Raving Red For A Heart

Raving Red Rose 03 by MeetaK

I would like to turn to you for help. Imagine a young 28 year old girl, a mother and only parent of two young children. Imagine her facing hardships throughout her life, husband leaving her with two small babies, working hard to make ends meet to be able to bring up her children. If this was not hard enough – imagine her suffering from Coronary Artery disease and being told she has 5-6 months to live and if she does not get an operation she will die. Imagine what will happen to those children.

Her only hope was her parents but after they spent their life earnings on her first heart surgery they have nothing to offer.

This is not a story of a heart aching novel, but reality. Anita Lakshmi lives in India and is currently undergoing difficult hardships and wants to fight to stay alive – for her children aged 3 and 6.

With a plea for help, Anita Lakshmi’s parents have turned to a fellow Indian food blogger, for whom they work as domestic helps. Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons was touched by they story and decided to take steps in helping the family. You can read about what Srivalli has started here.

Anita Lakshmi will need US$ 15,000 for the heart surgery and proper medical care. To ensure that Anita Lakshmi gets this care Srivalli has asked her fellow bloggers to help raise money for this honorable cause. By donating just US $10 you might be able to help a young girl battle the fight for her life – and win!

There are several lovely raffle prizes you can bid for.

For my part I am offering a 20 x 30 cm poster print of Raving Red. A lovely rose, maybe as a present for someone special, which will never wilt and always hold its glossy sheen on your walls. The photo is professionally printed on glossy Kodak paper and is of high quality. For a donation of just US$ 20 you could qualify to bid for this photo. I am shipping this prize Worldwide!

Please check Srivalli’s blog here for instructions on how to bid.

Please have a heart for Anita Lakshmi’s heart!

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  1. Dear Meeta..thats a beautiful post..thank you so much for your support!..

  2. This is a very sad and touching story. I'm sure a lot of bloggers will participate.


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