Monthly Mingle 28: Spiced Cookies Roundup

MM spice cookies_roundup

What a lovely mingle this was. You all came over with bundles of delicious, aromatic, spiced cookies. We had them all from Pffernüsse, Florentines to Speculaas and Gingersnaps! The mingle has never before smelled so wonderful. I'd like to thank everyone for your fantastic entries and especially creating such special treats exclusively for the mingle.

Come join me and celebrate a World of Spice Cookies!

51OehUjVyuL._SL210_ I was not alone this mingle! My lovely blogger friend Anita of Dessert First joins me to pick out the one lucky winner from all the submitted entries.

For those who read Anita's blog will know that she has recently published her first book: Field Guide to Cookies: How to Identify and Bake Virtually Every Cookie Imaginable!

She recently sent me my very own signed copy and let me tell you, this cookie bible includes not only over 100 cookie recipes but offers helpful baking notes and fascinating historical trivia. Each cookie is photographed in glorious full color with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare, bake, serve and store your creations.

Anita will be sending a copy of this cookie book to the lucky winner she picks. I'll announce the winner as soon as the winner is revealed to me. Stay tuned!

Now lets indulge in a few spiced cookies! I've divided the entries in two categories this time: Sweet and Savory. You'll find the lovely pictures to each of the entries in the Spiced Cookie picture gallery.


  1. Samaithu Paarkalaam: Gingersnaps
  2. i dolci fanno felici: Italian Florentines
  3. Culinary Bazaar: Sugar Cookies
  4. My Diverse Kitchen: Pfeffernüsse or Pepper-Nut Cookies
  5. Palachinka: Santa's Sleigh & Christmas Cookies
  6. eCurry: Speculaas
  7. Tasty Curry Leaf: Moravian Spice Crisps
  8. La Boheme Cherie: Lingue di suocera with star anise
  9. Cooking Star: Hungarian Honey Cookies
  10. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes: Cinnamon Bredeles Alsacien
  11. Soulful Creations: Pfeffernüsse
  12. Health Nut: Whole Wheat Ginger Spice Cookies
  13. Passionate About Baking: Ginger Florentines
  14. Yambalaya: Etoiles au miel perfumé
  15. What's For Lunch, Honey?: Zimtsterne - Cinnamon Stars


  1. Tongueticklers: Mathris
  2. Zaayeka: Krusczyki... with a twist

So that wraps up this session of the Monthly Mingle. We now head on over to Michelle at What's Cooking Blog for our first mingle this year. She'll be announcing the theme for the latest mingle soon. 

If I've missed an entry please mention it in the comments section of this post and I'll update it in the roundup promptly.

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  1. Yes! Great flavors here! I am so glad I was there. Helped me discover many other flavors! Thanks, Meeta!

  2. Lovely Round up.I too am glad to be there.The cookie album was lovely and showed delectable cookies some very new to me.Thanks

  3. I am so glad that I could be a part of it. Learned a lot, and here with all these cookies (some I have never heard of), a lot more to explore.
    Thanks Meeta!

  4. Ohh, I'm so craving a spice cookie with my hot mug of coffee right now.

  5. I love spices in my cookies and its nice to see so many of them here.
    This was a nice theme you picked, Meeta and perfect for the season too.

  6. It was a great mingle, I am happy I could participate in it. Thanks for the round up :)


  7. variety of cookies to try..

    Hey Meeta - my blog is culinary bazaar ( u have mentioned it as curry bazaar). Do change it when you get time :)

    thanks for the round up :)

  8. Thanks for all your comments! This indeed was a great mingle. You all did such a brilliant job of it.

    DK!!! Please forgive me! I have changed it now!

  9. Happy New year and what a great round-up. Christmas might be behind us for now, but will try some of these cookies in the weeks ahead. Good to be back again :-)

  10. Oooh, such a wonderful roundup of spice cookie varieties!!

  11. Wonderful recap! Thank you so much for hosting!

  12. Wow Meeta...what a collection...its really great.Glad I could make it this time again :)

  13. Savory cookies, those look fantastic, even the sweet cookies but savory those interest me.

  14. thanks for the comments! i am sure there are several great recipes for everyone here. BOOKMARK!

  15. Glad to have been able to contribute! Awesome recipes from all. Thanks, Meeta! :)


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