Daring Bakers: Chocolate Pavlova with Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse, Honey Roasted Peaches and Fresh Raspberries


Chocolate Pavlova (0009) by MeetaK  

Chocolate – decadent, rich, smooth and most definitely addictive. There are not many I know who do not succumb to the magical powers of chocolate. Over the last few years I’ve seen such an exciting boom in flavor pairings with chocolate that it really seems there are no limits to the delicious creations one can make using chocolate.  

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Bollywood Cooking: Mutter Paneer – Indian Cheese with Peas in a Creamy Tomato Sauce


Mutter Paneer (0041) by MeetaK   

"Oh you are so lucky!" was what everyone exclaimed when I'd give them the address of where we lived. It was always an easy address to remember, in any country we were living in at that time. Hotel & Resort xxx. The advantages of being a hoteliers daughter - not having a house to call home but a whole hotel. I did not really realize the power of this fact until I actually started school. 

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Props for the Perfect Food Shot – Guest Blogging at Lucullian Delights


Meeta's Prop Shelf  

I am sure many of you have heard about Ilva of Lucullian Delights’ outstanding Prop Series. If you haven’t and you are an aspiring food photographer then I really suggest you make your way over and browse through the posts.

Ilva invited me a few weeks ago to share a few of my secrets and tricks for getting my perfect shot. I was extremely honored and enjoyed writing the post for the series. So, come on over to Ilva’s and find out what I use for props, how I go about using props for my images and get a peak into my prop shelf in Part 8 of Food Props on Sunday.    

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The Spice Girls Reunite in London


 4686776770_74ec970c39_b    [Photo: Jasmine]

Zesty has landed and in need of a very STIFF drink!” was what I texted as soon as I got out of the plane. London: sun shining, blue skies and gorgeous warm weather. My nerves were still shaken after my wild autobahn fiasco on the way to Frankfurt airport, but it was paired with an excitement that had been building up for months.

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Studmuffin Macarons: Raspberry Tea Macarons with Tahini Dark Chocolate Cream


Raspberry Chcocolate Tahini Macarons (0004) By MeetaK  

I've made you wait for this - haven't I? I began receiving emails and FB messages asking me if I had forgotten about my promise to reveal not only the recipe, but many of you were very keen on hearing what a studmuffin is!

First allow me to thank everyone for the fantastic Birthday wishes on my teaser post, for the emails, FB messages and tweets. I was touched and found myself teary eyed often on the day.

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The Food Blogger Connect 2010


FBCGroup3_hires2   Photo courtesy Jamsmine Labna.it

I was looking towards this Food Blogger Connect with mixed feelings. There were many hopes and after the simple success FBC 2009 there was a standard to be set for FBC 2010. What excited me was that I was asked to speak again and this time I was teaming up with Mowie. Then I was also going to be seeing some good friends again and the excitement was reaching the summit of my emotions. 

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The London Loot – A Sneak Preview


The London Loot by MeetaK  

Back from London and I am coming down hard. This time the trip to London was a lot more than the Food Blogger Connect. It was a reunion of the explosive kind. There are many stories to tell and emotions to be sorted out.

As I sit here, back in Weimar, going through the multitude of impressions and photographs of the incredible weekend, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of what a girl comes back with when she goes to London to meet up with her friends, speak at a conference and then shops her way through London. This is just half of the loot, I got. 

There were gifts and goodie bags, shopping sprees at Laduree and Fortnum & Mason’s. Curry cooking and wine drinking, Macaron testing and rugby men watching, chatting till the wee hours and waking up to giggles and more chatter. And all this was not even part of the official conference.

So give me a bit till I get all this sorted and I’ll be back with those studmuffins macarons, more scoop on the Food Blogger Connect and the Spice Girls!

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Studmuffin Macarons for a Birthday Girl


Studmuffin Macarons (0009) by MeetaK  

The birthday girl – well that would be me I guess. And how am I celebrating? Well with a few of these delicious macarons of course and a glass of pink champagne.

If you are wondering what Studmuffin Macarons are – well let me just say this – only a handful ladies know what a Studmuffin is. And every girl needs one ;o) These macarons were inspired by my Studmuffin and it makes me walk on the wild side.

Unfortunately I can only tease you right now because I am packing my heels, a few party dresses, my presentation and of course a few of these macarons for my gorgeous, sexy, sweet and hot spice girls, and am heading towards London to celebrate my birthday at probably the wildest slumber party this year.

This weekend we are all of course going to be speaking at the Food Blogger Connect 2010 and I am looking forward to seeing everyone who will be there. 

When I return I’ll not only share the incredible flavor explosion that make up these macarons but I will also tell you what a Studmuffin is.

See you next week and stay Zesty!!

All photographs and written content on What's For Lunch, Honey? © 2006-2010 Meeta Khurana unless otherwise indicated. | All rights reserved | Please Ask First

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