Celebrations: Apricot Saffron Cake

 Apricot Saffron Cake (0007) by MeetaK

Celebrations. It’s in the way they have been a part of mankind over the centuries that I find truly sensational. We’re really party animals, aren’t we? 

Each culture, all traditions, religions and every walk of life have their way to celebrate. We give them names and find reasons, but in principal the idea is the same throughout: friends, family get together and usually food is an integral part of the gathering. Call it Christmas, Eid, Thanksgiving, or be it a simple BBQ, a fancy ball or even a concert of a lifetime - we’ve always found many ways to party. Imagine a life without colorful celebrations.

I’ve been thinking about the types of celebrations we’ve had over the years. As Soeren’s school started last week his first project for the next few weeks is all about celebrations and he finds it totally fantastic that they should be covering this topic in his Birthday Month. His exuberance is contagious and the added benefit of turning 8 tomorrow has us both plotting and planning on how to celebrate the perfect party.

Apricot Saffron Cake (0009) by MeetaK

Celebrating life! I’ve always loved birthdays - it’s such a great way to commemorate a person and rejoice the life. And if it’s one right at the beginning of the long path of a lifetime it’s so much more exciting, magical and simply fascinating. It’s that mischievous glimmer in the eyes of an 8 year old that I cannot get enough of.

So, while my cousin and I are decorating the living room with balloons, candles and streamers, I reminisce the birthdays we’ve had in the past and cannot wait to celebrate the many to come.

Let’s party shall we?

How about cake? It seems appropriate for the occasion. This fruity and subtly spiced cake brings out an incredible aroma. Apricots are in season right now and the perfect pair with the saffron.

Apricot Saffron Cake

Printable version of recipe here


150g unsalted butter
125g sugar
1 large egg
150g ground almonds
Pinch of saffron
175g all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
420g apricots, halved
Handful flaked almonds
Icing sugar


  1. Butter a square (approx. 20cm) baking form and line the base with baking paper. Preheat oven at 180 degrees C.

  2. Soak the saffron in about 50ml boiling water for 15 minutes. Beat the butter and sugar until light and creamy, then add the egg and beat again until everything is evenly incorporated.

  3. Add the ground almonds, then sift in the flour and baking powder and fold through alternately with the saffron liquid. Whisk through quickly at the end, to ensure the batter is smooth.

  4. Spread the mixture over the base of the form. Press the apricots halves randomly into the mixture. Sprinkle the flaked almonds over the top and bake at for 35-40 minutes. Allow to cool, then dust with icing sugar.




Apricot Saffron Cake (0011) by MeetaK

The perfect cake for just about any occasion. I love the lightness and flavors of this cake. Delicious ripe apricots topping an incredibly airy cake, flavored subtly with the saffron makes it something special for those memorable moments, yet incredibly easy for the everyday affair.

We’ll be celebrating this week – enjoying the magical time through Soeren’s eyes. There’s be lots of Lego, balloons some Harry Potter and definitely a lot of chocolate! In the meantime hope you all have an awesome week. 

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  1. Wow! This cake is so gorgeous whit the apricots and almonds on the top. Plus, the bright yellow color is super pretty! Looks delicious!

  2. Oh my goodness that colour is so beautiful! This cake looks absolutely heavenly!

  3. Meeta, that is one mind-blowing looking cake :)

  4. Loads so birthdays this week! :) Love that cake....sure looks like an any-occasion-to-celebrate cake to me!!

  5. This looks amazing! I have never thought to combine apricots and saffron, but it sounds wonderful. This is a cake for all occasions.

  6. Lovely cake, Meeta! I'd love to try this anytime, celebration or not (we can always celebrate life, right?).

  7. Beautiful cake! We also have the best apricots here at our farmers market.

  8. Meeta wishing Soeren a very Happy Birthday with many more fun-filled days to come.
    This is a fabs recipe and ur pics r tempting as always...will wait for the party chocolate cake.

