Clotted Cream and Lavender Honey Panna Cotta with Prosecco Berries

Berries & Clotted Cream

“I feel old! Turning 44 has not been good on me.” I looked at my dear friend and smiled. She did not look 44. Her face glowed and the skin was smooth without the blemishes years tend to gather.
“Make sure you enjoy your 40th … after that it just does not go down well!” she warned me.

I looked at her, laughing nervously as she read my thoughts.

Age has never been an issue with me. I always live for the moment and enjoy the now. I never like looking too far into the future - it’s uncontrollable and unpredictable. I like having a plan or a goal to follow, but that is always regardless of the age I am. At 16, and the only time I wished I was a different age, all I wanted to be was 30. For me 30 portrayed my goal of having made it - a university degree under my belt, working in a good paying job, career on the roll, maybe with the man of my dreams. It was not the age but rather my plan and I wanted to get there by 30.


This became my potent stimulus and drove me forward. I enjoyed turning 18 entering adulthood and experiencing a new kind of freedom, 21 was great, where I focused on my studies and came to a new country, 25 saw me enter into a new phase as a working girl in a big firm and by 30 I had found the man of my dreams and was 6 months pregnant. Sure there were a few turbulences along the way and I sometimes had to take detours, but as my dad always told me, it’s the result that counts. At 30 I was really pleased with the results.

The funny thing about age, I guess, is that it just happens to you. One day you wake up and all of a sudden you panic because you realize you have tons on your list that you still want to achieve but somehow time has just halved itself. This perception dawned on me earlier this year. On Saturday I will turn 40 and for the first time in my life I am thinking of my age. 18, 21, 30 were all just numbers that blew past me, but 40 looms over my head and I admit I am feeling a slight anxiety. Not because I feel old, or rather older than I was, but because I fear not being able to achieve all I want to in the time I have.


There have also been other symptoms reminding of the big 4-0 ahead. I used to crack up at the stories I would hear about the 40+ years, but I swear, I take back every joke and every sarcastic comment I ever made and apologize from the bottom of my 18 year old heart. Truth be told I think I am experiencing some of these symptoms too.

Forgetfulness: You begin to forget the most trivial of things, cannot put names to the faces you have met or leave your child in the driveway carrying some heavy bags as you rush inside to dump your own bags. On the way back out you get distracted and then “errr wasn’t there something I forgot?” and then carry on until your child screams from the driveway.

Libido: You still find your husband desirous but hey, are you stealing glances at the 20+ GymBoy pumping weights in his tight tank top?

PMS: so what’s up with the bitch-like PMS that sometimes lasts for most of the month? Better watch out for those mood swings, buddy, it can get very ugly if you cross paths.

Gravitation: “Gravitation is most familiar as the agent that gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped.”  (source Wikipedia)
Parts of your body begin to adhere to this rule!

Wrinkles, Folds and Creases: Who gave them permission to make an appearance on your face? Did you know they have names?  Crows feet creeping up under your eyes, worry lines taking up room on your forehead, nasolabial folds around your lips. Why would anyone want give these unwanted guests names anyway?

Apparently these are only some of the symptoms, there are more, as I have been warned. My friend told me “Meeta, make sure you really celebrate your 40! Because you will not celebrate 50 in the same way!”

But 50 - that’s far off! I am celebrating the now, the 40. Age - it happens I guess, the best thing to do is to make sure you create pretty darned awesome memories as you go along.


Take this panna cotta for example. The memories attached to the ingredients were so magnificent, I had a constant smile on my face (take that you nasolabial folds) while making them. I bought the clotted cream while shopping with Jeanne in Somerset. I remember the giddy fun we were having and having a freak-out at the yogurt section, seeing all the incredible varieties. I remember drinking the Bisol Prosecco at both the Tuscany and Somerset Plate to Page workshops and being surrounded by a circle of fantastic friends, sitting around a table over decadent meals.

As I reminisced over the memories, I create new ones while making the panna cotta. A long lazy weekend with just Soeren and me, playing a game of garden mikado, giggling and making fun - life is good!

