Matcha Cherry Swirl Ice Cream – Guest Blogging

Matcha Cherry Ice Cream (0002) by MeetaK

Twitter is a waste of time, I am not going to deny it! But boy, do many of us spend an enormous amount of time on this sweet waste. While in front of the scenes we laugh and joke about so many things that move us, the really juicy stuff happens behind the scenes via Direct Message (DM).

Then you make a mistake and send a DM meant for her eyes only, through an oversight, to her! When you realize, it’s too late and all you can do is hit your head hard on the table and wish the floor would rip open and swallow you.

Matcha Cherry Ice Cream (0005) by MeetaK

But it did lead to a great collaboration. I decided to invite myself over to The Catty Life and bribe her never to reveal what happened with some of her favorite things – a matcha cherry swirl ice cream.

So, while Catty is sunning in lovely Santorini I am over at her blog tempting you with a deliciously creamy and cooling ice cream. A wonderful combination of matcha and cherries. Come on over and join us!

Hope you all have a grand weekend. I’ll be busy with a lot of baking for Soeren’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon and will return next week with a new recipe and maybe even something to reveal. Stay tuned!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Meeta & Catty! Love the match-a made in DM's on twitter. Twitter is certainly a waste of time, but a good waste of time. I look at the post and the first thought that comes to me is - You've got the whole world in your hands... strange eh? I love the marriage of matcha & cherry ... ethereal and ever so beautiful!

  2. That is an original combination! I'd like a cone please!



  3. Hi Meeta,
    You have an amazing blog! Liked every bit of it!
    Love this ice cream!A new combo for me!
    Lovely clicks!

  4. Hi Meeta,

    I reached here after participating in the Monthly Mingle event of yours. Just went through a lot of your recipes and was really stunned by your pictures, writing and what not. You are truly an inspiration to all food bloggers.I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in your space and would love to peek in often !!

    Cherry swirl icecream rocks !!! I did leave a similar comment in your Apricot Cake ;-)

  5. I love matcha ice cream...! I have never eaten it with cherries but it indeed sounds like a great combo!

  6. Meeta I've been looking for a recipe that calls for matcha powder. I was able to get some from Japan recently, and would love to see how it tastes in this recipe. The green tea cherry ice cream looks fabulous!

  7. Meeta this is such a great combo. I have never had that before. Looks so good. I would like one right now! Matcha is just my favourite flavour in anaything....YUMM!

  8. I'm a sucker for good ice cream! I could go for some of that right now!

  9. You had me at cheery swirl.

    That looks good enough to perform explicit favors for.

  10. Ha Ha Ha! Don't I know it! And this ice cream is absolutely gorgeous! Wow! And I know how Catty loves matcha - in fact, she sent me some and I have to offer to guest post on her blog too. But how to top Meeta's stunning, fabulous ice cream?

  11. With the heat wave starting the week here, my mouth waters for that ice cream with 2 of my favorite flavours - matcha and cherry, what a great combo! I really have to get myself an ice cream maker and try this.

  12. What an awesome sounding ice cream!! And it looks so pretty, too :) Love it!


  13. Oh I am loving this! Make me this ice cream and will even forgive you sharing our top secret communique with sweet Catty ;-) Twitter is a waste of time - which is why I resisted so long (rememebr my "evil Twitter" speech ar FBC'09??) - but OMG how much fun is it? Twitter Borg sisters RULE!

  14. HAHA!!! Stunning ice cream my girl. Cannot believe that you did THAT!! LOL! Best you have many more deliciosities like this to keep Catty quiet for a looooong time ;o) MWAH! xx


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