marinating with tandoori spices!! :-)

  10. I love my chicken grilled, with either a good grilling rub or with barbecue sauce!

  11. Dont u think everyone would put care and effort in their cooking?? You are trying to put others down by your comment like this!

  12. since my husband is a vegetarian, i stopped cooking chicken and fish (i dont eat red meat) at home, so i guess this question is not for me :)

    but my mom, on the rare occasion that we buy chicken at home, used to get it from this guy who grew them in his backyard. and we knew they were not tortured :)

  13. My mom makes a spicy creamy chicken gravy and thats my favorite!

  14. Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

    Raaga, you crack me up. On the crucification - it's all happened in the past and as I learn from my experience I expect such comments.

    Jef, LOL! Now that would be an interesting looking chick!

    Notyet100, thanks I am sure you will like the recipe - if you like chicken.

    Ann, The lecture is perfect here and I loved hearing your thoughts. It's important to support local farmers and organic products as only with the customer demand will these type of products have a chance of improving the bigger picture.

    Indosungod, My sentiments exactly. Thank you for your feedback.

    Shelly, sounds delicious. Just one little look at the label and see if you can go for organic - if not local then maybe from the next nearest place.

    Jeff, this sounds like a real dream. Having your own small farmhouse kinda place ;-) As for the taste of organic/local chickens versus taste of other chicken - I had that happen to me on several occasions too. However, the other way round my famly and I were just not able to get used to the taste of the other stuff when we are served it in restaurants etc. Because at home we are spoilt for taste. We hardly ever order chicken when we are eating out.

    Joanne, that's what I love about countries like Italy, Spain etc. They offer fresh chicken at the butchers - a specialized butchers.

    JZ, you'r making me hungry now!

    Cyndi, Sounds good to me!

    Reader of my blog, well thank you for your thought. Actually I expect everyone puts in care and love into their cooking - those who love cooking. There is no doubt about it. But as this is my blog and my place I think I have the right to express this specifically. I do not understand why anyone would feel put down by my comment though. If you do - maybe you should simply take it with a pinch of salt.

    Nags, That's the best way to go. Thanks for your comment. Means a lot from a vegetarian. ;-)

    Nirmala, get your mum to send me the recipe. It sounds great!

  15. Chicken is the main form of animal protein in our house, too, in everything from stir-fry to chicken salad. My favorite way to eat it is just to roast the chicken and make a sandwich on crusty bread with wasabi mayo -- doesn't that sound good?

  16. Meeta, I dont eat chicken , but my better half stuffs the fridge with it whenever he can... and he does make sure that its organic . Its sad people judge others ( who asked them to ) based on what you eat , where you are from and a lot of other peculiar things which never even occur to me in my wildest dreams..we face people judging us not by the food ( atleast not until now) but bcos I'm from south India and he is from north India... very funny ..

  17. Ginger and Sesame Oil Chicken - Fried chicken with ginger and sesame oil till fragrant. Add a bit of dark soya sauce. One of the confinement food taken after birth.

  18. Meeta that looks yum..will wait for the recipe to try out for hubby. Since I don't eat non veg, I really can't say on that! But hubby likes it all spicy and well cooked, meaning tender! and those comments are bad..why should others even have an opinion on what you say on your blog!! is so subjective. You eat what you like.

  19. Meeta, only demand from customers would make these grocery chains stop and do the right thing.
    It is almost impossible to find locally grown chicken or maybe I have not looked hard enough.

    On the TOI issue, kudos to you for fighting back with class.

  20. It;s ur place and you have the right to say what you want....there are bad apples anywhere and everywhere who get a thrill to just leave such comments..have learnt to just ignore them :)

    As for how I like my chicken..I love it when its spicy and fried!!!!


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