A drizzling of lavender honey infuses the clotted cream mixture giving it a summery, sublime flavor, while the prosecco adds a bubbly fizz to the berries. Decadence and smooth indulgence!

Recipe: Clotted Cream and Lavender Honey Panna Cotta with Prosecco Berries

Printable version of recipe here

 Clotted Cream and Lavender Honey Panna Cotta with Prosecco Berries by Meeta K. Wolff

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes + 4 hours in fridge
Serves: approx. 6


  • 100ml milk
  • 100ml heavy cream
  • 185g clotted cream
  • 40g + 1 tablespoon lavender honey
  • 1 leaf gelatin, soaked in water for 5 minutes
  • 100g strawberries, hulled and cut into quarters
  • 100g blueberries
  • 50ml prosecco, I used Bisol


  1. In a saucepan, bring milk and 40g honey to a gentle simmer, stirring to dissolve the honey. Then add the gelatin and stir until dissolved. Pour the mixture into the heavy cream. Set aside to cool to room temperature.

  2. Whisk in the clotted cream until smooth. Strain mixture using a fine meshed sieve to make sure all lumps are removed.

  3. Divide the mixture into six individual glasses. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or preferably overnight to set.

  4. In the meantime pour the prosecco in a clean bowl and stir in 2 tablespoons honey. Add the berries and macerate for approx. 30 minutes.

  5. Remove the panna cotta from the fridge and serve with the berries, either on the side or spooned over the top.



These panna cottas are ageless and will be enjoyed by friends and family of all ages. Doesn’t it feel good to know that some things simply timeless?

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  1. What a divine dessert! So summery and luscious. I love the way you've used that clotted cream.



  2. Ah yes.... that thing called age. I never really cared how old or young I was but now that I will be turning 50 beginning of next year it sort of starts to feel a little... mmm, how shall I describe it... unreal I would almost say. Ofcourse I have no way of knowing what one is supposed to feel like when almost turning 50 but I don't FEEL 50! So there is something wrong with that picture.. And then there are all the things I still want to do in life! Too much really... Ah well, I guess we have to enjoy life whatever age we are, right? And enjoyment is in that pannacotta for sure! Pannacotta is one of my favorite desserts and I love your flavor combination!

  3. The part about gravitation was hilarious! In my late twenties, and feel some of the symptoms already...especially forgetting stuff :(

    Lovely dessert, and even better write up!

  4. This was such an engaging read! Time is constantly slipping much to do and so little time! All the best for the next decade of your life and hope you are able to achieve whatever you wanted! Enjoy your birthday!

    Love & Hugs,


  5. Delicious looking dessert Meeta. Enjoy your birthday celebrations. I found turning forty quite stressful. Turning fifty was a breeze.

  6. I liked the best about the unwanted guests Meeta, too hilarious....:)..thanks for all the warnings..will surely read again when I reach that shortly. As you said years tend to stand still at times, then disappear before you even know. Happy Birthday Meeta, hope you enjoy your 50th too in the same way, wiht all your goals achieved....:))

    btw love your pictures and the memories you create..

  7. So, forty is the new 30 and with all life's zest you possess the minor physical symptoms will be forgotten soon! I think every woman takes a look in the mirror on her birthday to assess where she is and how to proceed. I really like your nature to set your goals and that is the milestone, not the age. Seems to be healthier and more fun than letting the ticking clock set the beat.

    Beautiful panna cotta and berries, silken and bubbly. Honey that just described you too! Cheers to a wonderful post!

  8. You certainly don't look 40, Meeta! I hope you enjoy your birthday week. This is such a delicious recipe. I love the idea of Lavender honey pana cotta served with fresh berries! Absolutely divine.

    Happy Birthday! xx

  9. Happy Birthday Meeta :) I never cared about age .. and still don't but at times I feel it. Time is flying and I haven't done a lot yet! And at times I wish to go back and change few things in the past .. if only that was possible!

