A Summer in Austria

Austria_Rossbrand by MeetaK

There’s a nip in the air! The pavements are scattered with yellow oak leaves, the apples in the orchard are red and almost ripe, and the farmers at the market have brought in crate loads of pumpkins. And I have managed to catch a cold.

These are the tell-tale signs that the seasons are turning. We are saying goodbye to summer and welcoming Fall in these parts. I do this with a certain heavy heart. This summer was pure bliss. Comparing it to the Summer of 2007, where I was rather down and depressed, 2008 has been really pleasurable. We went on picnics, had barbecues, enjoyed a cold beer after work with friends at one of the beer gardens, and then there was Austria

Our vacation in Austria, early July, was exceptional. Although I’ve been to this gorgeous little country tucked away in the breathtaking Alps, this time I experienced it with other eyes. This time it was Thomas who planned and guided us through the vacation.

Austria_House framed
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It was an action vacation to say the least. Not much lazing around as we were on the road hiking, trekking and sightseeing everyday. We had rented a quaint little apartment in a wonderful farmhouse, with the most hospitable family we have ever come across. From the minute we got out of our car, after the long 7 hour drive, and Grandma Schafvetter greeted me with a huge hug, I knew we were going to be happy here for the next 10 days.

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And we were. Soeren was in paradise. Everyday he eagerly looked forward to getting back home in the evening so he could help Farmer Schafvetter milk his cows and getting up early to help Farmer wife Schafvetter to pick fresh eggs for breakfast. Breakfast was simply delicious. There was nothing extravagant about it but the fact it was fresh milk, eggs, butter, muesli, honey and homemade jams made everything taste so good.

Austria_FarmhouseGoat framed
Austria_FarmhouseMilking framed
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After that we normally started our day heading to our targeted spot for the day. A trek through an amazing ravine – cool and crisp with spectacular waterfalls, or a 2 hour hike up to 1800 m for one of the most incredible views of the Alps, or an out of this world walk through a 42 km limestone ice cave, or a thrilling adventure in a knight’s castle, or even a city tour of beautiful Salzburg – we did it all!

Austria_LeichtensteinKlamm framed
Austria_LeichtensteinKlamm 04 framed
Austria_BurgWerfen 01 framed
Austria_GreySkySalzburg framed
Austria_RossbrandShoes framed 

Hope you enjoy a few of the sights we experienced.

I still have so many summer recipes to share with you and hope I get to do so before Fall arrives. Although I am a summer girl, this fall I plan to enjoy it to the max. Because who knows – life takes exciting turns and this just might be my last Fall in Germany!

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  1. Wow - this looks so amazing. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  2. That sounds totally excellent for everyone both guest and host! Gorgeous places!

  3. Beautiful narration of your trip, Meeta. I think some of your narration got buried under one of your pics. I am not sure if it was my browser or whether formatting got messed up!

  4. Oh that is so serene and soothing.Wonderful pictures and Sorren is so cute.

  5. Gosh that is a splendid vacation Meeta :)

  6. gorgeous pics. glad you had a great vacation, meeta.

  7. We went to Tiroler land last week (just 2 days but yet i love driving down to Austria) and had a spectacular stay as well. Your pictures bring out the beauty as it is... ever since we discovered ferienwohnung in Bauernhof we detest hotel stays. I envy those people who get to live in pristine nature everyday... Soeren is a lot like his mom, Meeta:)

  8. oh thanks for sharing these photos!! i felt like i travelled with you :-)

    and i love the last photo! btw Sorren is so cute!

  9. Thanks for taking me to Austria.

    Paz xxoo

  10. What beautiful photos and great recipes!

  11. Ahh, I haven't been to Austria since the summer of 2003 - I miss it!! Thank you for sharing your lovely photographs - they reminded me just how wonderful of a location it is :0)

  12. Beautiful pictures Meeta..that sure does sound like a great vacation :-)

  13. that farm house looks so dreamy!!
    Sorean is a big boy now :)

  14. What spectacular views! I love your photos... am dreaming of Austria. :)

  15. what a beautiful vacation!! if you guys are ever looking to adopt a Middle Eastern, Venezuelan American, haha, I know just the one :)
    everything looks so peaceful. Eating fresh food from a farm is such a treat these days when almost everything is overly processed.
    by the way, did you guys walk on that narrow, narrow path above the falls? that must have been such a rush!

  16. I am thrilled that you and the family had a great holiday.

    Hon, Soeren has stretched huh? I bet he'll inherit his dad's height. :) The baby is growing up.

  17. Thanks everyone! I am so glad you all liked these pictures and I was able to take you away on a little trip with me. Austria is a grand place and very much worth a visit.

    Latha, yes we also try not to do hotels to often. It a different experience altogether. Bauernhof is great but you should try an agriturismo in Italy (Tuscany, Liguria), you'll love it.

    Tony - you'll be just the one I adopt - I am thinking of all the fun we'll have in the kitchen

    Cyn - hasn't he? it's amazing all his pants have become too short, which caused me to buy him a whole new wardrobe. Missing you!

  18. What an adventure your summer was Meeta. I haven't been to Austria since I was 18 but I remember its beauty and mountain treks:D

  19. Amazing photos, Meeta!
    Get better soon, have plenty of rest!

  20. Oh!

    This is one of my dream vacations. It all looks so beautiful and I adore Austria. Of course had I been there you would have heard some singing from The Sound of Music ...

    Your son looks so much like you, Meeta!


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