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I’m coming down after a fantastic time in the UK. The third edition of From Plate to Page Somerset happened and blew by so fast I still need time to gather my thoughts and go through the images I took over the weekend. Over on Twitter and Facebook we were fairly active sharing a lot of the weekend. I loved being able to capture the weekend in snapshots via Instagram and thought you might enjoy a snapshot trip with me too. Once I have sorted through my thoughts and photos I will share a more detailed report with proper images. In the meantime here is what I got up to with my gorgeous partners, Ilva, Jeanne, and Jamie.

Braved it through the London tube from Heathrow to where Jeanne lives. The next day we took a wrong turn on our way to Somerset and landed slap bang in the middle of London city traffic! But I was not complaining as I got to see a few of my favorite sights again, including the impressive Big Ben.

We did make it to Somerset after driving around in circles a few times, but in the end we found  Meare Court, our own little 18th century Manor House for the weekend.

Fortified after a quiet breakfast for four, Ilva, Jeanne and Jamie got ready to welcome our participants. 

Spoiled by our sponsors we always had a glass of cider, a flute of prosecco or a glass of red wine not far from our reach.

It was not all drinking though, we put our participants through a lot of hard work to get them to come out of their comfort zone and think out of the box.

Being a Food Photography, Styling and Writing Workshop there is always plenty of food and our Plate to Page Somerset sponsors were uber generous. There was plenty of divine products and incredible food throughout the weekend thanks to our sponsors, some of the meals were cooked on an old AGA.
Our Plate to Page Tuscany alumni, Hayley of Delectable Diary created some stunning dishes using the AGA on Sunday. Her most adorable partner, Sebastian joined her and together they were a winning and most dashing team ever. Thank you Hayley and Sebastian.
Our Class of Somerset, who came from as far as Egypt and as close Durley, UK, were funny, talkative, talented and full of power. Once again this has got to be the best part of it all - meeting so many fantastic people and coming away with new friends.

Then there is also the incredible loot I always come back with from our workshops. I am sure no other workshop or conference can boast of so many quality and fantastic goodies making the Plate to Page goodie bags bulge to the brim.

See you all next week. We have a long bank holiday weekend here and I look forward to spending time with the family. Hope you all have a great relaxing weekend.

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  1. OMG can we go back and do it all again please??? Just wondering where Tess, the dog with the log, is in all these pics? ;) Loved the entire weekend and it was a pleasure spending all that time with my Borg sister. ;o) Roll on the next Plate to Page!

  2. Loved going through all the snaps, rewinding all the memories. Loved every minute of the workshop.
    My son and J were as excited as me when opining the goodie bag :-)

  3. Lovely clicks! What a wonderful experience.



  4. That looks like a lot of fun Meeta! (and isn't instagram fun too?) I've seen some images floating around over the last couple of days and it certainly sounds like yet again a successful P2P!

  5. Hi Meeta,
    Yes... what a fantastic learning opportunity with great people and new friends. I've been seriously digesting new information and nougatine like there's no tomorrow! Will have a post out shortly using newly acquired skills... all that still need practice but I am juiced up to hit a new level.
    Thanks again.

  6. Yes! I am with Jeanne... can we go back? I loved this weekend, loved the participants who never stopped surprising us with their creativity and imagination. Loads of food, laughter, chatter and work! And I always love being with you, Jeanne and Ilva - it is wild and inspiring! Thanks for the great pics and this trip down memory lane.

  7. Looks like heaven. Glad you guys had fun!

  8. Lovely to see, kicking myself that I didn't find a way to get there in a few days!
    Looks like you had the best time!

  9. Great pictures, Meeta! They immediately bring me back to Meare Court. Thank you so much for unforgettable days and sharing your knowledge and inspiration so generously!

    xoxo, Juliane

  10. Ah, Meeta, what unforgettable days, lovely new friends on two and four legs, learning so much from you 4 awesome ladies and coming home with all the more than generous goodie bag! Thank you so much and may the inspiration carry us to new heights!

  11. Homesick! Love the instagrams. Wish I'd been there.

  12. Looking at the weekend through these snapshots makes me also remember all the incredible moments we shared and the weekend was filled with them. Thanks to all that were a part of this ... we created good memories to take back with us!

  13. Oh, what fun everyone had, it seems!

  14. How fun! I want to go too! Looks and sounds like all had a terrific time!

  15. Looks like a great weekend was had by all! Love the instagram pics Meeta!

  16. Nice post..

  17. Lovely memories and looks like the workshop was so much fun. I am so J that Plate to page didn't happen when I lived in England :-(

  18. Loved the post and what a fantastic way to meet people and have fun doing it! I came from Barbara's blog Late Bloomers, and loved the enthusiasm and great photos of the weekend!

  19. Thank you all so much for your comments. These snapshots are so precious each one holds a great memory. So happy I could share them with you!


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