  9. This is totally a celebration cake- so beautiful! I've always wanted to use saffron in my baking, but never have...


  10. A beautiful combination! That cake must be delicious.



  11. Happy Happy Birthday to Soeren!!! Lucky boy to have such an exuberant mom! That must be where he gets it from. Fabulous cake, love the way the texture looks and love the apricots. Wonderful cake for any day and I have to try it. I'll think of something to celebrate.

    It's funny that some people like my husband have an abhorrence of set holidays or days like birthdays, Christmas, etc. He thinks that no one should impose a date on him which to celebrate. He wants to feel free to celebrate what and when he chooses.

  12. Happy Birthday to Soeren!Im sure he has many more such cakes coming his way to celebrate his birthday...Lovely cake and amazing snaps...love the mood of the first one!

  13. Silly question, but you didnt peel the apricots, did you?

    Oh, and happy 8th birthday to Soeren! :)

  14. Happy, happy birthday to Soeren! I'll let Birna and Brynjar know later today; that the fun boy they played with this summer has his birthday :) I wish they will meet again one day :)

  15. Absolutely a gorgeous cake - Wish the big boy a very happy birthday from us and praying for a life full of happiness and good health for Soeren.

  16. I'm alone in the office, munching on my lunch and once again refreshing myself with your post!
    Happy birthday to Soeren, buon compleanno!
    I love that magic sparkling joy into children eyes when their birthday comes, it's a flame of life, something we all must save and protect!

  17. Such a beautiful cake to celebrate a very special birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday to Soeren.The cake is absoluely scrumptious.Czn't take my eyes off it.PERFECT

  19. Happy Birthday to Soeren! and many, many more to follow !
    The cake is perfect,as all ur cakes are , Meeta.

  20. Happy Birthday to Soeren! And what a wonderful cake..

  21. What a great way to celebrate. The cake looks too good to cut in to. YUMM!

  22. A very very Happy Birthday to Soeren!

    What a sensational looking cake Meeta. I love the almond flour, the apricots and the saffron. I have to make this.

  23. BEAUTIFUL cake, Meeta, and happiest of birthdays to your boy. :-)

  24. Wow Meeta, that must be delicious!! Happy bday to Soeren :)

  25. Hapy b'day to Dear Soreen, I love celebrating my families b'days than my own :-) cake looks so so good and i love cakes like this. Yo should stop making all these yummy cakes my ookmarks from your place is ocer flowing .

  26. Happy birthday to dear Soeren; I'm sure he had a blast.

    I adore apricots and this cake is singing out to me :-)

  27. Your flavor pairings always expand my mind - and I love it. This cake looks gorgeous.

  28. I agree with the person above...you really have a knack for pairing flavours successfully! All the best for Soeren's b'day too (sorry I'm a little late)

  29. Oh what fun for Soeren. We just had a single day to live it up; imagine his delight 'A Whole Month'!! Adopt me dahlin', still time for my bday month in November! You know I love the cake ... stone fruit in there wins my heart, and saffron makes it even more magical! PURTY!!

  30. Happy Birthday Soeren! What a wonderful cake to enjoy, hope he had a super day.

  31. Hi Meeta,

    I reached here after participating in the Monthly Mingle event of yours. Just went through a lot of your recipes and was really stunned by your pictures, writing and what not. You are truly an inspiration to all food bloggers.I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in your space and would love to peek in often !!

    Apricot cake looks so good. Happy Birthday to your son !! Have a great weekend ..

  32. This cake is absolutely beautiful, and your styling and photography are first rate. I love your thoughts about celebrations--and cake--I frequently make two cakes for my sons' birthdays--always one chocolate and one something else--I think yours will have to be the something else next time. Thank you.

  33. Love the look of this cake and its ingredients. My mom send me some packs of saffron recently from Greece and I believe some will be used in this recipe.

  34. Happy birthday Soeren!!! What a gorgeous cake!

  35. Your apricot saffron cake looks so scrumptious, I can just image the light fluffiness of the cake, softness of the peaches and slight nutty flavour mmmm.

  36. Wow! i love apricots, so this cake is perfect for me

  37. That looks so gorgeous - I'm puzzled though how the icing sugar covers the nuts but not the apricot? Does it dissolve on the fruit?


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