Weimar: The Onion Market

Onion Market (013) by MeetaK

Even Goethe praised the Weimar Onion Market as a "famous Market festival". People from all over the world flock to Weimar each year on the second weekend in October to be a part of this festival. This year Weimar celebrated its 355th Onion Market. On three days the city of Weimar turns into a colorful and lively place, where traders sell their wares, musicians give concerts on several stages dotted across the city and food and drinks are plentiful.

Onion Market (01) by MeetaK

Of course it's also always about food. The sweet aroma of caramelized onions, intertwined with the fragrance of spiced bratwurst, garlic wafts through the alleys and the air is honey-coated with a delicious scent of candied almonds and sugared cranberries.

Onion Market (03) Diptych by MeetaK

Who can resist buying small paper bags full of Wasabi peanuts, cranberries covered in yogurt chocolate or chocolate dipped coffee beans.

Onion Market (02) by MeetaK

If an aura of grilled meats makes your tummy grumble, there is certainly something to satisfy the appetite. Marinated meats and of course the famous Thüringian spicy bratwurst with a dollop of hot mustard is sure to satisfy the hungriest tummy-grumbler.

Onion Market (04) Diptych by MeetaK
Onion Market (05) Diptych by MeetaK
Onion Market (06) by MeetaK

After spending a lovely October day with food, music and drink one last ride on the Ferris wheel to enjoy the view above the rooftops of Weimar. 

Onion Market (015) by MeetaK
Onion Market (014) by MeetaK

A fun filled time on a gorgeous Autumn's weekend.

Hope you enjoy the sights and scenes of one of my weekends with the family in Weimar.

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  1. Nice Post,Feels like seeing Weimar.Now I know you are enjoying your stay there.Thanks for the wonderful info about the market festival.

  2. Lovely pics, and Weimar looks so pretty! I bet you are having a blast.

  3. Enjoy indeed! What a delight.
    Roasted onion maybe only roasted garlic would be better. An onion festival that would make it great.
    Looks like you have some lovely fall colors coming in. Everything here is perfectly green.

  4. How nice to have such festivals all year round! Sadly, I can't say the same for singapore in this department.

  5. I always love going to a traditional market or farmers' market. The atmosphere is pretty much natural with fresh ingredients offered at their best. I love those photos!

  6. Thats so sweet of u to share these with us! U almost took me there high in the wheels!

  7. lovely touch and feel...thanks for sharing this

  8. Gorgeous, Meeta - just gorgeous!

  9. Looks like you had the same wonderful autumn weekend there, I love to see those pics. Thanks for sharing a piece of the festival!

  10. Beautiful pics.
    If i show my hubby this pic of those sausages he will drool as he says germany has the best sausages.
    When ever he is some where in germany he brings back home loads to the delight of my daughter

  11. I love going to farmers market in Europe. Its so much fun to see so many different things. we were having Artists with their amazing collection of paintings, awesome looking fruits and veggies, junk jewellry at it's best, Fresh lovely looking flowers at Aalborg in Denmark. I used to wait for those lovely wednesdays and saturdays! aaahhh i had some great time. Thanks meeta for sharing these great snaps. Took me back to Denmark!!!


  12. What a lovely way to spend the weekend, especially for a foodie. I love the atmosphere in farmers markets :-)

  13. I simply love the local market. Would like to visit the Weimar onion market next time :)

  14. BTW, Congrats on ur award Meeta (hope you collected it from my blog) :)

  15. I'm so glad to know that there were more than onions at the Onion Market! It looks like a perfect day, and Soeren must have had a wonderful time.

  16. What a lovely day you allhad....

    My favorite is the chocolate coated coffee beans...I use them to make ice-cream..

  17. The photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing your day.

    Autumn is my favourite time of the year, so I love seeing autumnal photos, and the food there looks delicious!

  18. Wow great post..... the festival sounds amazing.

    thanks for sharing

  19. What a wonderful way to spend an autumn weekend!! The photographs are, oh, so beautiful! I wish I could help myself to a little bit of the spread! You write so beautifully, Meeta ... love your style.

  20. So beautiful Weimar is! You should not leave, Meeta. Especially when you and your family feel so at home there. I love all these kinds of outdoor markets that you have taken photos of. Do you think there is a photographer who goes around the world photographing outdoor markets?

  21. Absolutely wonderful.. I just love the colours of autumn. Sadly we have none of that in the Gulf. Enjoy and breathe in the flavours !

  22. What a lovely festival and everything so neatly displayed. However, I have also noticed some very expensive prices wow!! 2.80 for 100 grams makes 28 euros a kilo for whatever that is!!

  23. There was a lot of interesting things at that market.

  24. thanks everyone for your comments. glad you liked the pictures of weimar. it was a great day and i was happy to have shared it with you!

  25. This is exactly the kind of place husband and I love to spend a day at! If I had known we would've come! What a fabulous market and food heaven! Pictures are great!


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