  10. Happy Birthday to you! I celebrated 40 six months ago and I still have a hard time around that number. It can't possibly be me, except when I look in the mirror (living in the Middle East really brings on the wrinkles :-(). Hope you get to celebrate in the sweetest way with good friends and family (and lots of clotted cream). All the best, Sarah

  11. I'm not sure exactly when the big day is but I hope its a good one. Yes, there's some truth to what you're saying but I'd never want to be 18 again. Think about how much you've learned and how much easier things are now. All that angst about ludicrous 20-something things is behind you. In my view, it's a time for rebirth. A time to become the person you were meant to be. And, I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any easier at 50, 60, or 80 for that matter. I once asked my grandmother, "what does it feel like to be 80?" Her response? "Same as it did to be 35, I just don't recognize myself in the mirror."

    Happy Birthday Meeta. Here's to you.

  12. Happy Birthday Meeta. don't bother about the 4 and the 0. :) (my turn next year!) I don' feel old, except when my back is breaking after a good day's work and I groan to wake up in the morning.. lol the symptoms hard to ignore huh.. never mind. Really have a good one! and a with a beautiful summery dessert like this is just perfect. tc

  13. Happy Birthday to you, Meeta. 40 is definitely worthy of a celebration. BTW, my 40s have been my most productive decade thus far. So all sorts of good things lie ahead for you, my friend. Auguri!

  14. Oh Meeta, Meeta, Meeta - you, my little darling, make me laugh out loud, causing my eyes to wrinkle, nasal-whatever-the-hell-they're-called appear, belly to jiggle up and down and tiny lines to appear at the corners of my up-turned mouth. Ahhhh, but therein lies the secret Meeta - because all of those things I've listed above? Those roadmaps on my body indicate a life well-lived, a life well-loved, a life worth having. As long as you're learning, as long as you're loving (not w/the gym boy-toy - lol!), as long as you're doing those things that bring you true joy, then ther is simply no room for age in the equation. Embrace 40 - run hell-bent, head-long into 40 with all the gusto you can muster - and savor every minute! The happiest of birthdays to you dear Meeta, am grateful for the lines you've caused to appear on my face. (((hugs)))

  15. Lovely post!! Congrats on your 40th!!

  16. Hi Meeta,

    I'm a regular visitor at your blog and quite enjoyed reading your post. Lovely recipe and beautiful pictures, as always :-).
    I turned forty a year and a half back and I'm enjoying my forties to the boot :-). Here's what I'd penned the day I turned forty, in case you'd like to have a quick read :

    Happy Birthday, Meeta and welcome to the forties. Trust me, they rock !! :-)

  17. It's so's not that number which seems, unbelievably, to be associated with you all of a's the things you want to do or felt you should have done by now. I try to explain to my teens that you don't ever feel any older in your head - it's just your body that says 'no you can't wear that mini-skirt anymore'! You've retained that childlike enthusiasm and energy for these 4 decades....I'm sure you'll be the same when double your age. And that's what we should be celebrating eh? That we are alive, fit and healthy - forget those crow's feet (I didn't see them btw!) and live every second.

  18. Thanks you all so much for your candid thoughts on turning 40 and for your lovely wishes! I am enjoying and giggling reading some of these comments. I will be embracing 40 with gusto as I think I have the confidence years bring that one cannot have with 20 or 25! Hugs to you all!

  19. Happy Birthday! I am now well into my 40's and can tell you it is a fabulous decade. Enjoy the ride. Of course, in my area of Florida, I haven't yet hit middle age, that is for the 60-70 year olds. Truly, age is a number and we can make it what we want. Around here, the 90 year olds out number the teenagers, I'm not sure who is the scariest driver.

    Taking panna cotta out of its container has always been my most difficult challange. I love how you've resolved it by keeping them in their lovely cups. Enjoy!

  20. Happy birthday Meeta..and enjoy the new chapter of your life. Have been going thru all those symptoms for the last 3 years, but am thoroughly enjoying my forties. I feel I have more control over my feelings and dreams now ;)
    What gorgeous pictures!

