From Plate to Page: A Hands-on Food Photography and Writing Workshop

P2P BadgeOriginalI’m really excited to share something that’s been in the making behind the scenes for several months now. Today I finally get to share it with you all.

May I introduce From Plate to Page: a unique workshop dedicated to food photography and writing. But it goes far beyond that, because we believe we’ve put together a concept that’s unlike anything offered here in Europe.

The idea: an exclusive group of just 10 participants keen on taking their writing and photography to the next level, be it for their blogs or for professional work.

We have tailored a meticulous 2.5 day programme filled with intensive writing and photography assignments and hands-on activities to realize your goals and visions. With four very competent instructors, each in her own field, we want to cater to each individual participant with many one-on-one discussions throughout the weekend.

We’ve even chosen a charming and secluded retreat right here in the quaint country-side of Weimar, Germany to make sure we are not distracted and are able to let our creativity flow.

What I am loving about this form of workshop is that we’ll be working together as a tight and close group and we are making sure to keep the number of participants to a maximum count of 10. After the feedback we were able to gather from other conferences we have spoken at in the past, we are pretty sure this is what many of you are looking for.

It’s been something that each of my lovely collaborators and I have envisioned to do for a long time. I hold a deep respect and incredible affection for each one of these ladies I will be working with on this project. We have so many great and fun ideas and look forward to realizing them.

Come and have a look at what we have planned for you at the Plate to Page Programme. Read a little about Plate to Page and our concept behind it. See where we’ll be spending the weekend in the lovely country house in Weimar. Finally if you like what you are reading and think this is exactly what you have been looking for – well what you waiting for – Register Now! Registrations will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis and once we have reached the maximum of 10 participants registrations will be closed.

We’d love your feedback so please let us know what you think: contact us!

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  1. So very excited! This is going to be extraordinary!

  2. Looking forward to learn a lot from 'Plate to Page Program me'. Best wishes, Meeta.

  3. Yaaay - we did it! :) Can we start counting the sleeps now till 20 May 2011?? :)

  4. OH............MY...........WORD!!!!! What can I sell to participate in this?? Anyone need a kidney badly??? Congrats my fabulous friends, this is going to be fantasmagorical and I would so love to be a part of it!!! xx

  5. What an idea Meeta...looking fwd to read more and all the best for a wonderful journey!

  6. Congratulations to the entire team! It is especially useful that these kinds of workshops take place around the world where there are many hubs of food bloggers.

  7. Read in Jamie's place about this. Good luck. This is going to be a real hit with bloggers.

  8. This looks like a great venture. All the very best.

  9. Wow, I so wish I could participate in this... It looks amazing!! Congrats :) :)

  10. Oh, how I would love to take part in that worshop! Awesome.



  11. What a wonderful idea, Meeta! I can only imagine how much thought and work has gone into this. If only I were closer, I'd be there in a hot second! :-)

  12. What a wonderful idea! If I lived in Germany I certainly would attend the weekend seminar.

    Congratulations, I am sure will be a great success.

  13. Wooho, this is so exciting. All the very best for this workshop and am sure it will be a great experience for everybody involved.


  14. Wish I lived in Germany or at least closer! I am sure this will be a great weekend!

  15. If I didn't live on the other side of the globe I would be there in a heart beat.

  16. I wish I could afford a trip to Germany for this!


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