  21. A very happy Birthday to you Meeta! Loved reading your thoughts on turning 40. I still have a few years to turn 30 but i remember begin 16 like yesterday. I can't believe how fast time in flying.
    While I do while like there is a lot to do in so little time, I feel so grateful for having lived, experience and learnt so much so far :)

  22. I'm working on it. So I can enjoy this delicious dessert tomorrow evening, when I come home from work!

  23. Happy Birthday, Meeta! Congratulations on turning 40 and doing so beautifully. Age and years can never mark in time anything more important than the memories we hold in our hearts. Enjoy the wisdom and confidence this season brings. :)
    Lovely panna cotta, BTW!

  24. Happy Birthday Meeta dear!! Whether you turn 40 or 50 , you will always be the 18 yr old at heart I'm sure!

    Panacaotta looks divine.

    I've been a regular visitor of your blog for many months now and we are friends on facebook (donno if you noticed that) :-)

    Do stop by my space when time permits...would be glad to make blog buddies with you !!!


  25. Happy Birthday Meeta, age comes and goes, until you tell, no one will even know. Who cares. But I tell you, I had all these worries and anxiety when I hit 30 last year! I kept mourning about it but now I dont even think about it!!

  26. Hi Meeta, what a wonderful, celebratory post! And your chosen recipe is so full of all the fat-soluble vitamins in cream plus antioxidants and vitamins in berries which will mind and care for all of us as the decades proceed.

    I take my 90 year old to the Geriatrician in Dublin, Ireland every six months for his checkup. He enjoys great health so it's a formality. If ever he mentions a small ailment and follows up with ' I suppose I shouldn't complain at my age" , the doctor downs tools and says " We won't hear any talk like that in this clinic. Symptoms either have a pathology or they don't. It has nothing to do with age, as you ought to know since you're so healthy"

    Love life!

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lovely post, as always!

  28. hai, congratulation. your recipes is very delicious

  29. Well, you know that old saying "You aren't getting older, you're getting better!" and in your case it is true! You are still fabulous! And Zesty is as Zesty does - and I count on YOU keeping ME young, baby, so hold on! Happy 40, baby, and I love you just the way you are. And the panna cotte are stunning. Delicious!

  30. Dear Meeta (normally I never write this at the beginning of a comment beeing aware that we have never met, but today I'll do)..
    I always enjoyed your recipes and the lovely anecdotes coming with them. Today your writing even outshone the recipe. It made me reflective and laugh at the same time ("I swear, I take back every joke and every sarcastic comment I ever made and apologize from the bottom of my 18 year old heart." :). I am turning 30 this year. Thank you for that post and Alles Gute!!

  31. fairly new to your blog... really enjoyed reading it. you write so well.. and your story resonates with me. although I'm not 40, I'm so scared of growing old, my reasons are more for the wrinkles.. and I'm trying to do everything i can now. Clotted cream reminds me of Afternoon Tea.. and that just brings so many "magnificent" memories. Thank you, Meeta!

  32. Happy B'day Meeta! And welcome to the fabulous 40's! This post brought a real smirk to my face. You nailed everything spot on! Oh! And the panna cotta looks might fabulous too (just like you!). Cheers!

  33. Oh my! Thank you so much to everyone for all your lovely wishes and comments. I am humbled by your thoughts and wishes. I think 40 is going to kick ass and with many of you around I am sure it'll be a lot of fun!

  34. Cheers to you on your birthday Meeta! Here's to berries, prosecco (Biscol of course), and looking at the years in a way other than aging. Years bring gaining knowledge, meeting fantastic people, and just plain fun!

  35. I am a bit ahead of you, I am 41. To be honest I have never celebrated my birthday, it's just a number. I celebrate accomplishments, milestones. I am not scared by aging. If anything I am kinda excited to see what comes next.

    And don't worry about wrinkles. It will be a while yet.

  36. Hit submit too fast.

    I noticed that this is from May. Gah! Well, any time is good to wish happy birthday. :)


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